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The clip self respect and survival from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) where'd you get all this ? red cross. Clerical error. They've been sending us 500 Parcels a month instead of 50. Three years now. We've Got rather a lot, actually. Shouldn't you tell 'em ? Shouldn't you Give it back ? Oh, yank. You haven't been In the fight very long, Have you ? Come along. I keep forgetting Wars have always been fought By children. Where did you Get this absurd garment ? They gave it to me. Who ? The Germans. They didn't give you a coat, Yank, they gave you an insult. Hey, son. Over here. Do you understand What I?m saying ? Jerry tried To humiliate you. Now you must wear that coat As if you were proud of it. Teach him a lesson. It's terribly important That you understand that. It's been almost four years Since I was taken prisoner. True, most of us here. We haven't seen a woman Or a child in all of that time. Think about that for a minute. Want to know How we survived ? Well, I?ll tell you. The day that I was captured, I made a promise to myself: Each day I would Brush my teeth, shave my beard, Wash my hands and face Before each meal, evacuate My bowels with regularity. And do you know why ? Because the war consists of Continual petty humiliations. And I for one was going To treat myself with a good deal Of self-respect and survive. Do you think You can do it ?
27 Nov 2011
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