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BY EMOKE BEBIAK You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is under fire again- this time after a bill reforming Italy’s legal system passed the Lower House on Wednesday. The new law would put a time limitation on legal cases cancelling many long-pending ones. Critics point out under the new bill, one of Berlusconi’s four current cases would be dropped without a decision. Euronews reports a member of the opposition party saying, “There used to be two kinds of defendants: ones who decided to escape the country like Bettino Craxi; the others who would come to court to face the charges. Berlusconi has invented a third: the one who comes to parliament and changes the law.” The legislation would affect Berlusconi’s case involving a UK lawyer he allegedly bribed into lying at court. The sex scandal case would not be canceled. But the EU Observer points out it’s not only about Berlusconi: the reforms are actually necessary. “Italy's court system is notoriously slow and has been repeatedly criticised and fined by the European Court of Human Rights... Last December, the Council of Europe called on Italy to reform its justice system and speed up its ‘snail-paced’ trials.” According to NPR, many people protested against the new law because it would affect several other high profile cases. “Shouting, shame, shame, demonstrators denounced the many legal proceedings that will be put under the guillotine, such as a deadly 2009 train accident, sub-standard buildings that killed university students in the Aquila earthquake, and many more. ” The First Post reports corporations would also benefit from the new law. “Critics say that [by] reducing the statute of limitations, it will be harder to hold large corporations liable for their alleged crimes. (The reform is mostly aimed at white collar crime and does not affect violent crimes and the Mafia).” The Italian Senate has yet to approve the new bill, but because Berlusconi’s supporters are in majority in the upper house, it’s expected to pass. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
16 Apr 2011
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Mike Bako on Fox News' Studio B: Alleged sex scandal at Syracuse U. Sports Editor of Daily National, Mike Bako, appears on Fox News' Studio B to discuss the recent bombshell accusations against a Syracuse University assistant basketball coach.
18 Jan 2012
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Mexico: Sandy beaches, nice weather, acceptance of sex scandals.
14 Mar 2012
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Today on Hard News, Christopher McComas cites playing Madden as experience on his application for UND football coach, Al Lowe retires due to a preposterous sex scandal, and YouTube's Content ID algorithm flagging content creators.
14 Dec 2013
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