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This Video is for educational purposes and no laws were broken where this was filmed. Do not watch if you are a vegetarian or sensitive. No roosters were seriously hurt and are happy to this day! The large rooster is a Lai family rooster. It has never been fought before. It is known as a top spinner, because of the way it can turn 360 degrees to face his opponent (watch). The smaller bird is there just for practice and is known as a wheeler. A wheeler will try to get to the back of the opponent and peck at the rear of the head. The top spinner as you can see here does not allow this to happen by spinning. Both these birds are fairly large birds by European standards. In cock fighting there are basically two types of birds, naked heel or steel birds. Steel birds fight with steel spurs or knives attached to their feet as in the USA or South America, naked hell like these Taiwan are fought completely naturally with no extras. Just their own natural spurs, just like the way their ancestors the jungle fowl fight in the jungle. This is generally the way it is done in many parts of Aisa ,Taiwan, Japan, Re union Island and many other places. For more check out my website at****
26 Sep 2009
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18 Oct 2008
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