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Ricardo and Seth Killian give us an in-depth look into Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition in this episode of Now Playing!
2 Oct 2012
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Check out the features included in the Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition.
6 Oct 2012
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*EDIT* ----------- Here's a link to the song here, since so many of you asked about it: *******www.megaupload****/?d=0SZEG35Y Credit & thanks to HelgenX for the info. ----------- Link combo encyclopedia for Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Composed by MoPreme and Kamui. The point of the video is to give players an idea of which normal moves are **linkable** to which Super Arts. Some of you are mis-understanding the purpose of this video and have dismissed these combos as just "basic combos." That's not the point. These are "links" --a natural follow-up on the ending of one attack into another attack (right when the first move animation finishes), which counts as a combo. However, a "cancel" is when the first move animation hasn't been finished yet and is immediately canceled into another move. So therefore LINKS are not the same as CANCELS. Hard to explain to beginners, but for the veteran SF3 players, they should know what I mean. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy the video! www****bovideos****
3 Jul 2011
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*******dhim.deviantart**** *******twitter****/lumpsvsbumps Music credits: 0:00 "Epic Calling" Soul Blade 1:14 Kensei Sacred Fist - Building Theme 2:37 Ryo Sakazaki's AOF theme remix from Fatal Fury Special 2:58 Paul Phoenix's Tekken 3 theme 5:23 "Let's Get it On" SF3: Third Strike Character Select 6:49 "Touch and Go" Tekken 4 airport stage 10:28 "Do It Now!" Jago's Theme from Killer Cuts album 11:45 King of the Monster's first stage (Genesis/Mega Drive version) 13:20 "Kkaduri" Seung Mina Soul Blade arranged 14:54 Kilik SC1 15:24 Taki Soul Blade Don't be disappoint. I not just ordinary cutesy.
1 Oct 2013
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