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Album_100% Feiten (Deel 1)_RG-89_9 September 2007
19 Feb 2008
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It's dedicated to all the victims starting on the day including 24 Japanese. Only 13 of them came home but not in one piece. Just "partial remains" came home... Then onto Afghanistan, Iraq where way more than million people were killed. Far more lost their loved ones, their houses destroyed, their environment all contaminated, i.e. their lives all messed up and many forced to become refugees... as well as so many Muslims and Arabs in the world who were illegally(i.e. their laws are breach of human rights etc) captured, tortured, killed or injured physically and mentally. This fraud called 9/11 made them 'terrorists' or 'terror suspects.' OK, there could be crazy Islam fundamentalists. But crazy people are everywhere. Why do we need to focus on them only? That's because of this fundamental lie! I believe there are good people and bad, nasty ones everywhere, in any group incl CFR. 9/11 was a smear campaign against Muslims and Arabs along with many other things. I hope you know that by now. And I'll definitely include who ended up dying or suffering because of the EPA's lie. At the moment, I am absolutely exhausted from shouting for three hours on Sunday, my "11th Day Action," handed out 500 flyers. But you know, nowadays people thank me for doing this as they take the flyer or CD-ROM or whatever I can give them. Many ordinary citizens are aware of the truth. We need to encourage them to spread it further. In fact, this Sunday, my daughter told me that one woman came back and asked for 10 more. Another couple came back to fetch 20 more so that they could give out to their friends! I wish they'd photocopy what I gave them cause it costs $ and I'm paying all out of my pocket... But it's good that people WANT to spread the truth! ;O) When I do my 11th Day Action, I think about Bob, Mindy, Patty and so forth and Dan Wallace. I strongly suspect that he was killed(search for Church Commission and that special gun they talked about) just like Hunter S Thompson and many others...... Dan said that we'll take it from the bottom to the top. Yes, we've gotta do that. And that's for my Iraqi friends, too. Our goal is to have a legitimate investigation and to see justice done. Please join me, print out some photos, put a few up on your car windows, make a big poster to take with you. Seeing is believing. I don't understand so many "11th Day Action" videos show only posters with WORDS. Why no photos?? And now, having got a few credible Australian scientists on top of all the others in the world debunking the official story, this is no longer a 'crazy talk of those conspiracy theorists' but the truth based on law of physics!! Do your homework! Start from somewhere like this, be shy, And start your own 11th Day Action! September 11th was an Inside Job!! 'War on Terror' is a fraud!!
10 Sep 2009
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Saito fa 325 R5 in September Fury turn speaker loud, amazing sound Homebase: Austria Salzburg Tamsweg Pilot Martin
19 Sep 2008
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קליפ לסינגל "ספטמבר" של יונתן כנען, בימוי: דנה פרבר 2008 Music Video for the radio single "September" by Yonatan Cnaan Director: Dana Farber 2008
9 Feb 2009
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New video from September! Produced by Wreck Sweden. More information at:
9 Apr 2009
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The events of 9-11-01. The Song is "Only Time" by Enya, and the speach is Presdient Bush on the night of September 11, 2001.
20 Jul 2009
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AUTONEWS.TV Compact September 2008 reports on the Porsche 911 4 and 4S, BRP CAN-AM Spyder Roadster and a report on right driving with childs safety seats.
3 Sep 2008
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There was a time when September 11 was just another date. Now it's a chance to remember and reflect. Students speak on the tragic events of 9/11.
11 Sep 2008
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A powerful bomb for about 1,000KG hit the Marriot Hotel in September 2008 leaving over 100 people killed and hundreds of injured.
25 Sep 2008
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*******www.Dranden**** Lakeview Terrace - In Theaters September 19th
26 Sep 2008
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Indian Idol 4 Pehli Jhalak 19th September
23 May 2010
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September 29th 2008 FXDD Market Update *******forex.fxdd****
30 Sep 2008
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