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24 Jan 2015
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Nicki Minaj takes fan questions and talks about favorite positions in the bedroom and wanting to be someones favorite person ever. Power 106 YouTube Channel: Subscribe Now - ******* For more exclusive interviews visit: Power 106 Website - ******* Find Power 106: Facebook - ******* Twitter - ******* Stream Power 106 - Where Hip Hop Lives: Listen Live - *******
11 Feb 2015
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Arden's Video: ************/watch?v=M5xeEeDdJyc Arden's Channel: ************/user/ARose186 More Videos like this: *******youtube****/jonahgreen My Links: *******youtube****/SDK *******twitter****/jonahgreen *******vine***/jonahgreen *******instagram****/jonahthegreat Arden's links: *******youtube****/arose186 *******twitter****/ardenrose186 *******instagram****/ardenrose
4 Mar 2015
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0:00 Science Season: 1 Packing for Mars author Mary Roach debunks an alleged NASA study on sex positions in a zero gravity orbital environment. "It's the greatest hoax on the Internet," she says.
11 Sep 2010
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Comedian/Beautiful human, Kassem G, talks to beach goers about sex positions. Posters: *******www.districtlines****/KassemG **** Check out the UNCUT footage: Veronica and Tanner ***********/watch?v=j7JRCq0TPLU The Sisters ***********/watch?v=NLZ-b2zDrIs Kiera and Hodgy ***********/watch?v=EQ7cs_eFSHw **** Latest AsKassem: ***********/watch?v=s_XHSRItkQs& **** FIND ME ONLINE: ***********/kassemgtwo *******twitter****/kassemg ******* *******www.facebook****/kassemgfans SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
24 Aug 2011
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The clip carter's wife demands him to be more involved Part 2 from American Gun (2005) These parents, they come in and went to put their foot up my ass, always got some complaint... this one doesn't get on the football team, this teacher's giving him sex positions or something like that... You're not even listening to me! I cannot remember the last time one of 'em just said, "Thank you." And I'm not listening to you?
29 Oct 2011
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it's not as dirty as you think it is ;) sex posi pics, gifs, posts all week! (SFW) - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** be my fwend? *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen tweet me! - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 VIDEO SUMMARY In this video I cover the basic care and keeping of vaginas & vulvas. I talk about why you should not use soap, douches, or bleach in or around the vagina and offer the proper way to keep yourself clean. I talk about anxiety with the smell of your vagina and what is normal/not normal. I cover discharge and what is normal as well as my own personal maintenance regime for my vagina! happy vaginaing! Music by Brad Sucks! "vulva care" soap douching discharge infections "female anatomy" "sexual anatomy" "body maintenance" hygiene "sex positive" "body positive" "body image" sex+ gender relationships sexuality shame
28 Jan 2013
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You don't encourage people to take care of their body by telling them to hate it. They have to love the shit out of it first. everyday i'm tumblin' - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** be my fwend? *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen tweet me! - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 Music by Mike Kalombo! ***********/user/KlassicMaster A big thanks to Veee, Zébule, and Shield for their helpful captions in English and French! VIDEO SUMMARY In this video I talk about fat shame and 3 ways to push back against it. The first way is to stop viewing/using "fat" as a bad word. The second way is to get real about what it means to be healthy & to own up to using "health" as an excuse to continue to fat shame. The third way is to love your body. VIDEO LINKS Size Diversity & Health: *******www.sizediversityandhealth****/images/uploaded/Framing%20Messages%20about%20Weight%20Discrimination.pdf *******fitbie.msn****/lose-weight/when-overweight-doesn%E2%80%99t-mean-unhealthy Weight Discrimination & Fat Stigma: *******yaleruddcenter****/resources/upload/docs/what/bias/WeightBiasStudy.pdf "fat shame" cellulite diet chubby "obesity epidemic" weight weightism lookism discrimination fatness BBW "big belly" "body positive" posi "self love" healthy unhealthy "sex positive" sexuality gender "body image" "laci green"
6 Mar 2013
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*******www.facebook****/cherrytvcom *******www.twitter****/cherrytv Missionary position is what many people think of as the classic sex position. The man is dominant, setting the rhythm and controlling the depth of the thrust. And a lot of us loves it it feels great and its not strenuous. But can we come in missionary? The women of Cherry TV discuss.
12 May 2013
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*******www.facebook****/cherrytvcom *******www.twitter****/cherrytv How to position your blow job is a question many of us grapple with. Performing oral sex can be exhausting, so we want to make sure we're as comfortable as posible. In this video the women offer guidance on oral sex positioning and how to approach one's partners penis for prolonged fellatio. They present tips and tricks on giving head comfortably and well -- from the front, the side or one's knees ... just a few positions the women of Cherry TV discuss in this sex ed video.
1 Jun 2013
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semensemensemen let's be friendies! *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen I have a G+ now! - ******* Twittaaa - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 NEW AT LACIGREEN.TV: So you want an IUD? - ******* The War on Birth Control - ******* "I want Chris Brown to Beat Me Up!" - The Horrors of Abuse Culture - ******* In this video I talk about semen, including the basics, reproductive purpose, sex practices, and cultural practices. You will find a few semen fun facts along the way! fun facts about semen sperm male anatomy sexual reproduction penis ejaculation orgasm human sexuality gender relationships body image sex+ sex positive movement sex plus laci green
3 Jun 2013
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Have you ever felt ashamed of not satisfying your partner because of erection problems? As you grow older you'll find it a little difficult to get a strong erection and satisfy your partner in bed. A weak erection can strain your sexual relationship, and hurt your pride as well, to say the least. So, it is always necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a fully satisfying sex life. Remember, a strong and hard erection is something women crave most for while you gear up for some action between the sheets. We bring you six ways to get a harder erection. 1. Eat well, keep it hard: Simple changes in your diet can increase your libido and give you a harder erection. Foods like bananas, eggs, nuts, figs, chillies, onions, and wine can increase your sexual prowess. Word of caution: Steer clear of junk food. 2. Your penis needs exercise: Healthy men are always sexually active. Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your sex drive and sexual potency. It reduces stress which is an erection-killer, and helps enhance testosterone production in the body. Kegel exercises are a perfect workout for the penis. 3. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol: Must have heard this a million times, smoking and drinking can really affect your sexual life. Smoking decreases your blood circulation, and results in less lung capacity. It can impact your ability to get and maintain an erection. Alcohol can numb the body and lead to temporary erectile dysfunction. 4. Don't masturbate too often: Save something for a real sex. Excessive masturbation can decrease your sexual appetite. Continual erections and ejaculations may lead to weaker erection the next day. So, control the urge! 5. Know the right sex positions: Always warm up with oral sex. Sexual positions like missionary and doggy style allow more blood flow, leading to a stronger and harder erection. And don't ever let her ride you first! 6. Throw away those tight undergarments: Avoid wearing tight, or any, undergarments, for that matter, while sleeping. It restricts blood flow to the penile tissues which in turn can affect erection strength. Always go for loose, airy underwear. Simply stop worrying about weak erections and lead a healthy sex life.
31 Aug 2013
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welp. HANG OUT WITH ME ON TEH INTERWEB sex posi pics, gifs, posts all week (SFW) - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** be my fwend? *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen Music by Josh Woodward! *******www.joshwoodward**** tweet me! - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 A HUUUGE thank you to Caroline for providing English & French translations on this episode! ***BDSM RESOURCES*** BDSM Overview - *******www.nlacolumbus****/education/sm101/smbasic.html The Beginners Guide to BDSM - *******www.subsfordommes****/news.php?view=13 BDSM must be safe, sane, and consensual - *******www.rcdc****/articles/tamar-ssc.html Forming safe BDSM relationships - *******lets-blog-about-sex-baby.tumblr****/post/23929314726/forming-safe-bdsm-relationships The art of punishment - *******subshelpingsubs.tripod****/articles/theartofpunishment.html Misconceptions about BDSM - *******www.early2bed****/2008/12/14/bdsm-a-beginners-guide/ The philosophical, playing safe - *******feminismandreligion****/2011/09/24/playing-safe-bdsm-the-ethics-of-justice-and-care-by-angelina-duell/ ***IF YOU LIKED 50 SHADES, TRY THESE BDSM EROTICAS!*** Story of the Eye by Bataille The Leather Daddy and the Femme by Carol Queen Macho Sluts by Patrick Califia The Story of O by Pauline Reage The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice (haven't read this one - heard it's intense) ***VIDEO SUMMARY*** In this video, I give a few of the thoughts I have about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. I begin by acknowledging my excitement that the mainstream is reading erotica. I think this is a positive move for a more sex positive culture. I then break the video down into 3 general critiques of the book's success as a BDSM erotica. My first critique is the unfortunate perpetuation of stereotypes about BDSM. I argue that the book's sex practices are made more palatable for the general public because of the fact that Ana is saving Christian from BDSM. My second critique covers the handling of consent in the books. Consent is a cornerstone of safe BDSM practice, and without it, the practice is abuse. My third critique covers the nature of the Dom/Sub relationship and how Christian Grey fails as a dom. I argue that he exhibits the same abusive tendencies as Edward Cullen and does not, as a character, seem mature enough to practice BDSM. I close by offering alternative guides to BDSM as well as alternative erotica.
22 Oct 2013
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it should *not* hurt! here's how to have some back door fun the sex+ way! sex posi pics, gifs, posts all week (SFW) - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** be my fwend? *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen tweet me! - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 SUMMARY In this video intended to provide a pre-anal sex orientation, I begin by reviewing the anal anatomy. Then I follow by going through the 7 most common mistakes made when people have anal sex so that you can have a pleasurable experience. anal sex, 101, guide, safety, play, sexuality, "Anal Sex (Film Subject)", pain, sti, std, pregnancy, hiv aids, prevention, awareness, condoms, protection, pleasure, anatomy, sex+, positive sexuality, sexual education, health, laci green, butts, and more butts
28 Oct 2013
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hymens don't break - here's the TRUTH about the "pop your cherry" myth! everyday i'm tumblin' - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** be my fwend? *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen tweet me! - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 get in my circle! - ******* NEW AT LACIGREEN.TV The "Pro-Life" Movement: Dangerous, Selfish, Lazy - ******* How Oppression Works - ******* Laci's Guide to Carpet Munching - ******* Let's talk about sex, Laci - ******* MORE INFO: -Myths about the vaginal corona (hymen) and different shapes of hymen: *******www.lesbilicious******/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/corona.pdf -Hymen stretching: *******goaskalice*** VIDEO SUMMARY In this video I seek to dispel the widely held, yet false, notion that vaginas are covered with a hymen that needs to be broken the first time you have sex. I give the truth about what the hymen actually is, pain the first time you have sex/lose your virginity, bleeding, and how to avoid it all. pop your cherry, how to pop your cherry, lose virginity, sexual debut, first time having sex pain, bleeding the first time, sexism, sex myths, sexuality, anatomy, sex positive, advice, myth busting, laci green, sex+
18 Nov 2013
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لمشاهده الفديو مترجم : ***********/watch?v=wxiF8NJIMfU beautiful agony moaning vibrator girls kissing hypnosis masterbation girl moaning tyga hot orgasim beautiful agony, moaning, vibrator, girls kissing, hypnosis, masterbation, girl moaning, tyga, hot, orgasim, G Spot, Sex Positions , Orgasm , male orgasm , female orgasm, G Spot , Stimulation, G Spot Orgasm , Woman Climax, Female Orgasm Clitoris , How Do I Find The G Spot A Guide For Women Make A Woman Squirt A-Spot Woman Squirt Stimulate The Deep-Spot How To Stimulate The Deep-Spot Also called the A-Spot How To Stimulate The G Spot The Deep-Spot
4 Feb 2014
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