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The Baby Birds absolve Tom of his sins after a tenacious Senator's Aide exposes him as a war profiteer Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 May 2009
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Insurance companies pay for Viagra but not for Contraceptives. What does Mr. "Gorilla Rape Joker" think about this? McCain: "I don't know enough to give you an informed answer", was the best he could muster. He conveniently "forgot" that he is Pro-Life, a position which does not allow a woman to even use birth control, ie. NO CHOICE. Even if raped by a gorilla, in John W. McBush's world, a woman has no choice, none, but two: 1. Abstinence or 2. McCain's supporter Clayton Williams quote: "...lie back and enjoy it".
28 Sep 2008
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we are putting in this video a sheep try to lovemakingand coitus with a camel
19 Oct 2008
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Woman says 3D porno made her pregnant An American woman claims she became pregnant after watching a 3D porno. *******www.techeye****/internet/woman-says-3d-porno-made-her-pregnant
16 May 2010
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Is it possible to get pregnant other ways than sex? <br />*******<br />What are ways of surely getting pregnant? Positions, Times, Etc? <br />*******
29 Jun 2010
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Is it possible to get pregnant other ways than sex? <br />*******<br />What are ways of surely getting pregnant? Positions, Times, Etc? <br />*******
29 Jun 2010
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Is it possible to get pregnant other ways than sex? <br />*******<br />What are ways of surely getting pregnant? Positions, Times, Etc? <br />*******
29 Jun 2010
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9 Nov 2011
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You may be one of hundreds, even thousands, who have had sexual intercourse with Anna Nicole Smith and may be the father of her filthy rich baby!
18 Feb 2007
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Plano board certified plastic surgeon, Alan Dulin, M.D., is highly-qualified to help each of his patients with their surgical goals. One of the most delicate procedures that he performs at Plastic and Surgery Center of Texas is labiaplasty, a surgery that improves the look and function of the labia minora. During the procedure, excess tissue is removed, reshaped, and recontoured. After labiaplasty, patients can look forward to better fitting clothing and a decrease in pain that they might have felt while previously engaging in athletic activities. Recovery time is variable, but most women can return to work within a week, and sexual intercourse can be resumed in about six weeks. Further information can be obtained on Dr. Dulin's Web site.
2 Oct 2007
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Those who die with testimony that no god but Allah and Mohamed s his messenger will enter paradise. When u r three persons, 2 of u shouldn't talk secretly without the third as this makes the third person sad. Avoid the 3 curse reasons: excreting in resources, midway and in shade. Don't call your brother an infidel. Avoid harm. Allah says in hadith: I banned injustice for me and u, so avoid it. Those who kill themselves with something will be tortured by it. Avoid mediation in Allah limits. Richness isn't big wealth but it s soul richness. If u entered Egypt, get lots of soldiers from it as its soldiers r the best on earth. One will be asked on judgement day about his age and youth how he spent them,his money whether its sources and expenditure and his knowledge what he did with it. Never call my friends bad names. Never wish death. Those who die while fasting or their final words r no god but Allah will enter paradise. Treat people according 2 their status . No license 2 leave mosque prayer as long as u hear come 4 prayer but 4 woman the best place 4 prayer s her home. Allah and his angels pray for those who have daybreak meal during fast as daybreak meal s a blessing. Allah ,his angels and even the whale in sea and the ant underground pray for those who guide people to the good. Allah gets happy with your repentance. Allah says in hadith: Adam son harms me with calling age bad names as I am the age and I change it. From the greatest sins r calling your parents bad names , Sahabah asked: how ? The prophet said: this happens when u call a person parents bad names so he does the same 2 u. Avoid harming others faces as Allah created Adam face like theirs. Not from Muslims a hired female mourner ,those slapping their cheeks and those who tear their pockets in sadness. Visiting an ill persons makes 70000 angels pray4 u till u r back. U , women ! Give more charity as I found u the most hell inhabitants. Those who made a woman their ruler will not succeed. A believer shouldn't hate a female believer as if he hated a manner from her, he would like another. Any woman who makes others smell her fragrance s an adulterer. Consultants will not feel sorry. Poverty s about 2 be infidelity. Hang the stick 4 deterrence. Those who r not jealous about their women will not enter paradise. Unlike aging people, youth helped me. If Adam son s dead, his deeds r over except by current charity ,knowledge from which others benefit and a good son who asks Allah mercy 4 him. Saying Sub Han Allah provides u with a palm tree in heaven. Joining relatives s not repaying but joining them when they disjoin u. joining relatives increases your age and livelihood. My nation s still good as long as they fast break fast and don't delay the 4th prayer (maghrib). bashfulness s from belief. The hypocrite has 3 signs: telling lies when talking, not keeping promises and having no honesty. First and final prayers r the heaviest on hypocrites. Saying jazak Allah khairan 2 anyone s the best thanks. Allah doesn't need fasting from those who just leave eating and drinking without leaving false sayings. All my nation enters the paradise except those who refuse. Sahabah asked :who refuses? The prophet said: those who obey me will enter paradise but those who disobey refused. Say on hearing the sunset(4th prayer) call 2 prayer: Allah this s the coming of your night , the going of your day and the voice of your preachers ,so cover my sins. The people with the tallest necks on Judgment Day r those who call 4 prayers. Don't do good if others did or evil if others did but do good and avoid evils whatever others did. Work s worshipping and the higher hand s better than the lower hand. Allah dislikes the unemployed , scurrility and foul mouthed. Those who seek reputation ,Allah will make others see their deeds and give them praise . Tattoos ,wig hair, imitating other sex, hoarding, changing teeth and eyebrows, bribe giving and taking and changing land borders ,bring Allah curse. To stand 40 s better than passing in front of praying person. Fasting a day for Allah sake makes u away from hell and so does secluding in mosques. Wish 2 your brother what u wish 4 yourself. Allah says in hadith: I am as my slave thinks of me (it means u should expect paradise not hell from Allah ) From the Muslim rights s executing his swear. reading every letter in Quran provides u with a charity. Seeking Allah cover for your sins increases livelihood and gives outlet from cares. If the heart s good, all other body organs will be good. Sub Han Allah almighty and thanks 2 Allah r heavy words in scale and liked by Allah. Revealing sexual intercourse secrets s like sex between 2 devils in the public.
1 Oct 2009
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ABSTINENCE Now of course we have all heard that it is best for us to abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage. I know, many laugh at the subject of abstinence…however; the issues that arise because of pre-marital sex is no laughing matter. This is not a budding crisis but one that has been in existence for decades. Here are just a few alarming statistics: 82% of teens desire to have one marriage partner for life. Less than 12% usually do. 63% percent of teens who have had sexual intercourse said they wish they had waited. 87% of teens do not think it is embarrassing for teens to say that they are virgins. Government spends $12 to promote contraceptives for every $1 spent on abstinence. We’re talking; unwanted pregnancies, STD’s, as well as the drama that goes along with relationships that are not founded upon a lasting commitment. There are too many to list so I simply say this. By abstaining, you can spare yourself of the many stresses that come from pre-marital sexual activity. And trust me, your body, your partner and most importantly you will be pleased to know that by your choice of abstinence, (you have not only minimized the risk factors of your life but also), you have made sacred the union with your life partner simply by the act of applying patience. So please abstain until your married, it’s the safest, most productive and intelligent course of love to take. Sincerely, Brick Casey
2 Aug 2008
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