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The clip Major Thorn Stays for Lunch from Sgt. Bilko (1996) Major, please! At least won't you stay for lunch? Do you like chicken casserole? No. Well, Major, let me be frank. A negative report from you would be the death knell for Fort Baxter. We've been in a slump... Nine years without a successful test? That's not a slump, that's a tradition. But, Major, think for a minute about the men, their careers. My career. Colonel, you play the hand you're dealt. This isn't the career I had in mind when I got out of OCS. Shining a seat with my ass in DC, visiting dumpy posts. I thought I'd be a colonel by now or maybe a general. Sorry. What I saw today was a dust cloud that cost $70 million. Good morning. Wait! There's a lot more to Fort Baxter than just R&D, Major. We have an award-winning commissary. Try the casserole. And our softball team won the division title. And Sergeant Bilko's platoon is in the glee club finals. I'll certainly keep that in mind. Did you say Bilko? Yeah. Is that Ernie Bilko? One and the same. Maybe I will stay for lunch. Well, hoo-ah! Ignite that chicken casserole, Captain Moon! Yes, sir!
18 Nov 2011
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