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*******www.wiseowl****** - Learn how to use the Goal Seek tool in Microsoft Excel to find what inputs you need to hit your targets. Visit www.wiseowl****** for more online training resources in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Visio, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and more!
24 Feb 2012
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On-set Interviews with Keira Knightley and Steve Carell for their new movie, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.
20 Jun 2012
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Keira Knightley talks about her troubled character Penny in 'Seeking a friend a friend for the end of the world'. The actressalso reveals how she would spend the end of the world.
20 Jun 2012
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English translation by brokenspirit72. Music/Song by 호옹이(Ho-ong-i) Movie/PV by 튜훗(Tyuh). English Lyrics: Ding-Dong Hurry and open the door, I have come Even if you try to hide, it's no use Ding-Dong Hurry and open the door, I have come It's already too late to run Looking through the window, our eyes met Two eyes frozen in fear, I want to see up close Ding-Dong I'm coming in, hurry up and run Let play tag and have fun Ding-Dong I've come in, hurry up and hide Lets play hide-and-seek and have fun The thumping of your footsteps can be heard Your ragged breathing can be heard *Hide tightly I can see your hair Hide tightly I can see your hair Hide tightly I can see your hair Hide tightly* Head... (The part above is a korean phrase used when playing hide-and-seek like the song Kagome Kagome is used in the Japanese game) Knock-Knock I'm in front of your room door I'm coming in, I won't ask for permission Knock-Knock I'm inside your room, where are you hiding The game is almost at end I looked under the bed in your room You're not here, next is inside your closet... Ding-Dong Here you are Ding-Dong You were here all along You're it Ding-Dong I've found you now You're it Ding-Dong It looks like I won You're it Ding-Dong Receive your penalties Ding-Dong The game is at end There's no one left Ding-Dong goodbye to everyone
27 Aug 2012
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20 Nov 2012
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Knowing your strengths and what you want in a job can often be the link between seeking and finding the perfect role. The team at SEEK let you in on their experiences. For more tips & advice visit - ***********.au/jobs-resources/
22 Jan 2013
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Interviews can be daunting at times but the team at SEEK let you in on their tips. For more information head to ***********.au/jobs-resources/interview-questions
22 Jan 2013
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The interviews over, now what? The team at SEEK let you know what to do after you've had the interview. For more tips & advice visit - ***********.au/jobs-resources/
23 Jan 2013
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3 year old with ninja-like hide and seek skills. *******gamehackerz****/farmville-2-cheats-free-energy-cash-water-and-bot
7 Mar 2013
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After SEEKing out your 'believe it or not' job hunting tales, we have re-enacted five of your best stories -- from the funniest to the most shocking. Vote for your favourite video for a chance to win $2,000. Enter here: *******entertainment.msn***.nz/seekcompetition Competition open to New Zealand residents only. Entries close 26/06/13. **********.nz
5 Jun 2013
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HIDE AND SEEK DIRECTED BY JUNG HUH Sung-soo has everything a man could want: a beautiful wife and children, a comfortable home and luxury car, and plenty of money in the bank. When he learns that his estranged brother, Sung-chul, has gone missing, haunting memories of their troubled past urge him to visit his brother’s apartment in search of answers. Unsettled by the shabby, half-empty apartment complex, he quickly notices strange symbols inscribed under the doorbells and the terrified residents who hurriedly lock their doors at the sight of an outsider. When Sung-soo asks the next door neighbor Joo-hee about his brother, she reacts with horror, belying her initial kindness to the family in their expensive clothes and car. The disturbing visit follows Sung-soo and his family home as strange, inexplicable things start to happen – keys to their well-secured townhome go missing, and they find themselves stalked by a mysterious masked figure. Finally, the same strange symbols appear under their doorbell, this time with an ominous bloody V. With his family terrified and his own nightmares escalating out of control, Sung-soo must face his most primal fears to reveal the shocking truth behind the intensifying horror.
7 Jan 2014
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Hide & Seek (2014) Official Trailer: Sung-soo has everything that a man would want - a big inheritance, wife and children, a luxury apartment, a fancy car, etc. But in truth, he suffers from insomnia and obsessive compulsive disorder. One day, he hears that his estranged brother, Sung-cheol, has gone missing. Feeling guilty and somehow responsible, he visits his brother's apartment despite the fact that he has kept Sung-cheol's existence from his family.The shabby half empty apartment complex has strange symbols inscribed under the door bells, and the residents look terrified, hurriedly locking themselves in as Sungsoo and his family appear at the building. There are rumours that some bizarre people have squatted in the empty flats. And even the next door neighbor Joo-hee goes paranoid when asked about his brother.When they return home from the trip, a feeling of dark uneasiness lingers around the family. Strange things start to happen. Sung-soo's house keys disappear, someone tries to break in when only his children are at home. Then the engravings under his doorbell appear. Mysterious whispers are heard, terrifying the entire family. With his family quivering in fear, Sung-soo's compulsiveness and nightmares gets worse.
17 Jan 2014
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Best Cheat for Hide and Seek.mp4
19 Feb 2017
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Best Hide & Go Seek Spot.mp4
19 Feb 2017
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Passing the time with my guitar.
16 Jan 2007
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Just a little animation, very simple. Was playing around with the keyframe animation in Final Cut Pro. Everything else is Photoshop.
13 Jun 2007
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