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Shes look great sexy white dress in this video and here, she show with Dana Jacobsen
13 Sep 2009
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We know the Grammys are all about music, but let's face it.. we were dying to see the fashion! Paris Hilton showed up with a wild hair 'do and sexy white dress and we must say it was one of our favorite looks! Taylor Swift also looked amazing in a long metallic Gucci gown. Not only do we absolutely love the dress, but that hair and makeup? Perfection! Katy Perry, Madonna and Alicia Keys all turned heads at the show. And mommy-to-be Ciara was glowing in a gold dress as she cradled her baby bump, so cute! Check out all the fashion here!
27 Jan 2014
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4 Apr 2012
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The clip introduction from Casual Sex? (1988) with Victoria Jackson, Lea Thompson I was never as adventurous as Stacy. Apart from with Ronny, I only slept with one other person. Gary Erdman, the guy I almost married. I teach kindergarten, and one of my kids fixed us up. Actually it was Joey's mum, but Joey took the credit. God, I love the idea of being married, of not being by myself. With Gary, I thought I was finally comfortable with my own sexuality. To Bird, inside, over. Open basket... But I guess I knew it wasn't going to work. OK, so I didn't know, but I had a feeling. Gary? Uh-huh? Do you love me? Sure. I love you. Unbelievable! The Oeltics always get the breaks. Two weeks before the wedding, Gary changed his mind. He said he was sorry, but he was going through a selfish phase. Luckily, the tags were still on my dress, but I couldn't return the 600 monogrammed napkins. Just once, I'd like to wear a sexy white dress blowing all around me and not have men run away screaming. Just once, I'd like to have the kind of sexual experience where you don't go to the bathroom and cry afterwards. I bet Marilyn cried in the bathroom after sex. Probably more than once. Everyone does. Men too? They can't, they're asleep. Maybe Melissa envied my reckless past, but some time around the mid-Eighties, I started regretting it. One day I was in line at the Mini Mart and I looked at the magazine rack. Time, Newsweek, People, it was on every cover.
30 Nov 2011
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me dancing in my lil sexy white dress 2 future magic. enjoy ( :
22 Dec 2012
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