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*******hubpages****/t/164588 You’ll be sure to stand out in this Big Bang Theory Bazinga T-shirt. This officially licensed print features Sheldon saying “Bazinga!” - a must for fans of the Big Bang Theory TV series. For more information visit *******hubpages****/t/164588
28 Jun 2010
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Natalac performing "Draggin these like a TRAIN ( I Pull'em )" feat. Tef Kaluminoti off "The Answers" album Directed by Illy Roc".. Closed Captioned with Sheldon M. Davis (C) 2010 Natalac Records www.natalac****
1 Jul 2010
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Impact of the Oil Crisis in the Gulf on Tampa Bay Forum Held at St. Petersburg College on July 14, 2010 Two panels of experts will discuss the likelihood that oil from the Deepwater Horizon accident will reach Tampa Bay, response plans, and the economic and environmental impacts of the spill at a community forum at 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 14. The first panel will cover Current Realities of the Oil Spill and Tampa Bay, moderated by Geophysical Engineer Dan Berard. Topics include the spill's impact on tourism and the economy, featuring panelists D.T. Minich, executive director of Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater and Keith Overton, executive director of TradeWinds Island Resorts. Laurie Macdonald, Florida Program Director of Defenders of Wildlife, will discuss the issue of habitat. The second panel will discuss How Tampa Bay Responds, Now and Worst Case Scenario, moderated by Susan Glickman, Director of the Florida Business Network for a Clean Energy Economy. Dr. Robert Weisberg, of the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science, will discuss the latest information on the geographic, atmospheric, and weather conditions that could bring the spill into Tampa Bay. David Sorrick, vice president of Power Generation in Florida for Progress Energy, will discuss infrastructure. George Sheldon, Secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, will discuss the claims process. State Sen. Dennis Jones and State Rep. Janet Long will give closing comments. The event is sponsored by Bay News 9, Bright House Networks, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, Florida Business Network for a Clean Energy Economy, St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg Times, and TradeWinds Island Resorts. About St. Petersburg College: In 1927, St. Petersburg College (then known as St. Petersburg Junior College) became Florida's first private, non-profit, two-year school of higher learning located in downtown St. Petersburg. Full accreditation followed in 1931 and in 1948 SPC became a public college. In June 2001, SPJC officially became St. Petersburg College when Florida's governor signed legislation making it the first community college in Florida to offer four-year degrees. On Dec. 11, 2001, the college received the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' accreditation to offer courses leading to bachelor's degrees. In 2002, St. Petersburg College began offering courses leading to bachelor's degrees in Education, Nursing and Technology Management. The college's commitment to its two-year curriculum, which has earned it wide recognition and annually wins it high national rankings, remains as strong as ever. Today, SPC has eight learning sites throughout Pinellas County and recently became the first college in Florida to offer a four-year degree in Dental Hygiene. This program's offerings augment its two-year program, which has been in operation since 1963. SPC added four-year degrees in Veterinary Technology, Public Safety Administration and Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2005. College Accreditation St. Petersburg College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associates degrees and to offer courses leading to bachelor's degrees in the following areas: Banking, Nursing, Business Administration, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Elementary/Secondary Education, Paralegal Studies. Educational Studies. Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification. Dental Hygiene. Public Safety Administration. Health Services Administration. Sustainability Management. International Business. Technology Management. Management & Organizational Leadership. Veterinary Technology. SPC also offers access to junior and senior level courses for bachelors and graduate degrees at the University Partnership Center. The UPC partners with the University of South Florida, University of South Florida at St. Petersburg, Eckerd College, University of Florida, Florida State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Central Florida, Florida International University, Florida A&M University, Saint Leo University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Institute of Technology, Barry University, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Indiana University, and St. Petersburg College.
30 Jul 2010
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Annie Wilkes-Balázs Andrea Paul Sheldon: Réti Barnabás Előadás a BAKELIT MULTI ART CENTERBEN
3 Aug 2010
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Among the other problems with the origin of even a single functional protein, Dr. Thaxton discusses the problem that specific sequences of Amino Acids (i.e. correct information) presents for 'natural' protein formation. Entire video may be viewed here: On The Origin Of Life - Thaxton ***********/watch?v=6Ye3oDDAxeE Further resources: On The Origin Of Life And God - Henry F. Schaefer, III PhD. - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4018204 Origin Of Life? - Probability Of Protein And The Information Of DNA - Dean Kenyon - video ***********/watch?v=9VhR2BHhxeo In fact Dean Kenyon, who was a leading Origin Of Life researcher as well as a college textbook author on the subject, admitted after years of extensive research: "We have not the slightest chance for the chemical evolutionary origin of even the simplest of cells". Stephen C. Meyer - The Scientific Basis For the Intelligent Design Inference - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4104651 Stephen Meyer - Functional Proteins And Information For Body Plans - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4050681 Evolution vs. Functional Proteins - Doug Axe - Video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4018222 Estimating the prevalence of protein sequences adopting functional enzyme folds: Doug Axe: Excerpt: Starting with a weakly functional sequence carrying this signature, clusters of ten side-chains within the fold are replaced randomly, within the boundaries of the signature, and tested for function. The prevalence of low-level function in four such experiments indicates that roughly one in 10^64 signature-consistent sequences forms a working domain. Combined with the estimated prevalence of plausible hydropathic patterns (for any fold) and of relevant folds for particular functions, this implies the overall prevalence of sequences performing a specific function by any domain-sized fold may be as low as 1 in 10^77, adding to the body of evidence that functional folds require highly extraordinary sequences. ******* Evolution's Fatal Flaw - The Origin Of Life - Chris Ashcraft PhD - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4347153 The problem of 'left handed' homochirality found in the Miller-Urey experiment is of no small concern to any Origin Of Life scenario put forth by evolutionists: Dr. Charles Garner on the problem of Chirality in nature and Origin of Life Research - audio *******intelligentdesign.podomatic****/player/web/2010-04-12T17_21_16-07_00 Homochirality and Darwin - Robert Sheldon - April 2010 Excerpt: there is no abiotic path from a racemic solution to a stereo-active solution of amino acid(s) that doesn't involve a biotic chiral agent, be it chiral beads or Louis Pasteur himself. Like many critiques of ID, the problem with these "Darwinist" solutions is that they always smuggle in some information, in this case, chiral agents. *******procrustes.blogtownhall****/2010/04/27/homochirality_and_darwin.thtml Homochirality and Darwin: part 2 - Robert Sheldon - May 2010 Excerpt: With regard to the deniers who think homochirality is not much of a problem, I only ask whether a solution requiring multiple massive magnetized black-hole supernovae doesn't imply there is at least a small difficulty to overcome? A difficulty, perhaps, that points to the non-random nature of life in the cosmos? *******procrustes.blogtownhall****/2010/05/21/homochirality_and_darwin_part_2.thtml The severity of the homochirality problem begins to highlight the number one question facing any Origin Of Life research. Namely, "Where is the specified complexity (information) coming from?" Even this recent 'evolution friendly' article readily admitted the staggering level of 'specified complexity' (information) being dealt with in the first cell: Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock? - Oct. 2009 Excerpt: “There is no doubt that the progenitor of all life on Earth, the common ancestor, possessed DNA, RNA and proteins, a universal genetic code, ribosomes (the protein-building factories), ATP and a proton-powered enzyme for making ATP. The detailed mechanisms for reading off DNA and converting genes into proteins were also in place. In short, then, the last common ancestor of all life looks pretty much like a modern cell.” *******www.newscientist****/article/mg20427306.200-was-our-oldest-ancestor-a-protonpowered-rock.html I think David Abel, the director of the Gene Emergence Project, does a very good job of highlighting just how crucial accounting for specified 'logical' information is to Origin of Life research: Chance and necessity do not explain the origin of life: Trevors JT, Abel DL. Excerpt: Minimal metabolism would be needed for cells to be capable of growth and division. All known metabolism is cybernetic--that is, it is programmatically and algorithmically organized and controlled. ******* Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/2009/10/intelligent-design-anthropic-hypothesis_19.html
20 Sep 2010
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*******freemovieshowsonline****/the-big-bang-theory-season-4-episode-5 -- To see the full episode. Summary: Leonard realizes he’s the only one without a girlfriend, while Sheldon wants to get rid of his.
26 Oct 2010
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Janettics Hair Studio is one of Tampa's premier hair salons. Professionally trained staff, friendly service, great energy, great prices and as always complimentary cocktails. 8319 Sheldon Road Tampa, FL 33615-1607 (813) 880-8700 *******www.facebook****/pages/Tampa-FL/Janettics-Hair-Studios/116829808329578?filter=1
11 Nov 2010
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Janettics Hair Studio 8319 Sheldon Rd. Tampa, FL 33615 (813) 880-8700
12 Nov 2010
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Episode 14 | The Toast Derivation, is a brand new episode of the Big Bang Theory Season 4. It was aired only a few hours ago. In this Episode, Sheldon is upset when he realizes Leonard is the center of their group of friends. Watch the full length show at ******* Happy Viewing!
25 Feb 2011
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Episode 14 | The Toast Derivation, is a brand new episode of the Big Bang Theory Season 4. It was aired only a few hours ago. In this Episode, Sheldon is upset when he realizes Leonard is the center of their group of friends. Watch the full length show at ******* Happy Viewing!
25 Feb 2011
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Call Arun +919560214267. Tata Housing Primanti Villas And Residences Sector 72 Gurgaon The New Luxury Welcome to Primanti,a luxurious 36 acre residential development on Southern Peripheral Road, Gurgaon. Imagine living in a place where tree-lined boulevards wind their way through lush, wooded parks. Picturesque pergolas and water bodies,dappled with sunlight and shade, glimmer through the trees. Primanti is envisioned in a way where nature "boundless beauty meets every luxury you" expect. Be it walking to the spa through the manicured lawns or entertaining yourself in an outdoor pool amid lush greens, it is everything you have always dreamt of. Ensconced within these landscaped gardens are premium villas, duplexes and luxurious tower residences, with elevated courtyards, open terraces and private gardens. Discover a home where modern architecture merges seamlessly with the natural landscape,giving luxury a whole new meaning. A LANDSCAPE DESIGNED TO NURTURE WELL-BEING. Primanti is a green haven with 80% of the property reserved for open spaces. A series of interconnected orchards, meadows and gardens, span sinuously across the complex. The rich flora forms dramatic patterns with stone structures and water features,inspired by Delhi's Mughal Gardens.This creates a lush, parkland setting that invites residents to spend more time outdoors. Garden retreats with water cascades, pergolas and framed views, become spaces for socialising and rejuvenating amid nature. Groves of indigenous Banyan and Mulberry trees create areas of privacy. Footpaths wind past grassy knolls to reveal unexpected views as you explore the estate.Ensconced within these fragrant gardens are residences designed to offer a living experience with the ideal balance.VILLAS PRIMANTI VILLAS: A HAVEN OF PRIVACY AND LUXURY. Turn the tree-lined boulevard into your own private basement carport. Let your private elevator whisk you into the triple-height entry foyer. And step into your grand glass-lined living and dining area overlooking the walled, private garden and pool. These 7000 sq.ft. and 8500 sq.ft. villas are 5 level, 4 bedroom residences with an exclusive garden, private pool and gym area.An elevated courtyard on the first level floods the family lounge area with natural light. Its double height provides space for a vertical garden on the first floor. While a private terrace with elevator access also allows you to entertain under the stars. A mix of single and double height provides a distinctive spatial character to this luxurious residence with one level looking out onto another. Natural light and surrounding greenery add a sense of balance and privacy. With ample room for living and working, and multiple entertaining venues, this truly is a new experience in luxury. FEATURES & AMENITIES: VRV air-conditioning, Private elevator, Private swimming pool, Italian marble flooring in living and dining areas, Wooden flooring, in master bedroom, Bathtub with jacuzzi jet in master bathroom, Family lounge on upper level, Entertainment lounge, Personal gym area, Home automation and security controlled access, Basement parking space for 3 cars, Video door phone RESIDENCES EXECUTIVE FLOORS Executive Floors are luxurious duplexes which are housed in exclusive 4-storey elegantly designed buildings. These 3250 sq.ft. ground + 1 units feature 4 spacious bedrooms and exclusive green landscaped gardens. While the larger 4500 sq.ft. duplex above has an open terrace with a roof garden and a personal plunge pool. Each comes with a separate servant's room. EXECUTIVE APARTMENTS Executive Apartments are housed in G+9 and G+11 storey mid-rise buildings with just one apartment on each floor. All apartments are open on 3 sides. These 3300 sq.ft., 4 BHK units feature a unique double height living area. The top 2 level penthouse units have grand open terraces while the ground floor units have 3 bedrooms with attached private garden areas. All Executive Apartments have separate servant's room and an exclusive service elevator. TOWER RESIDENCES Tower Residences are luxurious 3 and 4 BHK apartments, surrounded by interconnected orchards, formal gardens and squares. These 22 to 40 storey, high rise towers offer you a breathtaking view of the surroundings. A winding path leads through the gardens to the clubhouse and spa areas, allowing residents to enjoy the best of nature. The 2185 sq.ft., 3 BHK apartments are housed in separate towers with 4 apartments on each floor. 4 BHK towers will have a choice of two sizes of 4 apartments on each floor of the tower - larger 2905 sq.ft. units and smaller 2625 sq.ft. units. All the units shall have a servant's room. LIFESTYLE FACILITIES ROOFTOP RESTAURANT The spa sweeps up to a rooftop restaurant on the 40th floor.Sip a hot cup of cappuccino as you enjoy open views of the Delhi Ridge. You"ll find world-class cuisines cooked to perfection at this gourmet restaurant.Residents will be able to relish the convenience of dining out without leaving the complex. CLUBHOUSE The 25,000 sq. ft. development features a state-of-the-art clubhouse and sporting zone where you"ll find every facility, from an outdoor swimming pool, a temperature controlled indoor pool and gym to gaming and courts for tennis, basketball and other sports. An entertainment and relaxation complex contains a juice bar, entertainment venues and card rooms. REJUVENATION ZONE: Outdoor swimming pool Indoor temperature controlled pool Poolside restaurant and bar Fully equipped gymnasium Sauna, steam and jacuzzi Aqua gym Squash and badminton courts Card room Male/female changing rooms REFRESHING ZONE: Restaurant and juice bar Entertainment room Multipurpose hall with pantry Table tennis and pool table Male/female washrooms SPA Take off your shoes and stroll through manicured lawns to the expansive spa. Escape into a tranquil solitude as you experience a host of treatments and therapies in a contemporary setting. It is designed to provide the perfect ambience to de-stress and unwind overlooking lush greenery. Revitalise your senses with some of the signature massages or simply lie back, close your eyes and enjoy the soothing sense of stillness. It's an experience that strives to achieve perfect harmony between your body and soul. FEATURES: Massage room Sauna, steam and jacuzzi Relaxation areas Cold and hot pools LOCATION Primanti is located at Sector 72 in Gurgaon on Southern Peripheral Road. A 150-metre wide road leads into the site, connecting Sohna Road to NH 8. It's proximity to NH 8 gives you high speed access to airports, business centres, shopping malls and many other important destinations like New Delhi. Schools, healthcare facilities and entertainment areas are also a stone's throw away. DISTANCES: Access to NH 8 - 5 kms International Airport - 22 kms Domestic Airport - 25 kms Shopping Malls - 3 kms THE DEVELOPERS TATA HOUSING Established in 1984, Tata Housing Development Company Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited. Tata Housing has stood out in the industry with its ethical business practices, rapidly acquiring a public image of a reliable, quality conscious developer. Every conceptualised project is designed and implemented in association with architects and landscape designers who are the best in the business. On-time delivery, low operating costs and an international standard of design has led to various accolades, including the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Award, 2009. GREEN HOMES INITIATIVE: BUILDING HOMES. PRESERVING ENVIRONMENTS. At Tata Housing, we aim to create a clean, sustainable environment for our residents after careful consideration of the following parameters: energy and water conservation, site selection, indoor air quality and the use of environment friendly materials. These parameters are in strict accordance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), US Green Building Council (USGBC), Tata Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Tata Housing's foray into green buildings began with Xylem-Bengaluru's first Green IT park, which has been awarded a Gold LEED rating by USGBC. The group has since, had many residential projects, like Raisina Residency in Gurgaon, awarded a Gold Pre-Certification from the Indian Green Building Council. PROJECT CONSULTANTS ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: KPF, UK Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates is an international practice headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Abu Dhabi. The firm provides architectural, interior, urban design as well as programming and master planning services for their clients in both public and private sectors. At the core of our architectural practice is design excellence. Winning over 300 awards KPF has earned recognition as one of the most respected architectural design practices in the world. Its body of work has been widely exhibited and is also a subject of 13 monographs. Some of their famous works include projects like the Gold Coast Towers in Australia, Marina Towers in Lebanon, Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas and the Ritz Carlton in Toronto amongst many others. LANDSCAPE DESIGN: CAPTIVA LOVEJOY, UK Capita Lovejoy is one of UK's largest multifaceted consultancies, delivering infrastructure projects on a local, national and international scale. Capita Lovejoy has a staff of over 4,500 people spread across 63 offices in UK and other international countries. They offer a vast range of professional and technical expertise across an unrivalled number of services. The company believes in being a strategic partner to their clients and supports them at all stages of a project. Capita Lovejoy understands the key risks and challenges in their client's business and ensure to put their efforts where it's most needed. Some of their previous work includes Disneyland Paris, Royal Ascot Racecourse, Sheldon Square Paddington, the Canary Riverside Four Seasons Hotel and a residential development at London's Canary Wharf. Tata Housing Primanti, Tata Housing Primanti Gurgaon, Tata Housing Primanti Villas, Tata Housing Primanti Residences, Tata Housing Primanti Sector 72 Gurgaon, Tata Housing Primanti Price List, Tata Housing Primanti Payment Plan, Tata Housing Primanti Review, Tata Housing Primanti Location, Tata Housing Primanti Location Map, Tata Housing Primanti Floor Plan, Tata Housing Primanti Brochure, Tata Housing Primanti Status, Tata Housing Primanti Progress, Tata Housing Primanti Update
29 Mar 2011
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Based on the novel by Stephen King. Successful romantic novelist, Paul Sheldon, just had his life saved by his No.1 fan, Ann Wilkes. You'd think they ride off into the sunset, but, they don't.
4 May 2011
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