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They Kidnapped the Wrong Daughter Jack is divorced, ex CIA agent, now living in his disabled father's home (Jeff the Drunk from the Howard Stern Show), in Paris. His daughter Sharon is almost 18 years old, she wants to become an actress and lives with her mother (Rosie) who remarried a rich African American gentleman. Sharon needs her father's signature permission to fly to Hollywood for a Black Casting Couch audition. His father refuses then has a change of heart, warning her about the dangers of the world. He knows the world. Sharon flies to Los Angeles and she gets kidnapped by ISIS (The Islamic State Terrorists). Jack has a particular set of skills so is gonna find them, torture them and pull their fucking brains out. Rated R Starring: Claudia Blum ... Riyanna Milton Crane ... Terrorist Jeff the Drunk ... Jeff Curro Joel Harkham ... Khalid Sandy Kaye ... Rosie Marina Kiryukhina Jessica Long ..Kidnapped Girl Martina Medina ... Katherine John Moamar ... Omar Milos Momcilovic ... Jack Valeria Nedorostova ... Kidnapped Girl 2 Lexie Phaneuf ... Kidnapped Girl 3 Carrie Sullivan ... Kidnapped Girl 4 Kelly Tappan ... Sarah Vitaliy Versace ... Ivan Christopher Williams ... Steven David Williams ... David Jr. Greg Williams ... David Evita Anne Woolsey ... Jenny a Film by Hollywood Director George Anton Studio/Creator: ANTFLIX NOW STREAMING
30 May 2017
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שרון הללי: אוקטט
26 Dec 2007
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24 Apr 2008
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31 May 2008
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I have sixteen years of Real Estate experience, and for ten of those years I earned Century 21’s highest award CENTURION®! 626 833-8888
21 Jun 2008
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Drama at the Rock of love:Charm School Reunion show, Rock N Roll Fantasy camp, No Doubt has good and bad news, Phish is announced at the Banaroo headliner.
20 Dec 2008
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I never thought that having good posture could feel so good and be SO different from what I was taught. It's amazing how standing properly can allow your body to feel better.
27 Feb 2009
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This was my small towns version of the Tea Parties that are now sweeping the country. Everything went fine but for two problems arouse when one BLACK guy held up a sign saying we were bigots and also when some local nuts from Acorn... (get the Pun?) were going around telling people that the Tea Party had been canceled by the town council and not to bother showing up. There's your Obama-ites for you!
16 Apr 2009
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Hollywood Bowl June 13, 2009 -- A snippet of "How do I let a Good Man Down" on a beautiful afternoon from Section Q1 at the Bowl.
15 Jun 2009
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15 Jul 2009
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Free FULL Video Here: *******www.drumchannel****/entertainment/42129.aspx
16 Jul 2009
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Clara Benning è una brillante veterinaria, giovane, intelligente e appassionata al suo lavoro. Eppure è infelice. Un terribile incidente accadutole da bambina l'ha infatti lasciata sfigurata, facendo di lei una reclusa che da sempre cerca di limitare al minimo i contatti con gli altri esseri umani. E con riluttanza perciò che un giorno accetta di dare alla polizia il proprio parere scientifico sulla morte di un uomo apparentemente ucciso dal morso di un serpente. Quando però nel cadavere gli esami autoptici rivelano una quantità di veleno che nessun rettile conosciuto al mondo possiede, lo scenario si fa improvvisamente inquietante. La gente comincia ad avere paura, riaffiorano leggende relative ad antichi riti e misteri e l'attenzione degli investigatori si rivolge a una sinistra casa abbandonata. Da quel momento la solitaria esistenza di Clara sarà sconvolta sia da coloro che vogliono ad ogni costo scoprire la verità sia da qualcuno disposto a uccidere ancora e ancora per seppellirla...
3 Oct 2009
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David Brent once described what he'd like to do to the Corrs sisters. It wasn't very pretty and we asked 'the one who plays violin' what she thought.. Follow us on twitter at *******twitter****/itn_extreme
6 Sep 2009
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Free FULL video here: *******www.drumchannel****/entertainment/42129.aspx
1 Oct 2009
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В и от любов
6 Oct 2009
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10 Dec 2009
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