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Amazing Funny Boys Prank
11 Dec 2017
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Have you ever seen a legend posing in a way you have never imagined before? Well, here's a chance to grab that situation and laugh while seeing this legend clicking selfie in a legendary way.
15 Nov 2017
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Originally Uploaded July 24th 2017. With vidme closing it's doors, here is a little vlog I made for them to promote one user's initiative #vidmewashere. You can still find some of the pictures on twitter. This was the original description. After seeing SurfersSelfies #vidmewashere vlog, I decided to make my own. Unfortunately, my cellphone camera sucks, and I didn't bring my HD digital camcorder with me, so enjoy old internet potato quality. We did do a podcast on Kiki's Delivery Service, and I think I'll upload it this week. Or if I find an original dub of Kiki before then, I'll upload it as part of a long form podcast talking about the differences in the movies. Also, I plan on doing my little #vidmewashere thing on twitter whenever I go places, and tag my followers. Spread the tag. #pokematic #surfersselfies #vidmewashere #vidmewasherechallenge #vidme #vlog #kikisdeliveryservice #burgerking
6 Dec 2017
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Pinky Dhaliwal Presents New Punjabi Song "KOKE" in the voice of Blockbuster Queen "SUNANDA SHARMA", Lyrics Penned down by "SANGDIL 47", Music by "GAGSTUDIOZ", Video by "RIMPY PRINCE". ENJOY...... LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE Listen Full Audio on Gaana : Download Full Audio from To Set Hello-Tune sms KOKE send it to 56060 SONG CREDIT : ☟ Song ➤ KOKE Artist ➤ Sunanda Sharma Lyricist ➤ Sangdil 47 Music ➤ GagStudioz Mix & Mastering ➤ Sameer Charegaonkar A Film by ➤ Rimpy Prince Team Amar Audio ➤ Pardeep Sharma, Sandeep Joshi, Harpreet Harry, Preet Kalsi, Amninder Grewal, Neeru Chopra, Jyoti Dhaliwal Copyright ➤ MAD4MUSIC Online Promotion - Gold Media Koke Lyrics: Gal sun meri phulkari suit waliye Maapeya ne bade chavan laadan naal paliye Ho… gal sun meri phulkari suit waliye Ni maapeya ne bade chavan laadan naal.. Ho naini surma bana ke pa la aes nu Ni munda supne kuware warga Je tu satrangi peengh koke waliye Kainthe wala vi hullare warga (x2) Ho… Lag diyan shartan je selfie queen te Google te search’an vi wajjan shokeen te Lag diyan shartan je selfie queen te Google te search’an vi… Ho je patanjali tu oh vi bikaner de Haye ni bhujiye karare warga Je tu satrangi peengh koke waliye Kainthey wala vi hullare warga (x2) Ho killer smile teri ghaint ae je nakhra Kaim look ohdi rohb rakhda ae athra Killer smile jeha ghaint tera nakhra Kaim look ohdi rohb rakhda ae… Aa dil vekh ke haweliyan da dol je Ni munda rangle chubaare warga Je tu satrangi peengh koke waliye Kainthe wla vi hullare warga (x2)
18 Nov 2017
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best backup camera for car 2017 18 || top 5 best backup camera reviews best backup camera for car. 1) Esky EC170 06 Car Rear View Backup Camera 2) Chetoo CCD Car Backup View Camera 3) Amotus Car Rear View Backup Reverse Camera 4) Esky EC170 08 Car Rear View Backup Camera 5) Auto Vox Cam 1 HD Car Rear-View Backup Camera Camera for auto, astounding thought right? Presently don't imagine that it is for taking selfie or photo of your environment. As a matter of fact, the reinforcement camera is for you to stop by giving you a chance to see the back of your auto in your back view. An extremely supportive creation of the new innovation. It is a typical mishap via autos by chancing upon the light post or a receptacle or children. So every auto needs to introduce the camera to be careful and be sheltered. Other than that, it is critical to learn drive appropriately. In the event that you are not the talented driver then you're driving won't be legitimate and safe. Endeavor to take in driving from a specialist. As there are numerous alternatives to pick. I will enable you by acquainting you with the main 5 to best reinforcement camera for auto. Every one of them are incredible in work and guide. Just before getting one for you, experience this legit the audit and pick the best one for your auto. As an auto darling, I attempt to add each new gadget to give my auto a decent and safe look. Subsequent to confronting some episode, I was searching for an answer for help the drivers to invert their auto securely. After a ton of quests, I discovered this great gadget with new innovation. I am thankful them who got this going. The reinforcement camera is important to have conceived for each auto proprietor. This camera gives you a sheltered adventure as well as help you to support the certainty when you are switching the auto.
20 Nov 2017
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El Moto G5S Plus destaca por su doble cámara trasera y un software especial, que permite enfocar ciertas partes de la imagen, separa/quita el fondo, edita y mucho más; todo esto en tiempo real. La cámara frontal, tiene un lente gran angular y como novedad, se pueden hacer selfies panorámicas. El Moto G5S es tal vez, una de las mejores opciones cuanto al balance entre la relación de costo/beneficio. Ya que este equipo no solo luce muy bien, cuenta también con diseño metálico de una sola pieza de aluminio de alta calidad, lo que le confiere resistencia. Pero también posee: lector de huella, batería de 300 mAh y con cargador TurboPower que permite usarlo 5 horas con solo 15 minutos de carga (según Motorola).
20 Nov 2017
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Let’s take a Selfie and make sure that you are present in the office. Forget about pen and Attendance register, use smart attendance application more trustworthy, user-friendly and advanced.
21 Nov 2017
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5 Types Of Girls We ALWAYS See At The Gym! Description: For those of you who grace the gym with your presence, you must have spotted two kinds of people: those who just love to feel the burn and those who are basically there for the greater good of mankind. When it comes to women, there are those who are really good while there are those who have something else going on. Most of these are a great source of entertainment. Of these, there are the 5 Types Of Girls We ALWAYS See At The Gym! Lets begin! 1. The Flirt You must have spotted this one…she is the friendliest and most enthusiastic in the room…but only has time for the guys. They make it so obvious that the only reason they are paying for their monthly fee is to hook up. And boy do they know which buttons of those guys to press. They’ll start with the ear-to-ear smile and head nod. Next thing you know… it is a ‘hey!’ and before you know what hit you she has a string of men waiting in line just to talk to her. 2. Obsessed with Selfies Social media… social media… social media. What is it you have done to us? There’s this girl who will hoard the mirrors at the gym. You see, she takes selfies every second and those mirrors are important for her to know that the angle of the snap and the kind of lighting she is receiving. On a normal day, away from the gym, her friend would have helped her with that. You try the same and your selfies will be nothing like hers. Let me share some insight I got from one of these girls. When taking a selfie at the gym, be confident: stand up straight and pose with pride. Make sure you stay away from that natural light as it will expose a lot of your blemishes. Lastly, choose your filters wisely and always remember to take vertical photos…always. 3. The Space Invader These girls literally forget that they are not the only ones with a gym subscription! In the gym, you want your space, especially if there are many free machines on the gym floor.
2 Dec 2017
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Diving Around Museo Atlantico - Lanzarote, Canary Islands 05. 12. 2017 - By Marsel Mihaylov ™ #Lanzarote #CanaryIslands #MuseoAtlantico #RussiansinCanaryIslands #RussiansInSpain #Diving #SwimmingAndDiving #AmazingExperience #VIP #LuxuryLife #LuxuryLifestyle #ClubOfTheYoungMillionaires #SuccessfulInLife #RichPeople #Holidays #GoodWeather #MyStyle #ChillTime #GoodMood #MyLife #LovelyDay © Personal Video ™ ══► © Лично Видео ™ ══► © Видеоролик на Память ™ The Museo Atlantico is the first underwater art museum in Europe. It aims to create a large artificial reef formed by sculptures made with neutral pH concrete that will in time increase its biomass. The fasilities include the work of Jason deCaires Taylor, highlighting the bond between art and nature allowing visitors to become aware of the importance of the sea and all natural resources. 2% of the income generated by the museum will go to sea protection and preservation projects. The Museo Atlantico will be completed in 2017. The museum currently has six different areas with contemporary areas. Los Jolateros A group of children on brass crafts called "jolateros" being used as a metaphor for the precarious possible future of our children. The Raft of Lampedusa representing the abandonment of humanity during the refugee crisis. A thought about hope and loss. Content A faceless couple taking a selfie encourages you to think about the use of all our technologies for self reference. Strategically placed next to the raft of lampedusa showing the couple with their back to the tragedy. El Rubicon 35 human figures heading in the same direction. All the sculptures are base don local residents of Lanzarote. Hybrids Merging nature and humanity living in harmony. These sculptures are half human and half cactus. The Photographers The photographers bring up the use of technology and the new voyeurism it brings.
5 Dec 2017
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Demi Lovato takes a selfie without make up.
16 Aug 2013
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Khloe Kardashian shares a cryptically captioned selfie as she films scenes for her reality show with her big sister Kourtney.
10 Sep 2013
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It's been a good week for Instagram, because a bunch of lovely ladies have posted selfies in their swimwear, and we aren't complaining.
12 Sep 2013
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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been married for five years, and Mimi is not afraid to flaunt their love in public. The singer took to Twitter to share a special personal message to Nick on his 33rd birthday. The songstress wrote "Happy birthday to my hubby Nick baby, I'm waiting on you! hahaha! KKLB, mwah!" Along with her sweet message, the singer posted a sexy selfie. The picture was shot at a strategic angle, showing an open shirt and a lacy bra.
9 Oct 2013
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One week after Kim Kardashian tweeted her sexy swimsuit pic, Miley Cyrus posted her very own selfie! Miley rocked a red one-piece suit for Twitter followers with the caption, "God bless October in LA." Miley has also made headlines for her new MTV EMA promo video she shot with Red Foo. Miley will perform at the awards show on November 10th in Amsterdam and we can't wait to see what crazy thing she'll do next! We just hope there is no foam finger involved! Check out Miley's racy twitpic and promo video right here!
22 Oct 2013
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Hopefully you're not too sick of the selfie, because it's here to stay, thanks to Justin Bieber! The teen pop-star has decided to back a new social network called "Shots of Me" and you guessed it, it's strictly for selfies! With the app, users must take their pics using the front facing camera, and just like Snapchat, you can only take your Shots of Me pics within the app. Perhaps the best part about Biebs' 1.1 million dollar investmant is that it hopes to combat bullying by restricting public commenting!
20 Nov 2013
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