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This is a video about ovserving the Shuvo Noboborsho 1416, new year of Bangladesh. the most expected cultural program of bengali nation. The program was held in Turku, the old capital city of Finland. The program arranged by all Bangladeshi peoples live in Turku and was organized by Turun Bangla Forum. The coordinator of the programme was Ahsan Shamim who is working in Nokia as a software Enigineer. The Bengali community here is all about 50 people and we all celebrate all kinds of Bengali program here in Turku. The reason behind this is to keep alive bengali notion not only into ourselves but for the future generation also. That is how we believe we can show respectness to our country whatever time we live 14000 KM away from Bangaladesh.
2 Feb 2010
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*******xmoviebox.blogspot**** In theaters: November 21, 2008 Copyright © 2008 Regent Entertainment I Cant Think Straight Poster Tala, a London-based Jordanian prepares for an elaborate wedding with her fiancé, when she encounters Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating her best friend Ali. Spirited Christian Tala and shy Muslim Leyla could not be more different from each other but the attraction is immediate. Talas feisty nature provokes Leyla out of her shell and soon both women reveal their feelings for each other. But Tala is not ready to accept the implications of the choice her heart has made and escapes back to Jordan where her chain-smoking high-brow mother finishes preparations for an ostentatious wedding. As family members descend and the wedding day approaches, simmering family tensions come to boiling point and the pressure mounts for Tala to be true to herself. Meanwhile heartbroken Leyla relishes her newly found sense of identity and self-respect and moves on with her new life much to the shock of her tradition-loving Indian parents. Single again, Tala flies back to London but it will take more than just a date set up by Ali and Leylas sister Zara to win Leyla back. Genre:Comedy Director:Shamim Sarif Cast:Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Antonia Frering, Dalip Tahil, Nina Wadia
24 Feb 2010
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The pleasure of seing these two beautiful women is always wonderful! "I Can't Think Straight" (United Kingdom, 2007) is romance movie about a London-based Jordanian of Palestinian origin, Tala, who is preparing for an elaborate wedding. A turn of events causes her to have an affair and subsequently fall in love with another woman, Leyla. Lisa Ray ... Tala Sheetal Sheth ... Leyla Director:Shamim Sarif Writers:Shamim Sarif (screenplay) & Kelly Moss (screenplay) Song: Sara Brightman, "This love"
16 May 2010
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Singer : (Late) Ahmed Rushdi & (Late) Mala Actors : (Late) Waheed Murad & Shamim Ara Movie : Dil Mayra Dhardkan Tayri (Heart is mine & beat yours)
21 May 2010
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Peshawer hayatabad private dance shazia CAL GIRL SHAZIA IN AUNTY SHAMIM'S HOUSE
19 Jun 2010
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Watch all Pakistani Dramas on *******www.paktvforums**** Writer: Noorul Huda Shah Director: Hisam Hussain Producer: Momina Duraid Cast: Samina Peerzada, Humayun Saeed, Sarwat geelani, Aamina Shaikh, Asif Raza Mir, Khawaja Hina Bayat, Javed Shaikh, Shamim Hilali, Anita Campher
10 Oct 2010
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Hello everyone!! Well I have been feeling pretty uninspired recently, that is until I watched this film (and The World Unseen)!! Yay! :) Two great films, with two fabulous leading ladies. This is from Leyla's point of view and how when she meets Tala the fog infront of her eyes is lifted, to reveal the truth to herself about her sexuality, that she can no longer ignore. Thanks to Shamim Sarif for her creation and to Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth for their portrayal of two characters with great chemistry! Please sponsor Lisa Ray in her 5K walk to raise money for multiple myeloma: *******pmhf3.akaraisin****/pledge/Participant/Home.aspx?seid=2489&mid=22&pid=172578 If you would like to buy the dvds please use the following link: *******www.enlightenment-productions****/howtoget.php Enjoy!! :D
10 Jan 2011
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Video clip of lady gaga dance in the Dark, from french student. I'm glad to show you this movie... enjoy & like... Jeremy lopes presents lady gaga Réalisateur: JEREMY LOPES Assisstanat: mathilde balny, manon barbier, corentin viau Chef operateur: clemence plaquet, Electro: florian jarry Benoit neels Machino: romain therry fruitier marie carrignon Baptiste caux Stephane rives Cadreur: manon kamlet Assisstant op: roxane perrot 2nd assistant opérateur : Christophe Perraudin Chefs decors : NORBERT LOPES Equipe decors: mathilde balny Loic herledant Aurelien langlois Jeremy lopes Manuela baptista Rosa lopes Simon bigay Chef regie: diane lafforgue & rosa lopes Regisseur coursier: aurelien langlois Regisseurs: shamime garenne Cyril roy. Aurelien piard Costumieres: lina hauteja Daphne cresson Stagiaire latex : maelle bordier Accessoiriste: leah njeim Aide costumes : rosa lopes Diane lafforgue Norbert lopes Jeremy lopes Thomas legendarme Chef coiffeur: THOMAS LEGENDARME Coiffures : melanie lenis joret Allison dibusz Olivia lemaire Sandrine Chef maquilleuse: VALENTINE NAHAS Maquilleuses: marie bressant Julie beauce Prothesiste et SFX: antoine alliot Sfx pyrotechnique : mathilde balny Acteurs: Lady gaga............. Floriane andersen Danseurs: Davy apfel Boubakar chennoufi Sonia bertrand Severine wolff Amlane larcher Marie behar Gaelle marie Jennifer vila Gardes russes: stephane garcia et ludovic Presentatrice tv : louise denyer Doublure chaussure fourrure : lina hauteja Photographe de plateau : maelle bordier Montage & etalonnage : nicolas delorme Truquiste : jonathan rigaud Sound designer et mixage : cyril cole Art worker : viviane fournier DANCE IN THE DARK. De lady gaga SHEIBE lady gaga Remerciements Elisabeth diot Rodolphe dequay Franck kone Magalie deuff Rosa lopes Norbert lopes Lady gaga
14 Nov 2011
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Do let me know with your comments. Shit Pakistani girls say here and there. concept by Junaid Akram co starring Farukh Imam directed by M Salman Shamim produced by hrc studios ***********/user/evilspellz/ ********www.facebook****/hrcstudios
23 Feb 2012
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A Original : Tasha Mashahar - Be Mine Free download : *******clorastudio.blogspot****/2012/02/download-tasha-manshahar-be-mine.html Support us on ********www.facebook****/clorastudio ;) Tasha Manshahar :********www.facebook****/tashamanshaharCS Syed Shamim : ********www.facebook****/syedshamimCS Lirik : Tasha Manshahar - Be Mine Bermula di Facebook You IM I dulu taktahu malu I malas nak layan So I buat taktahu You terus cuba dan mencuba Sehingga I jatuh cinta Gatalnya diri you Membuat I terjatuh Bila kita dah start mengada Kita selalu keluar sama Borak panjang panjang Makan dan tengok wayang Sikit sikit je I merajuk You selalu sabar pujuk Tapi sebenarnya I cuma test you saja c/o : Let me tell you that I love you And I never wanna wrong you Take my hand baby Come, go through with me Let me tell you that I miss you And I never wanna lose you You're my heart baby My life is incomplete without you Dalam pada I gembira Sometimes I feel so sad juga Cause you dah berpunya But I always want you to be mine forever Please be mine forever Lagu : Tasha Manshahar Lirik : Tasha Manshahar Thank you Aizat Amir for the recording and Clora Studio. © Copyright © 2012 by Clora Studio. All Right Reserved.
3 Mar 2012
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“Only On The Web:” Author and filmmaker Shamim Sharif discusses the back-to-back releases of her two films, “I Can’t Think Straight” and “The World Unseen,” which both explore lesbian relationships.
7 Sep 2012
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Live Shahadah Urdu Peace Conference 2010 Dr. Zakir Naik held at Somaiya Ground Mumbai, India 2010, as shown on Peace TV. Women's rights in Islam | Polygamy In Islam | Muslims are terrorist | Media & Muslims | Muslims worshipping Kabaah | Muslim Women in veil Hijaab | Capital Punishment | Islam Spread by the Sword | Muslims are fundamentalist | Eating meat non-vegetarian food | Non-Muslim not allowed in Mecca | Eating Pork Forbidden Haraam | Men & Women as Witness | Inheritance Law in Islam | Hereafter - Life after death | Sects in Islam | Non Muslims referred as Kaafirs | DR. ZAKIR NAIK - PRESIDENT, IRF A medical doctor by professional training, Dr. Zakir Naik is renowed as a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion. Dr. Zakir Naik clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur'an, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts. Dr. Zakir is popular for his critical analysis and convincing answers to challenging questions posed by audiences after his public talks. In the last 12 years (by the year 2008), Dr. Zakir Naik has delivered mo re than 1200 public talks in the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, South Africa, Italy, Mauritius, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Guyana (South America), Trinidad and many other countries, in addition to numerous public talks in India. He has successfully participated in several symposia and dialogues with prominent personalities of other faiths. His public dialogue with Dr. William Campbell (of USA), on the topic, The Quran and the Bible in the light of Science held in city of Chicago, U.S.A., on April 1, 2000 was a resounding success. His Interfaith Dialogue with prominent Hindu Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the topic The Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the light of Sacred Scriptures held at Palace Grounds, Bangalore, on 21st Jan. 2006, was highly appreciated by people of both the faiths. In the issue dated 22nd Feb. 2009 of the Indian Express list of the 100 Most Powerful Indians in 2009 amongst the billion plus population of India, Dr. Zakir Naik was ranked No. 82. In the special list of the Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India Dr. Zakir Naik was ranked No. 3, after Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, being the only Muslim in the list. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, the world famous orator on Islam and Comparative Religion, who had called Dr. Zakir, "Deedat plus" in 1994, presented a plaque in May 2000 awarded to Dr. Zakir Abdul-Karim Naik for his achievement in the field of Dawah and the study of Comparative Religion with the engraving "Son what you have done in 4 years had taken me 40 years to accomplish, Alhamdullilah. PEACE TV - THE SOLUTION FOR HUMANITY Peace TV is a 24 Hour Islamic spiritual edutainment international satellite TV channel telecasting "Free to Air" state-of-the-art TV programmes in English and Urdu. The TV programmes feature internationally famous English speaking scholars and orators like Dr. Zakir Naik, Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, Yusuf Estes, Yassir Fazaga, Yasir Qadhi, Dr. Jafar Idris, Shaikh Salem Al Amry, Hussain Ye, Siraj Wahhaj, Jamal Badawi, Ather Khan, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Mokhtar Magraoui, Yusuf Islam, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Brother Abdur Raheem Green and many others. As well as Urdu speaking scholars and orators like Dr. Israr Ahmed, Maulana Abdul Kareem Parekh, Dr. Abdul Aziz, Shaikh Sanaullah Madani, Maulana Ashfaque Salafi, Shaikh Faizur Rehman Nadwi, Maulana Ejaz Aslam, Shaikh Shamim Fauzi, Maulana Salman Nadwi, Dr. Shuaib Sayyed and many others. For more information please visit our official websites *******www.peacetv**** or *******www.peacetv.tvor *******www.peacetvurdu**** Brought to you by The Shahadah Project - *******www.shahadahproject****
18 Sep 2012
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This is a Universal truth that no female singer means no one can touch the hight and greatness of The Greatest Malika-E-Taranum Noor Jehan and this Ghazal is the perfect example of that.. Poet: THE GREAT FAIZ AHMAD FAIZ Movie: QAIDI (1962) Music: RASHEED ATRE Starring: SHAMIM ARA DARPAN
19 Sep 2012
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An evergreen song from a Pakistani Super hit Musical film "SAHELI". Originally sung by Madam Nasim Begum & Salim Raza Picturised on Darpan & Shamim Ara. Now re sung by two young but talented singers Ali Abbas & Sara Raza Khan in PTV program "VIRSA" by Mian Salahuddin. This song was written by Fayaz Hashmi and composed by A. Hameed. Produced By: F. M. Sardar, S. M. Yousuf Released on: December 23rd, 1960 Directed By: S. M. Yousuf Actors: Nayyar Sultana, Darpan, Shamim Ara, Bahar, Aslam Pervez
29 Dec 2012
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“Only On The Web:” Author and filmmaker Shamim Sharif discusses the back-to-back releases of her two films, “I Can’t Think Straight” and “The World Unseen,” which both explore lesbian relationships.
19 Jan 2013
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“Only On The Web:” Author and filmmaker Shamim Sharif discusses the back-to-back releases of her two films, “I Can’t Think Straight” and “The World Unseen,” which both explore lesbian relationships.
19 Jan 2013
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