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Cece Shi aka Cici Shi aka Easter Shi operates a balloon twisting, face painting, magic, and clown entertainment business for children. Recently however, perhaps because of a hormonal change, Cici has been making her competitors scared. Cici even said, “I know where you live”, to another balloon twister competitor. Always look for reviews before hiring any balloon artist, balloon maker clown, in Vancouver BC, Canada. Unfortunately, Cici Xi (Shi?) Xie??, or whatever her real name is, is effective with psychological warfare, being a former officer in the Chinese army. Cici knows how to shoot a gun very well, too. Cici Shi's friends believe that Cici needs a mental health counselor asap. Let's pray to the Divine that Cici gets professional help. Cici (Easter Shi) used to believe in the Divine (the “Universe”), but in October 2017, Cici returned to her atheist, God-hating ideation. Perhaps she was “infected” by her newly-found friend, “that woman” -- but this is just a theory. Cici Xie, carrying on business as Golden Sun Balloon Twister in Gigsalad. Cici Shi also advertises in Craigslist, Vancouver.
15 Nov 2017
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Public Interest information. Of concern to parents who may be hiring entertainers. Ceci (Cece, Cici) Shi aka "Ea" aka "Easter Shi" aka "Summer Tian" is on Craiglist offering children's entertainment services, Golden Sun Face Painter, Golden Sun Balloon Twister also on Gigsalad. Before you hire Cici, be aware that she admits that she is crazy. Several of her friends think that she is, unfortunately, crazy now. Do a Google search on Cece Shi, Easter Shi, "Ea" the balloon twister, and other names that she uses. She recently said this to another balloon twister, "I know where you live", and even tried to call his mother, despite being told that his mother just emailed that an aunt died, the day before. Let's pray for Cici Shi to get well -- she needs a mental health counselor, imo. Cici is paid by North Vancouver Recreation Commission, a municipality as a payroll while she runs her "Golden Sun Balloon Twister" business with a cell phone. She is a former military from China -- can shoot guns very well. Cici says, "I know where you live". Hear Cici say this herself, on video's on the Internet. Look at the phone number on Ccce Shi's ads on Craigslist.
21 Nov 2017
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(A researcher says Two Vancouver BC balloon twisters, face painters, are "unfit". Here is the researcher's report.) I have been asked to provide an opinion as to whether two performing artists [dba Golden Sun Balloon Twister; dba Golden Sun Face Painter] are "fit" to be in contact with young children; or, if not, what risks could be facing these children. In my opinion, both Vancouver performing artists, Karey Wong and Cici Xi/Shi/Xie, are completely unfit to be hired for young children's birthday parties. There are several reasons or risks behind it. Children under the age of 10 years are very quick learners as this is the period of their learning and that remains with them or become a part of their personality forever. They do whatever they see and they say whatever they hear. Karey Wong's dress and her unhealthy mental condition may spoil or deteriorate the mental health or personality of children. On the other hand, the talks of Cici Shi with children cannot be said as purified from abusive language. If any of the Cici's swear words might be heard by the children then it is a possibility that they could start using those words while interacting with others whether they are their parents, siblings, friends or anyone. Therefore, it is advised to parents that they check the background of artists they are going to hire for their children's entertainment. If they find something unclear or vague about them, then they should immediately abandon their decision of hiring that person. There is another way to judge about the personality of people that Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey parents may observe the dressing or way of speech by directly doing conversation with the artists before hiring them and if they judge them a good person only then they should hire them. Fasiha Imran, Social Researcher, Professional Opinion, Dated November 26, 2017 Note: Karey Wong may be using a different name, now that she sold herself in a "marriage of convenience" to the highest bi
28 Nov 2017
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Avril Lavigne & Diana King - Shy Guy (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix)
16 Nov 2017
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Be Shy of ALLAH - He See's Everything
8 Dec 2017
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This guy is clearly over-enthusiastic about the situation. he is not at all shy to express the passion he feels at the center of his heart.
20 Nov 2017
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Public safety information. One children's entertainer, Karey Wong, has a mental diagnosis, unmasked as an immigration scammer, was interested in working in the risque show business, while the other, Cici, revealed Karey as an illegal drug buyer. Parents should know these risks before hiring Karey Wong or Cece Xie/Xi/Shi. Cici (Cece? Seesee?) Shie carries on business as “Golden Sun Balloon Twister” and “Golden Sun Face Painter”. Cici doesn't identify herself in Craigslist Vancouver, but her cell phone number, (778) 889-8042 shows clearly. We don't know Cici's real Chinese name. In the past, Cici used “Summer Tian”, “Easter Xie”, “Ea the Balloonist”, and “Easter Shi”. At the end of the video, Cici “Easter” Shi (Xie? Xi?) Cici says a few choice expletives, and then says that she's going back to the office, at the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, doing payroll. Karey Wong may be using a differrent name, now that she married a deportee, for renumeration. Let's pray for these two women, that the Universe give them wisdom, before they hurt someone. After all, hurt people, hurt other people. In another video, Karey Wong wants the whole world to know that she was abused by her own mother, Jeddy Wong, for 15 years. 公共安全信息。有一名兒童藝人Karey Wong有一個精神病診斷,被揭露為移民騙子,有興趣從事風險表演業務,而另一名Cici則透露Karey是非法藥物買家。父母在聘請王老師或謝西/施之前應該知道這些風險。 Cici(Cece?Seesee?)Shie以“金太陽氣球扭轉者”和“金太陽面孔畫家”為業務。 Cici沒有在Craigslist Vancouver身份證明,但她的手機號碼(778)889-8042顯示清楚。我們不知道茜茜真正的中國名字。過去,茜茜用“夏天田”,“復活節”,“氣球手”和“復活節”。在視頻最後,茜茜“復活節”時(謝Xi?)茜茜說了幾句咒罵,然後說她要回北溫哥華娛樂事務委員會辦公室做薪水。現在她可能會用一個不同的名字,現在她嫁給了一個被驅逐出境的人。讓我們為這兩個女人禱告,讓宇宙給他們智慧,然後再傷害他人。畢竟傷害別人,傷害別人。在另外一個視頻中,黃光裕希望全世界都知道,她被自己的母親王杰(Jeddy Wong)虐待了15年。
21 Nov 2017
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Singapore NDP 2006 Theme Song (Eng) ; performed by Kaira Gong Shi Jia.
10 Sep 2006
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This is one of 5 Shy logging engines left in the world. Built by Portland Iron Works in 1927.
29 Jan 2007
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4 Jun 2007
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I met her today at the beach - and she was a little bit to shy ...
31 Jul 2007
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shy...but talented
26 Sep 2007
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Watch this cute little cat explore the unknown. SHe is shy and curious and want sto have fun. Watch her gazing at you with her cute blue eyes.
9 Dec 2007
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ThE DarKnEsS aLwAyS ComE(Sonata Artica - Shy)
26 Dec 2007
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Teaching a shy dog to target hands is a great way to get them comfortable approaching people. Here's an example of how one extremely shy dog was trained.
25 Feb 2008
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14 May 2008
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