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Out of all the guys to date, Party Girl picks the one guy whose got worse break-up issues that she does. As he cries like a baby, she realizes she's not alone in the business of self flagellation. Featuring music by Leerone, Jen Bloom, The Martianz, The Idyllists and 5 Alarm Music. www.partygirlplusone****
14 Dec 2009
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All shia specially azadars that repect bibi paak (SA) and her dua that may allah (SWT) create a sect that will mourn for my family. Then we must CONDEMN this guys lecturers as he is causing fitna amongst the lovers and followers of Imam Hussain (AS). This was his Ashura lecture filmed live by DM Digital on the 08/01/2008. In this video jan ali kazmi (JAK) states clearly that he believes that zanjeer zani is not a good thing to be carried out in the UK as it stops others from converting to islam as people associate it with terrorism, which is utter rubbish (terrorism this guys deluded). The tradegy of karbala is such heart breaking that people carry out zanjeer zani as a an act of mourning and to feel closeness to imam Hussain (AS). This type act occurred at the time of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and can be proven using hadees not just from the shia but sunni books one is the story of Owais-e-kurney, who broke all his teeth after being told that the Holy Prophet (SAW) had lost a tooth in battle. Due to his love and devotion to the Prophet (SA) he broke all his teeth as an act of closeness to the pain he thought the Holy Prophet (SAW) might have been going through. All the other sahaba did not do this but owais-e-kurney did as it was a way of him expressing his love and devotion. Does this hadees put people off of being muslim? Another is when the Holy Prophets (SAW) uncle (Hazrat Hamza) died in the battle of uhud and the people at that time were told to mourn for him. The west is aware of self flagellation (have a look at this video its happening in the open ***********/watch?v=YzkpuztoJiA many more also available on youtube). The west is infact more understanding then wahabi / salafi (la) and certain sunnis. The western are more understanding especially when they are informed about the correct reasons about why individuals decide to carry out zanjeer zani. A point to note here is those who do not want to be educated or are not willing even listen to the answers and do not want to learn / understand on resons behind zanjeerzani will never be happy with it because they judge / believe / follow without knowing the correct reasons for why people are carrying it out. Certain people in certain countries today and at certain times in history have not had the chance of carrying out azadari due to tyrants and followers of yazid (la) running the countries and oppressing shias from carring out azadari, yet we live in the UK (were we are free to express ourselves) and this JAK is trying to stop shias from carrying out azadari in a country like this. If you ask azadars around the world who are oppressed or are not able to carry out azadari to there hearts desire that we have this freedom in the UK to do this, they would love the opportunity to be hear. But instead we have this waste of Space JAK in this country trying to oppress azadari with a visa that could have gone to true momin. He also said people associate zanjeer zani matam with terrorists and that is one of the reasons we should stop it in the UK, which also is complete rubbish as in the west the stereotype of terrorism mainly tends to be associated with: 1.he arabic word (caligraphy) of "laila ha illallah" as this is associated in the west with suicide bombers 2.The azan and people reciting namaz / salat (prayers) as this also associated with muslim terrorists. 3.The clothing JAK wears such as his robe turban is also associated by the west as a terrorist outfit and makes people think we are extremists. This also make people turn away from islam. Now will he change his outfit to a more western look to as he would say attract more western people to his cause (I doubt it very much). But yet he is happy to state zanjeerzani is wrong and sets a bad example. So should we now stop all the above from happening as it can be seen as a bad example? Clearly his thoughts on unity and attracting others have led him to state zanjeer zani does not achieve anything for the non followers. Clearly if he followed his own school of thought then he should stop carrying out all the top 4 point.
29 Nov 2009
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Catholic devotees practice self-flagellation with the belief that they will be absolved of their sins.
20 Jan 2009
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The clip argument from Frost Nixon (2008) with Sam Rockwell, Oliver Platt When David tried to lay a finger on him, Nixon made mincemeat out of him. What "revolution," David? You just let Richard Nixon claim the country was in a state of revolution? What, with protestors "bombing" and "assaulting" police officers? That's not how I remember it. What I remember is people protesting peacefully and legitimately against the Vietnam War! That's what I remember. Music off, please. Off. By the end, wiretapping students and breaking into journalists' homes was beginning to sound like a rational response. Well, I'm sorry you feel this way, but I simply cannot share your view. About what exactly? About any of it, frankly! I thought today was a huge improvement. Are you nuts? Let me tell you how bad things were today. After the taping finished, I overheard two members of the crew say they never voted for him when they had the chance, but if he ran for office again today, he'd get their support. You're making him look presidential, for Christ's sake! And forget about the trivia, David. Who cares whether Nixon took the White House bed to Europe when he traveled? I do! Well, it's irrelevant! And it's just the sort of banal anecdote that would distract a talk... A what? Go on. No, say it. What, you were gonna say "talk show host"? Yeah. Yeah, I was. All right, look, it's useless me trying to answer your points. Frankly, I don't share any of your sense of pessimism or alarm. And this ridiculous self-flagellation, in my view, is just depressing. No! And threatening to derail the whole enterprise. Look. If there is anyone here who thinks we're gonna fail, they better leave now,
22 Nov 2011
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