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This video will show you how to make a sexy witch costume that does not require any sewing.
2 Oct 2008
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Perfect Fit Button *******www.asseenontvhq****/perfect-fit-button/ is the revolutionary solution for just about everyone - men, women and kids too. So if those pants are getting too tight, or they're too loose, no problem, just pop on the Perfect Fit Button™ and push the lock tight cap and you're ready to go. It takes just seconds and guarantees your jeans, pants or skirts fit perfectly every time. So don't spend hundreds replacing your wardrobe, when you can wear your older clothes that didn't fit anymore and make it a perfect fit. It's great for kids and hand me downs, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit. Best of all, there's no sewing needed because it attaches in seconds! Everyone needs Perfect Fit Button™ and you can get it now with this special internet offer! Get yours now!
31 Jan 2010
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How to make a deadly weapon with a needle and thread from a simple sewing kit.
20 Dec 2007
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Learn all about Bernina sewing machines from sewer Erin Bosik. Learn how easy and fun it is to sew with a Bernina machine!
18 Feb 2010
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Micro rings are so small thay they give nothing away! Instead they make your hair look mighty realistic and beautiful!!! We are based in London. FACEBOOK: hairexaireshotmail****
18 Aug 2011
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24 Jun 2007
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Ever wonder how those whacko's got onto that reality show? Despite having succeeded at the game, we don't know either. But for the curious, here is the tape that worked for us. We were the first Americans to appear on the engineering competition Junkyard Wars (Scrapheap Challenge to the rest of the world). This is the deluxe version of what we sent them. Ever wonder how a sewing machine works? See a larger than life model constructed, and the operation demonstrated using adult humans as the working parts. (aka stupid human tricks) Nerds speak - Have a Nerd speak at your next event. Or host your own Junkyard Wars style competition - Makes a great team building exercise. See *******www.the-nerds****/lecture.html
13 Mar 2007
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No bait ? no problem.. learn how to make killer lures with a sewing kit..
21 Dec 2007
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16 Jul 2009
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We remember her [Pandora] most vividly because it is she who released human suffering from the box the god's entrusted her with, only to leave hope at the bottom. According to Jean-Pierre Vernant11 the mythological figure of Pandora represents the answers to the questions: What is man? Why are there men and women? Why is there good and evil? Why is there image versus reality? It is in this figure of mythos and duality, a figure that embodies the tension between hope and fear, that the main themes of Louise Bourgeois' work may be found. Louise Bourgeois, who was born in Paris in 1911 worked more than half a century in New York. In fact her creative work reflects the century, with its revolutions and world wars, Utopian hopes and crippling disillusionments. Never one to blindly follow fashion in art, she has been compared with such masters of the 20th century as Constantin Brancusi and Vladimir Tatlin, Hans Arp and Alberto Giacometti, and even Joseph Beuys and Bruce Nauman. Her work is abstract and figurative, realistic and phantasmagorical, and is made from all manner of material such as wood, marble, bronze, plaster, latex and fabric. Probing themes of universal import, it is also highly autobiographical. In fact the personal and traumatic is Bourgeois' most vital material. Throughout the 20th century one might say Louise Bourgeois has created an idiosyncratic symbolic dictionary in which certain personal experiences and fantasies are concretized into expressive images. In the words of the artist, "Symbols are only empty bottles. They function only through what you put in them -- personal symbols mean personal alphabet, our uniqueness is all we have." 3 For example, her use of the spider is not a sign of arachnophobia (terror of spiders), but a sign of the enveloping and diligent mother. In much the same manner, sewing needles are not represented as aggressive instruments but symbols of magic to signify the restoration of losses. And home is depicted not as a refuge, but as an enclosure where one is in danger of losing oneself. These objects thus recover magical properties connected to personal experiences well known since childhood. Childhood, in the artist's words, "has never lost its magic, it has never lost its mystery, and it has never lost its drama".4 In fact, Louise Bourgeois describes herself as a woman without secrets. For her, sculpture is an instrument of exorcism, a place to work through traumatic childhood experiences. In 1982 the artist formulated this principle in her artist's project for Artforum called "Child Abuse" where she says, "Everyday you have to abandon your past or accept it and then if you cannot accept it you become a sculptor." In this project, she disclosed the secret of her life --a tale that reads like a melodramatic novel. Louise Bourgeois grew up triangulated between an adoring but ill mother and an authoritarian father whose mistress of ten years was also Louise's governess. The complex relationship with her father, in which the duality of love and hate were manifested, resulted in a lifelong ambivalence to authority. Within this context it is no coincidence that her creative work is metaphorically compared to the space of memory 5. It can be said that Bourgeois' drawings, prints, and sculptures constitute a unique theatre of memory. Each work is related to one or another important event in her life on the principle of free association. Memories therefore play a leading, not auxiliary, role.
17 Aug 2010
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(American Girl Doll Clothes) *******www.Bonnie-B**** Bonnie Brace & Pamela Young Having trouble getting a good deal on American Girl Doll Clothes? Then swing by Bonnie Brace & Pamela Youngs website and get your Doll Clothes today! These 2 amazing ladies from Vermont have been sewing from home for a great many years and they *LOOK FORWARD* to serving you and your daughters Doll Clothes needs. From Cabage Patch Kids when they started to the American Girl Dolls that they are now producing clothes for, it's a real amazing story. Contact them Anytime! Call and get your Doll Clothes Today! *******www.Bonnie-B**** (18 Inch Doll Clothes) (Bitty Baby) (American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns) (American Girl Doll Accessories) (American Girls Collection) (Free Doll Clothes Pattern) (Retail Doll Clothes American Girl) (American Girl Clothing) (Wholesale Doll Clothes) (All American Girl) (American Girl Used Doll) (Sew Doll Clothes) (American Girl Kit Doll) (American Girl Doll Store Locations) (American Girl Doll Clothes) (18 Inch Doll Furniture) (Magic Attic Doll Clothes) (18 Inch Doll Clothing) (Make Doll Clothes) (Wholesale Doll Clothes) (Bitty Baby Clothing) (18 Inch Doll Shoes) (18 Inch Doll Clothes for Halloween) (Bear Doll Clothes Teddy Bear Clothes) (Our Generation Doll Clothes) (American Girl Dolls Online Catalog) (Boy Doll Clothes) (Free 18 Inch Doll Knitting Patterns) (Retail Doll Clothes American Girl)
8 Dec 2007
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Rob and Sara demonstrate sewing a cool tote bag with a dupioni silk lining. See more sewing and quilting how-to videos at nowSewing.
10 Sep 2007
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Although you are not a tailor,you can operate Handheld Sewing Machine freely.Have you see such Portable Sewing Machine? yes, This is a Desktop Handheld Sewing Machine Operated by 4 AA batteries or with AC Adaptor! Tiny and Portable, Mini Sewing Machine is the best replacement of your bulky old machine. Fix, Mend or Repair the Battery Operated Sewing Machine in Seconds. Trully ideal for home owners, offices, students and craftspeople.
6 Sep 2008
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www.QuiltBlockLibrary**** - demonstration of how to sew the Snail's Trail quilt block.
6 Feb 2009
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PELZMASCHINE Furriery sewing machine Neu OVP 1 Nadel Pelzmaschine mit Tellertransport , Pelz Maschine, Furriery sewing machine, inkl. Kupplungsmotor + Tischplatte Sie eignet sich für die Verarbeitung von Leder, Pelzvelour, nappalisierten Pelzen aber auch für Materialmix aus Fell und Stoffen. Hervorragend lassen sich mit ihr auch Verbrämungen an Krägen, Ärmelstulpen und Vorderteilen anbringen. HAMMERPREIS --- inkl. 19% MwsT ( incl. VAT ) Rechnung auf Ihre Name mit ausgewiesener 19 % MwSt. 24 Monate Garantie ( deutsche Gewerbe ) SUPER QUALITÄT +++ EXTRA STARK und STABILITÄT Tel: 01633455117
28 Oct 2009
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How to float a sewing needle on the top of water.
22 Sep 2007
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