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Our dog Duke the giant yellow Labrador is so aggressive. He's is not nuetered and humps girls and people. I wish I knew "How To get your dog to stop humping everyone" And " How To train your Dog to stop Jumping on People" If anyone has tips for " Training a Lab puppy to stop chewing eveything?" please let me know? This dog is so bad but I think there are " Reasons You Should Not Nueter Your Dogs" I'm putting this video up for help, not for those who have "Beastiality Fetishes" Or For those with "Girl has sex with dog" issues.
7 Apr 2017
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American Woman arrested for having sex with dogs.Shari Walters is accused of poisoning her room mate after she was caught abusing the pets.Shari Walters is accused of poisoning her room mate after she was caught abusing the pets.A woman has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with dogs - and then trying to poison the woman who owns them. Shari Knight, 53, is accused of sexually assaulting Spike and Jake, the dogs that belong to her room mate Beverley Bradley. The dogs reportedly suffered minor injuries during the incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, local news reports say.
5 Nov 2014
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Regardless of what anyone says the dog and the monkey are very well cared for ... (They were rescued by someone that owns the hotel where we were staying! Koh Samui, Thailand) But yeah, the monkey tries to have his wicked way with the dog LOL
25 Oct 2012
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(Rant) *******www.alyssarosalesfuckdogvideo****/short_video.htm Society is seriously messed up! Alyssa Rosales does her dog, from loosing a bet and to be famous like Giovanna Plowman, when she isnt even "famous famous" shes hated!! ▶Join the minions - *******tinyurl****/9srdal9 ▶Twitter - *******twitter****/EddyHumphrey ▶Facebook fan page - *******tinyurl****/9dc7hyq
24 Apr 2013
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Woman Charged with Bestiality after Police Find Videos of her Having Sex with a Dog A WOMAN has been charged with bestiality after police discovered videos on her mobile phone which allegedly show her having sex with a dog. Jenna Louise Driscoll was originally being investigated for drug trafficking when officers searched her phone and reportedly discovered a number of shocking videos. Driscoll 25 is alleged to have appeared in three videos saved on her mobile phone that reportedly show her having sex with a dog. The bleached blonde, from Brisbane, Australia, appeared at Brisbane Magistrate's Court on Wednesday but was granted bail and returned to her home along with an unidentified man. The RSPCA would ideally like to get a dog out of the situation if bestiality was happening, but to operate under the act we would have to prove those two things. We’d try to do everything we can to help the dog if that is the case. The young woman was pictured on Wednesday walking into her home in along with the unidentified man and a dog, believed to be a pit bull type. Neighbours revealed she had lived there a number of years. The alleged videos were only discovered after police began investigating Driscoll for drugs and officers searched her phone for evidence of dealing. According to the prosecutor in the case, text messages on the phone revealed she had sold 4oz of marijuana on one occasion for around £630. Following this discovery, officers looked at the phone in greater depth and then allegedly discovered the videos. Driscoll has been bailed to appear in court in December.
5 Feb 2015
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Warning, Many people will find the following content disturbing. The images and information in this video are related to dog sex and you are advised to proceed with caution. If you are not willing to watch a dog sex video, please leave now. You have been warned. While researching popular searches on the internet, I stumbled upon dog sex and was surprised to find that many millions of people are fascinated with dog sex. Over 20 million people search for dog sex on Google, every year. Hundreds of millions of views on Youtube are on dog sex videos. What are people looking for? Some may want to breed their dogs and are simply looking for information. However, the majority of people seem to be looking for videos, images and information on dogs having sex with dogs, dogs having sex with objects or in many cases dogs, having sex with people. I personally have no interest in dogs having sex, however, I find the high demand for this content to be very fascinating. What are these people looking for? What motivates people to look for dog sex content or click on a video that has dog sex in the headline or thumbnail? I can not answer this question, but perhaps you can. I mean you are here now, listening to me, watching this video. What was going on in your mind when you clicked to watch this dog sex video? Please let me know in the comments below. You clearly have some interest in dog sex. What brought you here? What were you hoping to see? Were you satisfied? Thank you.
22 Jun 2013
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A Raeford, N.C., woman is accused of having sex with dogs while her Fort Bragg soldier husband filmed them. The couple posted the videos on the Internet, police say. CHECK IT OUT: ******* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: iO Facebook: ********www.facebook****/InformOverload?ref=ts&fref=ts iO Twitter: ********twitter****/InformOverload iO Instagram: *******instagram****/informoverload ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS VIDEO: Follow Dave: ********twitter****/DaveWalpole1
16 May 2014
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