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beyonce sensual dance
12 Jan 2008
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This Sensual dance workshop for women- the Joy of Sensuality- takes the core moves of belly dance and contemporary dance to allow pleasure in your body. Find the parts of you that are missing so you can share them with that special someone.
11 Oct 2009
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Try a Sensual dance workshop for women- the Joy of Sensuality. The moves of belly dance and contemporary dance wake up the pleasure in your body that keeps you captivating. Find the parts of you that need to be woken up, rejuvenated and juicy again.
12 Oct 2009
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******* The Internet's most unique social experience to Peope who are open-minded and interested in exploring their them self. Women -- and men -- can live out any of their fantasies in an empowering and safe environment.
1 Aug 2008
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traditional dance from bandung west java. the dancer is a student from kindergardeen, so sexy and sensual dancing, funny
15 May 2007
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2 Belly Dancers in Tunisia
24 Jun 2007
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Some of the most sensual dances of the world......
14 Jan 2007
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Baile sensual y sexy. Bailado por Gabryel y Alicia. Un estilo muy performance y personal. more... Profesor de la academia de baile doble giro. La bachata es un baile latino, de republica dominicana. Si la Salsa es la Reina de la musica Latina la Bachata es la Princesa. Esto es un show improvisado, no es una coreografia ni una rutina ni taller, es musica y baile improvisado.Un estilo muy personal. Tambien concurse en el Bachatazo. Soy miembro del Club Pro Bachata CPB. ---------------------------------------- ------- Sensual dance and sexy. Danced by Gabryel and Alicia. A style very performance and personnel. Professor of the dance academy double turn. The bachata is a Latin dance, of Dominican republic. If the Salsa is Queen of Latin music, the Bachata is the Princess. This is an improvised show, is not a choreography neither a routine nor workshop, is music and dances unexpected. A very personal style. Also it competes in the Bachatazo. I am member of the Club Pro Bachata CPB.
9 May 2007
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Axe's new ad campaign. Sensual dance
1 Aug 2007
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Travel Maui-Travel Hawaii: Musical Maui Travel Video PostCard Sensual dancing and rich Music in Maui is central to the culture. In fact, not just in Maui but in all of Hawaii including Maui, music and dance are what the Hawaii culture is all about. Go any where in Maui or Hawaii and yes, there are beautiful beaches but the guitar music in Maui or actually in Maui it is called slack music is what the roots of the people in Maui and Hawaii celebrate. Dance, rituals, and of course volcanoes in Maui are great attractions, but the graceful dancing of Hawaiian women and girls, the music of Maui create a magic spell that makes the island sensual yet innocent and beautiful.
20 Jan 2009
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the seductive dance..very sensual dance of this young and beautiful dancer.Comment please and visit my channel
28 Aug 2008
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Belly dancing is a great way to keep fit, but to belly dance properly in true Middle Eastern style, its essential to wear the correct items of clothing, specifically baggy transparent skirt/leggings, a fancy jeweled bra, and jewelry in your belly button. Performing a sensual dance only works provided the dancer is wearing the right attire for the moves. *******www.dvdfitness****
13 Nov 2010
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belly dance dvd...When considering a good lower body workout, women think about buying a Belly Dance DVD, Belly Dancing focuses on movements using a persons core abdominals, lower spine, pelvis, and legs muscles. It is a fun workout for women and it all helps tone without causing strain on the lower regions of the body. As an additional benefit, youll be learning a sensual dance for your partner, which they are sure to love. *******www.belly-baby-dvd****
12 Jan 2010
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Diana Szeinblum’s ”Alaska” filmed as part of, a contemporary performance on-demand site. Named after a place that everyone knows but no one has been, Alaska is a sensual dance theater portrayal of memory. Diana Szeinblum's "Alaska" filmed as part of, a contemporary performance on-demand site. Named after a place that everyone knows but no one has been, Alaska is a sensual dance theater portrayal of memory. Choreographer Diana Szeinblum uses dark humor, extreme physicality, original music and a minimal set to create a beautiful spectacle that gravitates between uneasy stillness and violent frenzy. Her career began with the prestigious contemporary Ballet of the San Martin General Theater and continued at the Folkwang Tanz Schule, where she danced under the artistic direction of Pina Bausch. Her performances have toured across Europe, Asia and the US. View full performance at: *******
22 Jan 2010
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