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New Orleans' Second Line Rebirth Brass Band in 400 Block of North Rampart Street ( Black Storyville). Spectacular view of the City in the reflections of the played tuba in the motion of the parade.Musician - Phil Frasier of New Orleans, who has recently suffered a heart attack.
14 Apr 2009
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So Lorissia Autery does not have to spit in your face - she just says - Malcolm's my hero. An where, when you thought My space is for humorless teenagers and predators of all ilks, you can discover circle of thirty and some, black medical doctors. Spare me, don't get treatment. My daughter had, Autery treated her, tolerance for sub par black medical schools, political correctness and, cultivation of hate in these circles, therefore Malcolm too, all this resulted in our daughter death in New Orleans Hospital.
28 Oct 2009
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Malcolm X, an Islamic extremist after his long crimimal career in Harlem as " Red ", while incarcerated, bitter, angry, and hateful, discovers who "made him do it". The White Man made him a pimp, attracted him to White girls who worked the streets for him, all of which lead to his imprisonment. He "educates" himself by memorizing [sic] dictionary. Doesn't he want to defeat his "white man" by being smarter? Dictionary is not an academic degree nor an intellectual advancement. Recruited to Muslim ideology, he converts to seek power. He insults his race, with "superiority" of his hateful speeches. He does not preach "colour-blind" personal choices and responsibility. He had made a career by cheating his own people, and by inciting HATE. Opposite of Dr. Luther King's peaceful Civil Rights Movement. Malcolm X today is a role model hero for middle class, young professional African-Americans, launched by the evil "white man". For L. Autery, Candra Wooten, Earl Caruthers and their M.D. peers, his ideology and old rhetorics live on. Why ?..
2 Jun 2009
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