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Bio Karina Bradley a.k.a “KB” is an American singer and songwriter whose primary focus is Pop, Dance and Electro, but has shown her diversity through Hip Hop and R&B. Karina Bradley has achieved OVER 30 million online views in less than 2 years (This is verified through her FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Reverb Nation, You Tube, Flickr and numerous other websites in her Digital Marketing arsenal). Her most recent track “Obituary 2010” received more than 10.1 Million views on World Star Hip in 4 days! Karina was born in the Bronx, NY, but now resides in Philadelphia. She is currently working on her debut album entitled, Party Like There’s No 2morrow and its scheduled release is for Summer 2011. Some of her hit singles that have been released include “Buy Me That”, “Dance Floor Diva”, “Damn I Look Good”, “Get Loose” feat. Young Chris and Jay Bezel, and “Never Mind Love” feat. Meek Mill. Although her primary focus is singing, Karina further shows her musical versatility by rapping on a “Party Like There’s No 2morrow”,“We Slid Remix” and the “Look at Me Now Remix”. Karina has been interviewed live on Eminem’s Shade45/Sirius Satellite Radio Station. Her first appearance was with DJ Kay Slay and her second with G-Unit Radio Host Miss Mimi. Both DJs endorsed Karina as the next up and coming superstar. KB has radio spins across the country, including Hot 97 in New York City. Karina Bradley is about to launch a major radio campaign for her club smash hit, “Party Like There’s No 2morrow”. Karina’s Music Videos to date: • Karina Bradley “Never Mind Love” Feat. Meek Mill • Karina Bradley “Damn, I Look Good” • Karina Bradley “Dance Floor Diva” • Karina Bradley “We Slid Remix” Feat. Papoose • Karina Bradley “Everybody Knows” Feat. Papoose and TF Mafia • Papoose & Karina Bradley “Obituary 2010” • Freeway and Jakk Frost “We Run This Thing” Feat. Karina Bradley Karina has had the privilege to work with some amazing recording artists and Producers like: • Papoose • DJ Diamond Kuts • Meek Mill • Young Chris • Freeway • Jakk Frost • TF Mafia • Jay Bezel • LA Dubb • CertFYD • Larry Tee • Dilemma • Hecky Hottrax • Rick Nyce What’s next for Karina? She is very ecstatic to share some very exciting news, she is finally going to give her fans a taste of her work. She is releasing her first body of work, a mix tape scheduled for release in early May. The mix tape is entitled, Madam President presented by Synergy Records and will be hosted by the world famous DJ, DJ Diamond Kuts! What people may not know about Karina Bradley is, besides being a former professional model, she is a very successful entrepreneur. Karina owns multiple companies, she is a certified FranklinCovey trainer, an active member of the National Speaker’s Association (N.S.A.), an author, and currently the C.E.O. of Synergy Records ( Karina came into the music industry for one reason only… The love of music and to entertain.
SNL - Celebrity Jeopardy!
16 Oct 2010
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Secret agent captured on camera, training for his new assignment, move over Bond, Bourne and Bauer!
2 Apr 2008
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The action heroes you'd put in the next movie.
22 Aug 2012
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10 Oct 2011
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Daniel Craig swaps places with Sean Connery to take down the evil, hat throwing, Oddjob.
24 Sep 2012
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With Catherine on location, Harry the Soundguy counts down his top five favorite James Bond films. Plus, check out the special appearance by 007 aficionado and friend of the show Ralph Garman. Grab those martinis and see if your favorite Bond makes the list.
27 Oct 2012
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New James Bond Movie Quantum of Solace
30 Jun 2008
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15 Oct 2011
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Directed by Terence Young. With Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi, Pedro Armendáriz. James Bond willingly falls into an assassination ploy involving a naive ... The next day, Romanova heads off for a pre-arranged rendezvous at Hagia Sophia. Bond follows her and stalks the bespectacled man who had followed him at the airport. The man attempts to intercept Romanova's floor plan of the Soviet consulate, but he is killed by Grant. When Bond finds the body, he takes the floor plan. Kerim Bey and Bond set up a plan to steal the Lektor and smuggle it back to Britain. On the appointed day, Bond enters the consulate lobby. Kerim Bey then sets off an explosion under the building, which releases tear gas. In the resulting chaos, Bond finds Romanova and escapes with the Lektor on the Orient Express. Kerim Bey and a Soviet security officer named Benz, who spots Romanova, also board the train, but Grant later kills both of them, making it appear as if they killed each other.
14 Oct 2010
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I myself cannot go for more than a couple hours without bitch slapping some woman; whether it be at the work place, a family reunion, or just someone on the street.
19 Dec 2006
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5 Jan 2012
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Funny Commercial
20 Aug 2008
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