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i don't care if he rejects this. this NEEDS to be said. looking back i should have attached clips of ayako hamada (one of the KO's that he mentioned that should have no business in TNA). then again, i hope the clips i included here would get the message straight doug's sexist video ***********/watch?v=sCGdwVcG8Kk
22 Jul 2011
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Read the full story here: *******www.birminghampost****/news/west-midlands-news/2011/01/25/andy-gray-fired-after-sexist-jibes-97319-28053532/ Sky Sports' Andy Gray and Richard Keys made sexist remarks about a female assistant referee during a game between Wolves and Liverpool. Watch more videos like this at *******www.birminghampost****/_services/ajax/ajax_controller.cfm?event=kyteURL&t=video/sky-sports-andy-gray-and-richard-ke&u=channels/397142/1154090
12 Nov 2011
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New footage of Andy Gray has been released featuring the Sky Sports presenter making more sexist comments about Sian Massey, the female assistant referee from Saturday's Wolves against Liverpool match. The video segment was a pre-match interview conducted at Molineux. In the video (fast forward to minute 1:00), you can hear Gray being told that a female assistant referee would be in the match. Crew: "Female assistant, Andy, any good to you?" Gray: "No, I can see her from here." Gray: "(Expletives)... what do women know about the offside rule." Yet again Andy Gray proves how much of a male chauvinist he is. But, also, coincidentally Gray questions what Massey (and women) know about the offside rule even before the match kicked off. During the game, Massey made the correct decision for Liverpool's first goal when most supporters in Molineux thought it was offside obviously proving that Massey does know a lot about the offside rule. The other interesting aspect of this story (and video) is that it was released by Sky News, the news (and sister) channel of Sky Sports. I find it surprising that Sky News would release the raw footage but maybe they thought their TV ratings are of more importance than Gray's reputation?
21 Mar 2013
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Funny & offensive sexist jokes about women & men I found around the web :) Hope you enjoy them... what kind of jokes would you like me to cover next? ONISION SITES Onision's Blog: ******* Unofficial YouTube Forums: *******crovati**** Onision Shirts: *******onision****/shirts Fan Mail: *******crovati****/contact SOCIAL NETWORKS Tumblr: *******onision**** Instagram: gregoryjackson Facebook: *******facebook****/onision Twitter: *******twitter****/onision YOUTUBE CHANNELS: Onision: *******youtube****/onision OnisionSpeaks: *******youtube****/onisionspeaks UhOhBro: *******youtube****/uhohbro OnisionArchive: *******youtube****/onisionarchive OnisionEncore: *******youtube****/onisionencore Thank you so much for watching my video on SEXIST JOKES :)
23 May 2013
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We're winding back the clock and counting down the most sexist commercials of the 1950s and 60s! — Video by Beryl Shereshewsky and Jonathan Tortora Other Top 10 Videos: Top 10 Cutest Cats: ******* Top 10 Cutest Babies Laughing: *******
24 Jun 2014
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Are video games rife with sexism? And have you heard that most video gamers are now adult women—not teenage boys in the basement? A new study says so. Feminist tech writers have seized on the study as proof that the video industry has fallen behind the times: too many games, they say, perpetuate a culture of sexism and misogyny. Watch the Factual Feminist series ************/playlist?list=PLytTJqkSQqtr7BqC1Jf4nv3g2yDfu7Xmd Subscribe AEI's YouTube Channel ************/user/AEIVideos?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook ********www.facebook****/AEIonline Follow us on Twitter ********twitter****/AEI For More Information *******www.aei****/issue/society-and-culture/race-and-gender/factual-feminist/ Partial transcript: When I took a look at the Entertainment Software Association study, I was a little surprised to find that yours truly, the Factual Feminist herself, counted as a gamer. I do not recall playing a video game since Pac-Man in a bar in Cambridge, Mass—in 1980. The study counted anyone who plays, however occasionally, simple smartphone games like Bejeweled or Angry Birds. I don’t fault the researchers for their findings. It’s great that the world of games is expanding and there are more women creating and playing games. But a distinction is in order. There are casual game players—and there are hard-core gamers for whom highly complex, competitive video games are a primary life passion. Adult women are not a key demographic here. Consider just one typical data sample: Researchers at UCLA have been studying the pastimes of college freshmen for more than 40 years. For incoming freshmen, 65 percent of girls but fewer than 19 percent of boys said they played no video games at all in a typical week. Among hardcore gamers who play more than 20 hours a week, the ratio of boys to girls is 7 to 1. This huge gender gap has persisted since the researchers first started asking about video games in the mid-1990s—and it looks like it’s here to stay. But are video games rife with sexism? Do they promote a culture of misogyny and violence that must be dismantled? My answer is no. As I looked into the literature on gaming, I discovered that gamers make a lot of people nervous. Not only are most of them male—but the games they like tend to be action-packed, competitive, and often violent. And they like to play them—a lot. Gamers have long faced disapproval from moms and teachers and—above all—researchers and politicians—concernocrats—both liberal and conservative. For years, games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty were said to cause violence, even though no one was able to establish a clear correlation. Those concerns died down when Psychological Bulletin published a major article in 2010 declaring the video game scare “much ado about nothing.” One graph showed that as video games have surged in popularity, youth crime has plummeted. But now, gamers are dealing with a new army of critics: gender activists and hipsters with degrees in cultural studies. These critics are concerned that gaming is a largely hetero-patriachal capitalist pursuit. Why isn’t gaming more inclusive? Why must there always be male heroes? Why are the few females always portrayed as either Damsels in distress or sex objects? These critics have made some useful points about “sexist tropes and narratives.” But they ignore the fact that the world of gaming has become more inclusive. There are games that fit a vast array of preferences, and games with responsibly proportioned and appropriately garbed female protagonists. Yet the video game gender police have become harsh and intolerant. Many of them want more than more women on both sides of the video screen—they want the male video game culture to end. Male gamers, as a group, do evince a strong a preference for games with male heroes and sexy women. Could that be because they are—male? There is no evidence that these games are making males racist, misogynist, or homophobic. In fact, all the data we have suggests that millennial males—born and raised in video game nation—are far less prone to these prejudices than previous generations. Imagine if a group of gender critics attacked women-centered shows like Oprah or The View, or women’s magazines, for privileging the female perspective and treating men like “the other.” The fans might be tempted to tell them to bug off—and find their own shows. That is what many gamers did. And most did it with logic and evidence and humor. But recently two feminist critics received and publicized email death threats. No one knows who sent them. Are video games sexist?
25 Sep 2014
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Taylor Swift is in Australia ahead of the release of 1989! We delve into her new album, why speculation about her songs is sexist, what she hasn't managed to achieve, her friendship with Selena Gomez, biggest fears and more.
22 Nov 2014
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Subscribe to Frenchy’s Channel: ************/user/SungaAttack Here is the sexist prank! So much fun filming this one with Frenchy and Emily from SungaAttack. Plenty of interesting reactions with some people firing up and some seeing the funny side. We know we have plenty of male subscribers so make sure all you sexists give this one a thumbs up! Mark & Richy FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/theroyalstampede TWITTER: RoyalStampede Instagram: RichySand markstampede Song used: Blue_Danube_by_Strauss Downloaded from the YouTube audio library ************/audiolibrary/music
24 Nov 2014
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Click here for more videos ► *******bitly****/dfyMcW Ever said something sexist? Booze Lightyear never has. And I never have either. Nope. Never. I have never once in my life said anything remotely sexist. Are you calling me a liar? I'm not a liar. You're a liar. And your mom's a liar too. And your face also! You face is a big fat liar!! How can someone's face be a liar, you ask? Fool, I don't know. I'd tell you to ask your own face how it can be such a liar, but the answer you'd get would probably just be a lie. What the fuck does any of this have to do with sexism anyway? I like peanut butter on my waffles tho. True story. Like our Facebook ► *******www.facebook****/EqualsThree Follow us on Instagram ► *******instagram****/EqualsThree Follow us on Twitter ► ********twitter****/EqualsThreeShow
21 Mar 2015
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This is the "infamous interview" from 1975 in its integrity... No comments needed! Part 2: ***********/watch?v=qRVuqjbrj4k
27 Oct 2009
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harry back to his best *******www.gotwind****/index.htm
17 Feb 2010
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7 Jun 2010
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*******goodsie****/store/taa Behind The Scenes Photo And Commentary Book ***********/watch?v=nrvDhSB7GHk The TV clip in question Discuss this video on my forums *******forum.thatfatatheist**** Visit my site: *******www.thatfatatheist**** Watch my Movie on YouTube ***********/watch?v=lSaUVTQauLg LIFETIME RENTAL CODY WEBER's YouTube ***********/saturninefilms
29 Jul 2011
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Film's Sexiest Women of All Time Angelina Jolie
13 Dec 2011
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NEWEST EPISODE: ******* THE SMOSH SHIRT: *******smosh****/merch ------------------------------------ OUR FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/smosh OUR FREE FACEBOOK APP: *******apps.facebook****/smoshyt Follow our Twitter and your question could be in the next Lunchtime w/ Smosh (*******twitter****/SmoshIan and *******twitter****/SmoshAnthony )
24 Jan 2012
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Ladies, if you want to stay beautiful, slim and attractive drink Pepsi. (Isn't beautiful and attractive the same thing?) This commercial from 1957 looks like it could have been written by Don Draper of Mad Men. Sorry the quality of the video is a little rough. You can see thousands of vintage commercials, and hundreds of classic cartoons streaming free 24/7 at www.acmestreaming****.
2 Oct 2012
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