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If you are facing problems with your water line, and need someone professional enough to perform quick repair, look no further than West Coast Drainage - a one-stop shop for all your drainage related problems. We are committed to serving our clients with high quality customer support and service. Our expert team will be glad to address any drainage issues or concerns you may have.
14 Dec 2018
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fail to cross the sewage line
15 Dec 2018
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Rsjdrains provides Drainage Services in London. Rsjdrains Specialist engineer will attend quickly, Emergency Drainage Unblocker and clean the affected drain or sewer and won’t leave until you have a working drainage system. We are here to help with any blockages in your drains.
11 Dec 2018
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Sewer and drain cleaning specialists. Each sewer or drain is unclogged for only $49.95. Available 24/7
27 Mar 2007
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A $49.95 Sewer and drain serviceman unclogs a main sewer line and yes, the customer was charged $49.95 and the job was guaranteed.
27 Mar 2007
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Tech Sewer Cleaning Service Queens Village NY are specializing in both commercial and residential plumbing services for homes and businesses. We cover everything from faulty water heaters in need of repair to major slab leaks.
The main sewer was clogged with roots, it was night time and the sewer was in a tight spot. $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain mechanic unclogged the sewer for $49.95 and the customer was satisfied.
30 Mar 2007
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A main sewer was clogged with grease. Customer called $49.95 Any Sewer or drain and got his problem taken care of for only $49.95.
10 Apr 2007
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A trailer of the map CTF-Sewer-2k7. An team-wd creation****
7 Oct 2007
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first multitrack project video...guess i won't be quittin my day job. ;) i'd like to send thanks to my buddy chris "beatmaster" jones for sending me the drum beats to get this project started. here's the lyrics. as you can see i'm a simple man of few words. actually i deleted the first two verses. "sewers" something you've become has only come undone you think the answers in your dreams you lie in bed awake pondering what's at stake the moves you make shake eternity
15 Oct 2007
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A little kid gets sent down into the sewer to clean something in some third-world hell-hole.
21 Oct 2007
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Customer called from Queens to have his main sewer drain out to city snaked. Charged only $49.99 for this job.
8 Jun 2008
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(DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!) Whats starts off to be a video about a sewer monster turns into a crazy chase through sewers running from some 3rd grader who got his Dad and was yelling at us.We have done this before so we knew where to go thankfully.
15 Dec 2008
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