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Fake blood can get a little confusing, so today Ryan breaks out his favorite types of blood to use in film production! Plus, Josh is missing! Can you help us find him?
13 Oct 2012
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Ryan reaches into the mail sack, and pulls out some stuffs!
5 Mar 2014
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Silvore Fox Minerals Corp. (SFX-V) is a Canadian junior mineral exploration company headquartered in Bedford, Nova Scotia with operations at its 100% earned flagship property, the 'Coxheath Deposit', in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Set in the Coxheath hills at the site of a former copper mine, the property sits within 14km of deep water shipping facilities, benefits from onsite power with a three phase power line that intersects the claims and has excellent access to the property via paved highways. The existing infrastructure enhances the property's development potential as an economic discovery. The property hosts a suite of minerals that include base and precious metals such as copper, gold, silver, molybdenum and cobalt.
29 Oct 2010
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hi see this goals
2 Apr 2007
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Here is a cool clip of Rachel of CCHMS chopping, laying,3 pointers,2 pointers etc etc...YA YA YA!!!! minus the spin move and the 'DUNK' naturally cos she is not good enough yet...Well, we wish her all the luck cos she is good in smoking up the balls and putting the balls on fire... watch out for the clip closely at 5 second and 39 seconds cos she RAWKS Basketball......
3 May 2007
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as you can see... i'm getting a little better at this special effect business now.... thanx for your comments on my last vid.... soon i'll be putting the skills into a decent film. (I use Adobe After effects) the explosions are from www.detonationfilms**** THANKYOU!! you made my dreams come true..... i just need a script now. PS I'd be happy to do effects for anyone making a film.... i'm up for a not that i'm good enough yet.
1 Jun 2007
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Lightsabre Granny, lazers in the olympics,an alien kidnap, violent clowns, exploding hamster and more in a new type of sketch show.
3 Oct 2008
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We show you how to pull off two basic special effects using cross dissolves, overlays, cropping and layers. Both the Star Trek effect and the Multiplicity effect use these techniques to create very impressive looking tricks for your videos.
27 Jan 2010
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Just for fun...make a rumble pipe, a cool sound effects gizmo. Cheap and easy!
14 Oct 2016
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This is Faith SFX worlds best beatboxer there on the street together with some friends, making music. great skills
26 Dec 2006
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This is the video preview of a 3d SFX movie we are working on. As the name suggests, the movie emphasizes on a civilization living beyond the living dimensions. The residents of Kaalaakshi are far away from the usual concepts of life-and-death. They protect the living dimensions from the dark reign. But what if the evil overshadows the protectors itself ? PS: We require your views / comments / suggestions on this project so as to improvise our output. Most importantly, this trailer was prepared using a desktop of the very basic configuration - viz. 256 MB RAM, 2.4 GHz processor, no hardware accelerator. 3ds Max 6 & Combustion 4 were used. Owing to less resources, we had to compromise very much on the production. For more of our portfolio, do visit www.animatrixindia****.
1 Jul 2007
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An adventure game for the adult players, it takes strategy and skill. You get music and sfx with a lot of tactics from the game. Its about survival and the way you choose.
23 Jul 2009
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Timeshare Exchange Companies / SFX Preferred Resorts: Check out Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, The Grand Mayan Resort. Members of SFX Preferred Resorts have access to one of Mexico's premier resorts through their membership in timeshare exchange companies like SFX Preferred Resorts.
23 Jun 2011
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Vacation Exchange Companies / SFX Preferred Resorts: Beautiful scenes of The Buganvilia Sheraton Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Members of SFX Preferred Resorts have access to one of Mexico's premier resorts through their membership in vacation exchange companies like SFX Preferred Resorts.
26 Jun 2011
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Back Stage Technologies are the makers or producers of special effects for film media such as films, Television shows and advertisements. We have been active in the SFX industry for over 12 years and have built a solid international reputation though our quality installations of cryogenic special effects, show action equipment and flame effects *******www.backstagetechnologies******/
7 Jul 2011
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