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Fake blood can get a little confusing, so today Ryan breaks out his favorite types of blood to use in film production! Plus, Josh is missing! Can you help us find him?
13 Oct 2012
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Ryan reaches into the mail sack, and pulls out some stuffs!
5 Mar 2014
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Just for fun...make a rumble pipe, a cool sound effects gizmo. Cheap and easy!
14 Oct 2016
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HYDOGG *******www.hydogg**** REALISATEUR : F.PITUSSI SCENARIO ET DIALOGUES : F.PITUSSI ******* PRODUCTIONS : LES FILMS ZEN - LES FILMS DE L'ANTICHAMBRE - SUPERSONIC *******www.lesfilmszen**** *******www.iggytv**** ACTEURS : Bernard VERGNE, Roland BOUVET, Jean Paul DUBOIS, Jean Benoit SOUIL DIRECTEUR DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE : Arthur CEMIN MONTAGE IMAGE : F.PITUSSI INGENIEUR DU SON : Nicolas COULOT DECORS : Marc SAUSSET MAQUILLAGE SFX : Kate JONES & Ariane MOREAU COSTUMES: Erwan DEFLIGUE SYNOPSIS : Alors quâ??il vient de trouver un rem�¨de-miracle, un m�©decin sans scrupule refuse dâ??aider un myst�©rieux malade. Son refus va inexorablement entra�®ner la mal�©diction �  se retourner contre lui... PROCHAINEMENT...
4 Dec 2006
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This is Faith SFX worlds best beatboxer there on the street together with some friends, making music. great skills
26 Dec 2006
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The first video and title track from Trip Device's hot Album, "Inside I Feel". Full of story, SFX and a hard, melodic beat that keeps in your head.
15 Mar 2007
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This is the video preview of a 3d SFX movie we are working on. As the name suggests, the movie emphasizes on a civilization living beyond the living dimensions. The residents of Kaalaakshi are far away from the usual concepts of life-and-death. They protect the living dimensions from the dark reign. But what if the evil overshadows the protectors itself ? PS: We require your views / comments / suggestions on this project so as to improvise our output. Most importantly, this trailer was prepared using a desktop of the very basic configuration - viz. 256 MB RAM, 2.4 GHz processor, no hardware accelerator. 3ds Max 6 & Combustion 4 were used. Owing to less resources, we had to compromise very much on the production. For more of our portfolio, do visit www.animatrixindia****.
1 Jul 2007
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Extrait des Rush du reportage Bruxelles découverte. Impro de DY et de quelques artistes belge dans l'Undergroud du Hip Hop belge. IESMG vous emène dans les coulisses du studio SFX en 2004. quelques minutes la caméra allumée sans coupure! Produit et réalisé par Jean Marteau aka Rajiv pour le projet iEsperanto
27 Sep 2007
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Extrait des rush du reportage bruxelles découverte dans l'underground du hip hop belge, Mr Martin Juicely (Ensemble RTL) nous recoit avec ses amis dans les coulisses du studio SFX. Produit par iesmg en 2004.
29 Sep 2007
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Maple Kombat III Yeah the Maplebolic timechamber is a spinoff of Dragonball Z's Hyperbolic Timechamber... but don't get all upset about this. Its just a entertainment video. Make sure you watch the 1st and 2nd Maple Kombats before you watch this one... Maple Kombat 1 Kombat 2 NOTE: The Maple Kombat series is purely for entertainment on youtube. In no way do I claim ownership of any of the music/sfx used. Maple Story is a trademark of Nexon Corporation. For more information about their game visit are created using: BannedStory (free simulator) Premier Pro 1.5 Photoshop CS my videos ^_^ ~Dray~
22 May 2008
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to see more viral videos like this go to *******dropkickmonkey**** Client: Pepsi Agency: BBDO, New York Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars, Bill Bruce Executive Creative Director: Don Schneider Creative Director/Copywriter: Brian Donovan Creative Director/Art Director: Mike Boulia Executive Agency Producer: Amy Wertheimer Director: Paul Middleditch Production Company: White Label Product Director of Photography: Bill Pope Editorial Company: Nomad Editor: Tom Muldoon VFX/SFX: The Mill Song: What Is Love?
7 Dec 2008
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Never Trust Codboy FX to do your SFX!!
3 Feb 2008
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A class project for the school i'm going to. We were required to mix live video with 3D Animation. So we decided to do something to the effects of this. It's the first time we did this, and i did a good portion of the animation and sound effects used in the video. It didn't turn out too particularly amazing, and i wish i didn't have a single weekend to put this together, because it would have been really amazing had we had more time, and our computers not completely being screwed up. We were really pressed for time and we barely turned it in a minute before it was due. Thanks to this project, i now know how extremely difficult movies can be, and how much time is spent on just getting one frame to look right. Oh, and troubleshooting. Half of the 3D models were provided to us by Turbosquid**** and some random Zbrush tutorial (i think). The sound effects (most of them) were provided from flashkit****. I strongly encourage anyone who is trying to get into the business to check these two sites out, because they helped me out just to kinda test and learn the basics of SFX and Animating characters. *Note: No one was harmed in the making of this film, except the bunny.
10 May 2010
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*READ THE INFO NOW!!* www.cdrdj**** Take the time to read please. I keep getting the same types of comments like "Their names are sasuke and naruto, duh" or "why aren't you guys wearing any costumes, at least get a headband!" or "What program did you use?" Narutaw VS Chasuke - Fight between two characters loosley based on Naruto and Sasuke. This is a PARODY. I KNOW their names are Naruto and Sasuke. Narutaw comes from Taw and Chasuke comes from Charles. And no, I don't have any Naruto costumes and will not go out to buy some just for a one time use. Also, I know the term Special Effects is wrong but people don't generally know the difference between VFX and SFX so I just keep SFX because most people call it that. *** Edited using Premiere Pro and After Effects *** I DON'T have any of the files for this video anymore. I deleted them all since it's been a while already. The sound effects were all just captured using a mic. I also don't use premiere anymore so I can't really help out with any of the editing questions. *General Info: This is my first Project using After Effects and it was really fun to do. I'm happy with the results considering what my preview looked like. I got this idea from looking at what Narutards did and looking at other Youtube videos. So special thanks to the Youtube FX community and Narutards****! cdrdj
17 Feb 2008
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go to *******dropkickmonkey**** to see more commercials like this Johnnie Walker Striding Man Client: Johnnie Walker Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty ECD: John Hegarty (UK) Creative Director: John Foster (NY) Art Director: Nick Klinkert Copywriter: Kevin Doyle Account Director: Erin Riley Producer: Katherine Cheng Production Co: Backyard Executive Producer: Kris Mathur Producer: Anton Maillie Director: Rob Sanders Production Designer: Marco Puig Director of Photography: Eric Treml Producer/Budapest: Eszter Répássy SFX Manager: Péter Szilágyi Editorial: Cut + Run Editor: Steve Gandolfi
8 Nov 2008
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Game Website Here *******www.apgardner.karoo****/retrib/index.php?view=news GX² Website Here ******* I'm sorry for the lack of SFX. I had to record this a specific way. I will release a video explaining why. And because of Pyramidhead87, he made me realize a way I can record sound. So, this will be the last review with no sound from the game.
9 Apr 2008
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