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Gary Connery skydives without a parachute. Using his wingsuit to land in boxes.
28 May 2012
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Get 2 New iPhone4'sFree. *******digitalcameragiftideas****/ip401.html This is the most simple video. Look no further. I will show you how to easily jailbreak iPod Touch 1.1.2 on a PC. If you are tired of getting useless YouTube videos or Google searches on how to Jailbreak your iPod Touch with the 1.1.2 firmware then you have found the best video available. I got many problem complaints from PC users so here is the answer to your problems. This can be a bit of a lengthy process. I have done it 2-3 times and it take about 25-30 minutes at most to complete this operation. However it makes your $300+ iPod touch much more worth what you paid. Also, Jailbreaking will not erase anything you have saved on iTunes or the iPod itself. Jailbreaking allows you to download third-party applications. Basically: You can download tons of games and customizable features to set your iPod Touch apart from all the others. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE HELPFUL THINGS TO KNOW WHEN YOU USE THE 1.1.2 JAILBREAK SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD THAT WASN'T INCLUDED IN THE VIDEO!!! YOU WILL NEED THESE: Download Mozilla Firefox: *******www.mozilla**** Download Java: ***********/en/download/index.jsp UPDATE: TOUCHDEV LINK NO LONGER WORKS. USE THESE LINKS TO DOWNLOAD THE 1.1.1 .IPSW AND 1.1.2 .IPSW FILES INSTEAD. 1.1.1.ipsw: *******tinyurl****/2lbdsm 1.1.2.ipsw: *******tinyurl****/2psrv8 1.1.2 Jailbreak Software Download: *******conceitedsoftware****/iphone/ site/112jb.html If that fails then click on the link instead of left clicking and download from rapid share for free when it pops up. This is the link for Jailbreak download on the iPod: *******www.jailbreakme****/ ^For downloading AppSnap Installer^ 1.1.2 Jailbreak Step HELP FOR YOU: For a few minutes the iPod touch won't do anything or you won't see any result on the PC. Wait a few minutes and leave the ipod touch plugged in. Then everything will go on to the process after the iPod touch shutdowns and reboots automatically a few times. Then you are done. 1.1.2 JAILBREAK HELP: IF YOU HIT JAILBREAK AND IT DOESN'T JAILBREAK THE 1.1.2 THEN GO TO THE JAILBREAK ZIP FOLDER. LEFT CLICK AND HIT EXTRACT ALL. ONCE IT'S DONE EXTRACTING THEN TRY IT AGAIN AND IT WIL WORK. IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE 1.1.2 JAILBREAK SOFTWARE AND FIND THAT WHEN YOU TRY TO HIT JAILBREAK AND IT SAYS CANNOT CONNECT TO DEVICE OR IT'S NOT WORKING. THEN JUST SIMPLY REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER AND IT WILL WORK. IF YOU REBOOT AND IT'S STILL NOT WORKING THEN PRESS CTRL+ALT+DELETE AND END/QUIT ANY APPLE OR ITUNES RELATED PROGRAMS. THEN DO THE 1.1.2 JAILBREAK. IF IT STILL DOESN'T WORK THEN REBOOT PC, QUIT ALL THE APPLE/IPOD PROGRAMS AND THEN TRY IT. IT SHOULD WORK. Go to my other videos to learn how to: Install old school Nintendo games. Customize your iPod Touch. (Customize, Summerboard, iSwitcher) Download iPhone Apps. Download Instant Messenger App. COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! THANKSSS!
6 Jul 2011
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