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Did you think that you knew everything about Selena Quintanilla? Well, thanks to Selena's widowed husband, Chris Perez, you can learn more about the late singer. A little over a year since he released his book To Selena, With Love, Chris has added extra chapters to the book in hopes of giving fans a glimpse of the star's family life. The original version of the book was published nearly seventeen years after the singer's shocking murder.
4 Dec 2013
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Hada Verónica cantando en el Carnaval...
19 Feb 2010
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30 Apr 2011
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*******www.truelightoflife**** vxyx2z *******www.insight.spruz com __ Selena The Movie Part 1 - "Selena" tells the story of Latin Queen Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who was the most popular Latin Singer at the time of her tragic death at the age of only 23 years in 1995. The film tells the story of the singer as she is accidently discovered by her own father at the age of 10. Her life story takes off when Jennifer Lopez accurately portrays Selena through her unforgettable concerts, her family struggles, and her secret marriage to her guitarist Chris Perez. --- I Could Fall In Love - is the first single by Mexican-American singer Selena from her last studio album Dreaming of You, released in October 1995 by EMI International.
12 Dec 2011
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Latino actors who played real life Latino characters. Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla who was brutally shot by her assistant, Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo. Salma not only starred but produced the movie. Gael Garcia Bernal as Che Guevara, and Benecio Del Torro as an older Che as well as Demian Bichir as Fidel Castro. Lou Diamond Philips as Richie Valens, and Marc Anthony as the life of Hector Lavoe alongside Jennifer Lopez as Lavoe's wife, Puchi. Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante and Javier Bardem as Reinaldo Arenas.
3 Apr 2013
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With all of the drama going on lately with Lupillo Rivera and the family, sister Rosie Rivera has said that plans are in the works for the release of a new Jenni Rivera album. Though she was vague with details on the record, she did state that the music will be released sometime this year. This will mark the diva’s 20th album, and just like the late Selena Quintanilla, the tribute album will be released after her unexpected death. The family is sure that fans will embrace this album with as much love as they always have.
19 Apr 2013
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Paula Garces had a baby shower to remember! Adrienne Bailon surprised guests at the Devious Maids stars' baby shower by channeling the late Selena Quintanilla. Before her performance, Adrienne addressed the crowd to introduce the song. She explained that Paula called her up and told her that her daughter, Skye, loves the song 'Como La Flor' by Selena, and asked if she would dedicate it to her. Adrienne then sang the song for the crowd and serenaded Skye. The performance ended with Paula and her daughter Skye embracing in a touching moment.
3 Oct 2013
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