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La Gateau Cakes is a Take Away Cake Shops in Ilford , Barkingside & East London .We Offer Special Two, Three tier Wedding Cakes & egg free wedding cakes in Ilford
21 Jun 2017
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This space shuttle cake will send your kid’s birthday party into orbit, and it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make it. Just watch baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens as she demonstrates how to make a very cool space shuttle birthday cake.
3 Oct 2008
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3 Dec 2010
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Kaley Cuoco has some interesting ideas for her wedding day, including dog-shaped cake and an animal-oriented entrance.
14 Nov 2013
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Cakeplusgift is one Online Birthday Cake Midnight Delivery in Hyderabad. Birthday Cake Gift Online delivery at midnight services are available with same day delivery services. We are providing different types of cake designs like photos, funny images, Barbie cakes, Chota bheem cakes and heart shaped cakes. Call now for birth day cake gift. Name: Prithish Reddy Phone:8464996666
21 Feb 2017
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Ingredients for Taiyaki (5 pieces) - Taiyaki Batter - 100g Cake Flour (3.53 oz) 2/3 tsp Baking Soda 2 tbsp Sugar 1/2 Egg (30g/1.06 oz) 100ml Water (3.38 fl oz) 150g White or Black Bean Paste (5.29 oz) 30g/1.06 oz for each piece Ingredients for White Bean Paste (approx. 800g/1.76 lb) 250g Daifuku Mame (a type of Shiro Ingen Mame) - White Beans (0.551 lb) 1000ml Water for soaking beans (4.23 u.s. cup) 100ml+50ml Sashimizu - Adding cold water to boiling water 250g White Refined Sugar (0.551 lb) A pinch of Salt ** You can store bean paste in a freezer by dividing it into small pieces. About Music: Frederic Chopin - Valse in D-flat major "Minute Waltz" - Op. 64 No. 1 Play by Muriel Nguyen Xuan, recording by Stephane Magnenat Creative Commons *******creativecommons****/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
10 Dec 2009
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******* How to make a guitar cake - Electric guitar birthday cake You'll be a total rock star to your kids when you make this very cool electric guitar cake. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows you how to bake your groove thing. ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ How to crumb coat a cake ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ***********/watch?v=2KvwwGRyHBg Keywords: how to make a guitar cake, electric guitar cake guitar birthday cake , guitar shaped cake how to make a birthday cake, how to make a cake
3 Dec 2009
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******* Guitar cake - How to make an electric guitar shaped birthday cake A Betty Crocker expert and Howdini**** help you make a sweet electic guitar birthday cake for the music lover in your life. Download the template: ******* Keywords: electric guitar cake designs electric guitar birthday cake decorating grooms guitar shaped cake pattern how to make a guitar cake decorating electric guitar birthday cake ideas
9 Nov 2010
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******* How to make a purse cake - Purse shaped birthday cake This adorable purse shaped cake is perfect for a birthday party, a tea party, or anytime you want to serve the girls (big or little) a unique dessert. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows you how to make this delicious, and very ladylike, cake. Keywords: how to make a purse cake purse birthday cake purse shaped cake purse cake decorating
18 Sep 2011
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******* How to make a train cake - Train birthday cake decorating ideas All aboard! Make a fun train cake that is right on track with help from Betty Crocker. Keywords: how to make a train cake ideas train shaped cake train cake decorations train cake recipe instructions train cakes for kids
6 Dec 2011
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******* Football Cake Decorating Ideas - How To Make a Football Cake Team up cupcakes to create a winning play with a football party cake. Keywords: football cake decorating ideas football birthday cake how to make a football shaped cake football themed cake
11 Feb 2012
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California travel expert Veronica Hill of *******www.CaliforniaTravelExpert**** offers a guided tour of the American Girl Place Los Angeles in this family travel episode of "California Travel Tips." Located in The Grove, next to the LA Farmers Market, this American Girl Store in Los Angeles is one of three major emporiums in the U.S. There are seven American Girl stores in all. Selling for roughly $100 each, American Girl dolls are one of the country's hottest collectibles. Even Oprah Winfrey is a fan. Set aside at least 3 hours to tour this amazing complex, which is packed to the rafters with American Girl dolls, books, clothing, and accessories. On the weekends, there are always fun crafts and activities going on. In the Doll Hair Salon, your child's American Girl Doll can receive a new hairstyle, or get her ears pierced. There are more than 50 hairstyles to choose from! Well-loved dolls in need of special treatment can check in to the American Girl Doll Hospital for a 2-week stay. In the American Girl Photo Studio, your little girl can get her picture on a souvenir copy of American Girl Magazine. For the ultimate day trip, enjoy a meal at the American Girl Cafe, one of the signature experiences at the store. Your child's American doll girl gets her own Treat Seat. And she doesn't have a doll, there are plenty to borrow. Each meal begins with a warm cinnamon roll, and your choice of drink. The pink lemonade is always a hit! Kids can enjoy entrees like hot dogs, pizza or buttered noodles, while grown-ups can order more sophisticated fare such as Pasta Pomodoro or Cornmeal-Crusted Tilapia. Every meal ends with a delicious Flower Pot Chocolate Mousse, served with a sugar cookie and heart-shaped cake. There's even a souvenir hair bow to take home. One of the most popular features at the store is the Just Like You Boutique. Kids can buy a doll that resembles them most, and then get kid-sized pajamas, dresses or outfits to match. You can even buy coordinating swim suits! The second level is home to the adorable Bitty Baby Dolls and American Girl Character Boutique, where you'll find historical displays about American Girl dolls like Kaya, Felicity and Julie, the 1970s girl. Each 18-inch doll comes with a matching book, and you can go wild with the matching accessories. We were in love with the cool tree house for Kit Kittredge, and camper set for American Doll of the Year, Lanie Holland. If you want to make a weekend of it, several Los Angeles hotels offer special American Girl Los Angeles hotel packages that include a bed for your doll! Participating hotels in LA include London West Hollywood and The Orlando, among several others. The store's concierge can assist with suggestions. Be sure to ask for a personal shopper, which is a complimentary service at the store. You even get your own private check-out room. For more California travel videos, travel deals and advice, log on to *******www.CaliforniaTravelExpert****
16 Jan 2013
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******* For Halloween fun, bake this adorable Jack-o'-Lantern Cake. Everyone will wonder how you did that! INGREDIENTS: 2 boxes Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® devil's food or white cake mix Water, vegetable oil and eggs or egg whites called for on cake mix box 2 containers (1 lb each) Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting Yellow and red food color 1 green flat-bottom ice-cream cone Betty Crocker® Fruit Roll-Ups® chewy fruit snack rolls (any flavor) DIRECTIONS: Heat oven to 325°F. Grease and flour 2-quart round casserole or 2 1/2-quart ovenproof bowl. Make 1 box cake batter as directed on box. Pour into casserole. Bake 1 hour 5 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 15 minutes. Remove cake from casserole; place rounded side up on cooling rack. Cool completely, about 1 hour. Make, bake and cool remaining cake mix using same casserole or bowl. With sharp knife, carefully slice piece from top of each cake to make flat surface where cakes will be placed together to form pumpkin shape. (Cake scraps can be saved and added to another recipe such as pudding or trifle if desired.) In medium bowl, place frosting; tint with 9 drops yellow and 6 drops red food color to make orange frosting. On plate, place 1 cake, rounded side down. Spread 2/3 cup of the orange frosting over cake almost to edge. Place second cake, rounded side up, on frosted cake to make round shape. Spread a thin layer of frosting over entire cake to seal in crumbs. For easier handling, refrigerate or freeze cake 30 to 60 minutes. Frost entire cake with remaining orange frosting. Trim ice-cream cone to desired height for stem; place upside down on cake. Cut out eyes, nose, mouth, vines and leaves from fruit snack rolls. Place on frosted cake to form face. Store tightly covered.
30 Mar 2013
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This cake i made for my daughter's first bday ....i made it with chocolate and vanila cake and base is heart shape.... this was my first cake from srach i did it.... i used just simple butter cream for icing ....4 color in that main white, pink,green and yellow.... i don't have the heart shape cake pan with me so i used one squre pan and one round pan to create heart shape... i cut the round shape in half and attach to the sequre cake and for princess i use one glass bolw oven safe .... and doll i used one of my daughter's doll .... thats its .... little bit effort and result are amez everyone .........
19 May 2013
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S U P P L I E S: *******www.etsy****/shop/Happette I N S T A G R A M: toniellison F A C E B O O K: ********facebook****/TEEllison T W I T T E R: ********twitter****/#!/ToniEllison G O O G L E +: *******tinyurl****/co2u26h T U M B L R: *******toniellison.tumblr**** F O O D: ***********/ToniEllisonEats V L O G: ***********/lifewithtoni B E A U T Y: ***********/ToniWears MAIL ME Toni Ellison P.O. BOX 52525 Atlanta, GA 30355 Colorful Frozen Yogurt Charms! I finally went to Pinkberry in Atlanta (Buckhead), and I have to say it is the best frozen yogurt I have ever had! All of the fruit is fresh & they have great topping choices:D Thus, I was inspired to create these charms. Enjoy! FOR PICTURES & DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: *******www.toniellison****/2012/04/i-... M A T E R I A L S: _____________ ------FROZEN YOGURT ------ 1. Soft clay 2. #14 Star Shaped Cake Decorating Tip 3. Paintbrush or pen to push the clay through the tip ORIGINAL + FRUIT : 1. Frozen Yogurt: Pluffy Polymer Clay White 2. **KIWI FRUIT TUTORIALS** ***********/watch?v=UjsgbI... ***********/watch?v=_DmvcL... 3. Pineapple: FIMO Sunflower 4. Strawberries: PREMO POMEGRANATE + WATERMELON 1. Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt: Pluffy Hot Pink 2. Watermelon: PREMO Translucent Red 3. Waffle Cookie (Waffle Pattern Tool from Hobby Lobby): Translucent & Tan or PREMO Ecru ***Be sure to bake the cookie before adding it to the frozen yogurt*** GREEN TEA + BLUEBERRIES 1. Pluffy Tropical Green 2. PREMO Navy Blue CHOCOLATE 1. FIMO Brown 2. Graham Crackers: Translucent & Tan or PREMO Ecru ***Be sure to bake the graham crackers before adding them to the frozen yogurt*** ORIGINAL + FRUITY PEBBLES 1. Pluffy white 2. FIMO sunflower (Yellow) 3. FIMO Orange 4. PREMO Red 5. PREMO Turquoise 6. PREMO Wasabi (Green) BAKING INSTRUCTIONS:_________ Once you've finished making the frozen yogurt charms, add eye-pins and bake them for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. M U S I C: _____________________ The Simple Carnival "Flirt" P O L Y M E R C L A Y Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It usually contains no clay minerals, and is only called "clay" because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay. It is sold in craft, hobby, and art stores, and is used by artists, hobbyists, and children.
2 Jul 2013
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Rasgulla (Oriya: ରସଗୋଲା rasagola; Sanskrit: रसगोलकम् rasagolakam; Bengali: রসগোল্লা rôshogolla; Urdu: رس گلہ‎ rasgullā; Hindi: रसगुल्ला rasgullā) is a cheese-based, syrupy sweet dish originally from the Indian state of Odisha. The dish is made from ball shaped dumplings of chhena (an Indian cottage cheese), cooked in light syrup made of sugar. This is done until the syrup permeates the dumplings. Ref: wikipedia**** sponge cake, chocolate cake, black forest cake, eggless cake, 5 min cake, cheese cake, chocolate ganache cake, red velvet cake, fondant cake, cake pops, cup cake, cake frosting, cake decoration, cake design, sugar work, butter cream frosting, heart shape cake, jello, jello cake, food design, food art, rainbow dessert, rainbow food, cake in cooker, cake in microwave, Christmas cake, new year cake, designer cake, pineapple cake, coconut cake, vanilla cake, cake bake, royal icing, cookies, Christmas cookies, Christmas food, Christmas tree, chocolate mold, femo clay, modeling clay, modeling chocolate, sugar candy, candy making, sugar flower, fondant flower, frosting flower, sugar sprinkles, rice cake, gelatin art, gelatin cake, agar agar art, gelatin dessert, gelatin jelly, gelatin paper, gelatin mold, agar agar dessert, agar agar pudding, agar agar jelly, kanten, kanten jelly
17 Sep 2014
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