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Just relax and stare at the spiral for 30 seconds. Follow this simple exercise and discover how to get high without drugs. Train yourself to effortlessly and naturally always be in your state of peak performance. Never again feel forced to associate with people you don't like just to get access to drugs.Say hello to safely changing your mind whenever and however you want simply by following Obama in this simple Self-Hypnosis exercise. Funny state and signal hypnotic state self-hypnotic suggestion self-hypnosis or autosuggestion. That state of hypnosis induced even hot hot hot girls doing hypnotic state self-hypnotic drugs drugs drugs and politics politics politicis having sex sex sex to sell cool cool cool video video video or self-hypnotic suggestion.
29 Jun 2009
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16 Jun 2010
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Ishwar Allah Jesus Almighty etc etc , the gods have been tagged. Individual wild imaginations knows no bound in giving out theories after theory. None has seen , everyone seems to have felt , some even have hallucinated images in an unaware self hypnotic state. Sectorial Gods created by stupid humans are meant to protect a particular community or religion , seeming as though directives given by humans to God. Competition or supremacy the Gods too are in the race, Sounds too funny & too very stupid. Journey towards the truth if a long way to go, let imagination not rule over reality.....
13 Nov 2010
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8 Feb 2010
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The clip Larry is talking to Dr Loyd about the werewolf from The Wolf Man (1941) with Warren William, Lon Chaney Jr. Doctor, do you believe in werewolves? I believe that a man lost in the mazes of his mind may imagine that he's anything. Science has many examples of the mind's power over the body. Case of the stigmata appearing in the skin of zealots. Self-hypnotism. But if a man isn't even thinking about the thing, isn't interested in it, then how could he hypnotise himself with it? It might be a case of mental suggestion, plus mass hypnotism. You mean by that that he could be influenced by the people about him? Yes. You're letting your science run away with your common sense. Have you ever met a werewolf, Doctor? Not that I know of. Doctor, can these sick people be cured? Not they. An asylum's the only safe place for them. Any disease of the mind can be cured with the cooperation of the patient. While you men figure it out scientifically, I'll go and set a few traps. I'll help. We may not find anything more than a diseased mind, but even that may be interesting. Doctor, I've got to talk to you. Later. Now I want you to get some rest. Go on, Larry.
24 Nov 2011
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*******PowerOfMindControl**** - Self hypnotism for success with this hypnotic sample of binaural beats and Isochronic tones with guided meditation and affirmations from Power Of Mind Control****. Easy Self Hypnosis, Binaral beats at 10 Hz and 4 Hz, Alpha and Theta.
19 Sep 2013
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