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One day, Roderick Blank (Simon Baker) gets an e-mail out of the blue containing the names of every woman he has ever slept with. Even strangers, it lists the names of every woman he's ever going to have sex with. Who sent this bizarre email? Could it be the vixen (Winona Ryder) who is targeting men she believes are guilty of "sex crime"?
17 Mar 2009
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Ilana Donna and friends see the most anticipated chick-flick of all times. Is "Sex and the City" everything they hoped it would be? Join the slumber party and find out.
14 Apr 2009
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Sex Concept
14 Jun 2008
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Meredith and Derek are having sex at prom night
4 Jul 2009
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*******RecordsUS.Weebly**** If you are searching for a sex offender then you should try a Public Records Search. Visit the site above for more information
16 Jun 2008
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Bollywood sex symbol sexy actress mahima looking in mirror how beaut... she is intresting to watch.
26 Jun 2008
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I used scrabble to lure more than 1000 women into bed with me because if I had told them I wanted sex with them, then they would have ran a mile but to tell them I wanted to play scrabble with them, this seem to get them more interested because most women love the game and all have played it but little did they realize that I was using scrabble to get them to have sex with them, so they came here in their hundreds to play scrabble with me over a glass of wine. Playing the Game sitting next to them while they drank wine got them exited and as the wine went to their heads, their eyes would light up with a big smile on their face, soon they would be enjoying the game with me rubbing into them as we played, then we would start kissing, the kisses would get longer and warmer and they would soon be wanting more, the game would be on hold as would just fall over and make passionate love, it worked every time, Google Me, Clive Worth but there are 4 Google searches of me, My 100,000 lovers, Clive Worth News, Clive Worth blogs and Clive Worth,
17 Jun 2008
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A recent government report shows that teen sex has increased. Why is that? Parents, by a whopping 68 percent, want their teens to be taught to wait until marriage to have sex! Learn2Discern the truth! Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Jun 2008
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Like Japan Sexs
23 Jun 2008
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japan sex school
23 Jun 2008
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Swap in the city clothing swap and fashion show. Sex in the city San Francisco premiere party.
25 Jun 2008
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The Sex and the City star greets the crowds as people with no faces look on.
1 Jul 2008
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