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ShortKeys is a utility that allows you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of user defined keystrokes. ShortKeys monitors the keyboard activity on a global nature and anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed in, it will be replaced with the replacement text. Please comment and share ~ Pat & Lorna Shanks
10 Feb 2010
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In this week's GameBusters, we show some tips for Shank, take on Magic Johnson in the new NBA Jam, and finally finish things off with some Peace Walker action.
24 Jul 2010
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This week, the GameBusters dig through Mafia II for some seedy magazines, shank the Butcher boss in Shank, before tracking down 10 more medallions in Hydro Thunder Hurricane.
27 Aug 2010
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CHECKOUT Chella H in her latest visual to "Slipped" directed by Shank "Mr PackMoney" Robinson, produced by Pluke Beats,off of Chella H's mixtape "The Morning After Pill" The 1st Lady of Chicago continues to bring that rawness that the people love her for! "The Realist B**ch In It" COMING MAR 25th! Follow ChellaChicago PlukeBeats SOS_DVD Watch HD video: ***********/watch?v=CQIY16JbY7A
9 Mar 2013
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The first episode of the animated series of web shorts Golfoholics finds Banes taking divots out of cow pastures and starring in his own version of Young Shankenstein.
25 Dec 2006
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A Christmas dinner recipe from the Holiday Kitchen. In Italian osso buco means 'hole bone' because the bone marrow is part of the appeal of the dish. There really is nothing else like Osso Buco made at home over the holidays. Visit www.HolidayKitchen.TV for step by step instructions and to order the DVD!
14 Nov 2007
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One Piece, one of the best animes in the world. This shows you (not the best scenes but som good ones) fighting scenes. A very good anime. Normally i watch it in a german channel called RTL 2. The german voices are best. There are more action in the german voice anime.
28 Jun 2008
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Michael from Canada used *******www.GolfSwingSecretsRevealed**** to signifcantly improve his golf game. Last Summer he suddenly found he could no longer play in the mid 80s due to numerous swing faults. He started to push, pull, slice, hook, smoother and top the ball and as a result fired scores over 100. Michael knew he had to do something fast to correct these errors and set about looking on the internet for a solution. His research led him to The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf by Andy Brown and immediately he went to the driving range to try out the early backward wrist break. This was an instant success and along with the swing changes he changed his mental game and grip. The result was a return to form and scores back in the 80s. Michael thoroughly recommends any golfer struggling with their swing to tale a look at The New Four Magic Moves.
18 Jan 2010
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Greg from Darwin, Australia describes how *******www.GolfSwingSecretsRevealed**** taught him The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf. He first read this proven golf instructions a year ago and is now in a position where he has parred even hole on his home course. This is definitely the best golf investment he has made in his entire life, costing less than the price of one golf club. Finally Greg highlights the tips and articles he receives from being a customer of The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf.
20 May 2008
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Giulio Petrella from Australia credits *******www.GolfSwingSecretsRevealed**** for his recent success on the golf course. He is quick to point out that Andy Brown's The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf was pivotal in turning around his golfing fortunes. Giulio used to be a major puller of the ball and had an outside in golf swing. This has all changed and instead he draws the ball and all his divots are directly straight and not left like before. A lot of credit is given to the early backward wrist break, which results in a very good position at the top of the swing. All in all Giulio hasn't looked back since discovering the four proven secrets to a great golf swing, he has no hesitation in recommending it to anyone else - which he has been doing for some time now. Lastly he comments on the fact that the golf instructions are easy to follow and far from technical, ideal for the majority of golfers.
20 May 2008
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Deddy from Indonesia recommends *******www.GolfSwingSecretsRevealed**** as the reason for his improved golf swing and reduced handicap. Visit this site to discover four proven moves that will significally enhance your golf game and scores. You can start by trying the early backwark wrist break and see the immediate benefits like many other golfers.
17 Dec 2008
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13 Jul 2008
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