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funny sex in the kitchen
17 Feb 2010
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A couple begins to have "marital relations" in their kitchen while the woman is cooking and after the man comes home from work no children are seen in this video so we'll just assume they ae newlyweds
5 Aug 2009
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The straight face with which Shahrukh Khan cracks jokes makes it difficult to judge if hes serious or just being frivolous. In a recent interview with a Tv Channel, when asked if there was any sex scenes in his upcoming film My Name Is Khan.
26 Dec 2010
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I love this scene !!! and I love the song at the end ... if you know it please .. =) Comment, rate and suscribe if you like it please !! thanks ... =) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED I do NOT own this scene
31 May 2013
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Her boyfriend is a genius, let's have sex in the kitchen and let's tape it, too!
17 May 2009
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verse 1) girl ur in the kitchen cookin me a meal somethin makes me wanna come in there and get a feel walk around in ur tshirt nothin esle on struttin passed switchin dat ass y im on the phone (hook) cuttin up tomatoes fruits and vegetables and potatoes girl u look so sexy yll ur doin the damn thang i want (chores) sex in the kitchen over by the stove put u on the counter by the butter rolls hands on the table on yo tippy toes well be makin love like the restaurant was closed how would u like it babe(wud u like that) tell me right now babe (verse 2) girl ur in the kitchen chillin in ur robe im sayin to myself she betta go put on some clothes ticklin and teasin doin her little dance girl u gon make me lay u done and give it to u one gain hook chores girl im ready to toss ur salad y were makin love ill be feastin ugirl ur in the kitchen sweatin up a storm the ovens on 500 so u kno teh kitchen warm girl u kno just how to get into a brothas mind cuz here we are stillin this kitchen doin it for the 3rd time hook chores 4x
13 May 2010
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The clip Peeking into Mark's house from Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) with Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth # All that I have is all that you've given... It's all about confidence and trust. Mark would never betray me. Everything will be lovely and we'll have sex in the kitchen. Oh, God. I'm coming. Oh, God! What is that? Two seconds, I'll be straight down. Who is that? #... I find you lied # And I can't believe it's true # Wrapped in her arms I see you across the street # I see you across the street # And I can't help but wonder If she knows what's going on # You talk of love But don't know how it feels # When you realize # You're not the only one Let's get on with it. #... oh, you better stop # Stop # Before # You tear me all apart # You better stop # Stop... You are a very demanding man. #... you go and break my heart...
27 Oct 2011
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