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A SECOND LIFE , the life support and belief system for human survival and growth, was created to free Americans from the mental slavery that forced them to make wrong choices and suffer. The life manual, A Second Life, God is giving you a second chance, provides the guidance and support needed for you to finally be free to create the life of unlimited potential that God intended for you. Based on attributes of the most successful historic figures and findings from extensive human behavior studies of thousands of successful people in current time, this belief system enables you to take back control of your life and re-connect with God inside.
The Guy drinks 6 Whole Beers in 10 Seconds... freak!!!!!
17 Feb 2007
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Crazy Rave Dance Party in Second Life
19 Apr 2007
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an animated video poem of the Pedro the Lion song "Second Best" (strange huh?) by Pedro the Lion for a video art class.
19 Mar 2007
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Why do most people stop watching a video after 30 seconds? The secret revealed.
21 Mar 2007
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I will show you how to 1+...+1,000,000 or to 1,000,000 billion in Just Second !
13 Apr 2007
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A Long Row to Hoe is an old country Mississippi slang phrase for doing the impossible and can also describe the rap duo, Second to None. I.G. and J Roc born Ivan Gilbert and Jeremy Reed are doing the impossible. They formed the group Second to None 220 in 2008 in a small country farm town called Holly Bluff. When asked about the small town with a population of 148 and I.G. said; Very few people have heard of Holly Bluff but thats where we reside, its our home and will be forever even if we decide to move. These grounds made us and Holly Bluff is what inspired us to be great and forced us to have creative minds to think outside of the box. So we rep it like we are a million strong even though its a small population. Second to None has been performing live all over Mississippi since early 2008 and J Roc explains that the forming of 220 had to be an act of God. Musically, what God has planned for us is destined to come to pass. When we are on stage we entertain & we interact with our fans, its an indescribable feeling when we are performing and to see people that we have never met singing the lyrics to our songs, priceless. Second to None released their first mix tape entitle Get Familiar, Vol. 1 late 2009 and are in the studio working on their follow-up mix tape Get Familiar, Vol. 2 to be release mid summer 2010. Plans are set to release their Album in the last quarter of 2010 or the first quarter of 2011. When asked about the style of 220, our style is us said I.G. We are very raw, diverse & lyrical. Its rare to hear rappers from the south maneuver over tracks the way we do. We feel we have what the world needs and what the game is lacking .We make music that people love. J Roc adds his touch to the emotional side of their music. Our music is not only emotional to us but is lifes emotions, we try to capture every moment of what we do & put it into concept and create songs that our fans can relate to. Whether youre happy, sad, going through hard times, joyful, stressed or what ever it is, we try to touch basis on it the best way we know how. Second to None has set their goals to be the best at what they do and will continue to give 110% to their fans and friends. We plan to be one of the best duos ever and with our determination and passion for hip-hop and music in general, we feel we can conquer them all.
Die Besten Szenen aus dem Film "Max Torrt second mission". Von diesem Film musste die Produktion leider eingestellt werden.
18 Apr 2007
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The second portion of driving on a usual chair and a table on wheels on road of a sport center Olympic, it is direct in the center of Moscow.
21 Apr 2007
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Ten Second Epic drop by MOD to chat with MuchMusic VJ Matte Babel about their crowded tour bus and show some behind-the-scenes footage of their latest video shoot. May 4, 2007. Check out the full interview plus EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCES on MuchAXS: *******axs.muchmusic****
10 May 2007
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You do not need to buy a new one as it is very costly but you can use these tips to make you old one into new one, just in seconds
10 May 2007
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Austin's Herda's 30 Second Spot On Criminal Minds. Originally Aired 5/16/07
18 May 2007
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News in cnn about Pueblo Ingles in second life
23 May 2007
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What´s second life and our virtual Pueblo ingles (valdelavilla)
25 May 2007
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