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gabriel tabalujan-gabriel tabalujan-Setting goals and intentions in your life Setting goals and intentions in your life is the single most important task. Manifesting your goals and life dreams does not depend on your education or ethnicity or cultural heritage, and it isn't pre-determined by your environment. It is only the result of how and what you think! When you learn to live from this level, you can spontaneously fulfill your every desire. You can create miracles. The master key is learning to think deliberately! You set your goals and intentions with your conscious mind; however, the real act of achievement is happening is in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind uses about 83% of your brain mass. It is always in the present and its memory is infinite and (potentially) beyond time. Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind Your subconscious mind processes about 400 billion bits of information per second and these impulses travel at a speed of up to 100,000 mph! Compare this to your conscious mind, which processes only about 2,000 bits of information per second and its impulses travel only at 100-150 mph. Besides that, the conscious mind can only operate in the past or in the future, not in the now. I am sure you have experienced at some time or another driving you car, and for an instant during the drive, you suddenly became aware that you were driving. Prior to that sudden conscious jolt into the present moment, your conscious mind was busy with thinking and your subconscious mind drove the car -- all on its own. How to Program Your Subconscious for Success Setting goals and intentions is a conscious exercise. Achieving these goals is a spiritual and subconscious exercise. The law of attraction is more than just thinking positively and hoping for the best. In fact there is concrete science behind your innate ability to attract or manifest everything you desire. This article will explain the scientific nuts and bolts behind the law of attraction. If you're like many people you love the idea of being able to use the law of attraction to manifest the things you want in life. But you may have a problem letting go and fully believing this will work for you because it's contrary to what the mainstream education and media systems call reality. For the next couple of minutes forget about what the average person considers realistic. After all, how many "average" people do you know who are really happy with their lives? The fact is most people are not scientists, and therefore it's not fair to assume the status quo reality has anything to do with scientific knowledge. Michael Burnbaum:Trading System For Swing Traders 2012 [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Trading-Traders-ebook/dp/B007NYI8A0/ Michael Burnbaum : Learn To Trade Options Like A Pro [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Learn-Options-ebook/dp/B007NZ2S14/ Michael Burnbaum: The Forex and Stocks Top Traders Software Systems 2012 ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Traders-Software-ebook/dp/B007NYFBLY/ Michael Burnbaum: Mass Forex Cash System 2012 [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Forex-System-ebook/dp/B007NYFIOO/ Michael Burnbaum: Reading speed to over 25,000+ words per MINUTE! Mentally "Memorize" books. [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Mentally-Memorize-ebook/dp/B007NYFFV0/ Michael W. Burnbaum : Forex Secrets (Michael Burnbaum) [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-W-Burnbaum-Secrets-ebook/dp/B007NEYR1E/ Michael W. Burnbaum: Forex Insider Secrets 2012 [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-W-Burnbaum-Insider-ebook/dp/B007NEYRMS/ Michael Burnbaum:Watch Over 3000 TV Channels On Any PC [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Watch-Channels-ebook/dp/B007NYQPA0/ Mark Olthouse New Product 2012 (Mark Olthouse 2012) ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Product-2012-ebook/dp/B007N0T1W8/ Mark Olthouse 2012 ***********/Mark-Olthouse-2012-ebook/dp/B007N0PWJO/ Mark Olthouse - Best Product 2012 ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Best-Product-ebook/dp/B007NE0RZE/ Mark Olthouse : Anxiety And Panic Attacks Seminar ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Anxiety-Attacks-ebook/dp/B007NE139S/ Mark Olthouse : Accurate Forex Systems Enabling Anybody To Make Shocking Amounts Of Money Trading The Forex ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Accurate-Enabling-ebook/dp/B007NETJWG/ John Papaneri : Dog House Plans ***********/John-Papaneri-House-Plans-ebook/dp/B007NETUQQ/ John Papaneri : Adsense Ready High Paying Niche Websites ***********/John-Papaneri-Adsense-Websites-ebook/dp/B007NETR5K/
30 Mar 2012
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******* - Setting goals, be they - short term, medium and long term is the key for success, whether it is in your sports, personal , or business. When people are faced with cash flows issues, be they mortgage arrears, credit card debt, which can result in basic bad credit ratings it is important to have goals.
28 Jun 2013
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Sebastian MacLean discusses how goal setting can increase your rate of muscle growth. Get more of these video and text based natural muscle building tips at www.naturallymassive****
13 Apr 2008
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17 Jun 2008
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When Goal Setting, It's important to understand these 12 keys to discipline any disappointment you may encounter on your journey. These 12 keys to goal setting will enable you to get on the high road of goal achievement fast!!
17 Jun 2008
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17 Jan 2009
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I love goalsetting. I have studied goalsetting and I know how to effectively set and achieve goals. Enjoy this video of me having achieved one of my goals for last year. links: *******www.successfulinspirations**** & *******www.gratitudebook****
6 Mar 2009
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*******uniquemillionaires**** 97 % of all Network Marketers fail because of 2 reasons. Learn how to avoid being a loser in Network Marketing by avoiding these two mistakes.
13 Jun 2009
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*******www.EarnWhatYouDeserve****/?t=tm .... John Bino (+971.50.7024029) Home business Guru and Internet Marketing expert John Bino guides you through a simple formula for setting any goal
27 Jul 2009
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15 Aug 2009
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Developing your strategy needs to include video in the future - are you up for this challenge?
6 Jan 2010
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Most people think that setting a goal means stating what you want to accomplish, however, this is only the beginning. In order to actually accomplish your goals you must follow this advice.
20 Jan 2010
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Most people think that setting a goal means stating what you want to accomplish, however, this is only the beginning. In order to actually accomplish your goals you must follow this advice.
22 Jan 2010
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******* We are rational and logical human beings. As long as we do not acknowledge, accept and embrace our subconscious mind.
24 Oct 2010
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How to focus your attention so that you can change your life to get what you do want instead of what you don't want.
22 Aug 2011
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Frankie Bordeaux is a husband and father of five who served with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America for over two and a half decades before retirement. In this brief interview with Presentation Solutions, Frankie Bordeaux answers questions about teaching children goals, responsibility, and work ethic.
18 Jan 2013
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