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Eagle Eye Movie Review. Find out what moviegoers think of Eagle Eye! See the Eagle Eye trailer! See the Eagle Eye trailer! Are Spielberg and Shia the new dynamic duo of Hollywood? Enjoy this RevYOU of Eagle Eye!
27 Sep 2008
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I went down to my local department store on Michigan Avenue for a free Eye Brow Wax, didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I also show you the Walgreens where Shia LeBouf got arrested last year when he was in Chicago filming the movie Eagle Eye. Distributed by Tubemogul.
3 Oct 2008
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Alex, Dan, and Jeff talk about the new movie with Shia LaBeouf, which is a remake of the Hitchcock film, "North by Northwest." Free Totally Rad Show Weekly Video Podcast on iTunes: ******* Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: ******* For more visit: *******revision3****/trs
8 Oct 2008
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Watch Full Movie Free *******www.MyFreeFilm**** Eagle Eye - Shia LaBeouf Michelle Monaghan Rosario Dawson Billy Bob Thornton
9 Oct 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ US warns Iraq over troop pact Bush Administration should stop dictating terms to Iraq on the security pact and instead help the country in securing an extension of the UN mandate. It is high time US withdraw its troops from Iraq especially after the success of Shia Sunni ceasefire and relative peace that has slowly but surely begun seeping into the Iraqi society. Iraq war has already been a huge burden for the American taxpayer. Ever since the conflict began US has spent more than $315bn on war and reconstruction half of what it desperately needed today for the financial bailout. Our economy is already in shambles, people have lost whatever faith they had in the administration’s ability to protect their economic future. How can the government still afford to play with such flimsy ideas as securing legal basis for military presence in Iraq until 2011, naturally tantamount to inviting financial suicide? Let the UN handle Iraq. US should be busy setting its own house in order instead of bothering itself with Iraq’s future. Indian Flood Relief aid a pittance Monetary relief provided by India is nothing compare to the amount of aid which is needed to actually affect the rehabilitation of flood victims in Nepal. Series of embankments and other structures built by India along the India-Nepal border meant for its own security are havoc in Nepal. According to the Kosi river pact signed between the two neighbours in 1954, India has to maintain, build and repair the various structures on the river. The Kosi breached its embankment in August after two of its spurs collapsed, unleashing destruction in Sunsari district in south Nepal as well as in Bihar state in India. In comparison to the 50,000 people left homeless in Nepal, the money handed over by the Indian government is inadequate. As per international norms, India should compensate Nepal for the ravages caused by the flood. This is the right time for self styled Big Brother that India is, to duly play its part and help its northern neighbor in need. School violence rising in Kenya Following the wave of post-electoral violence in Kenya earlier this year, violence has again erupted, this time in Kenyan schools. Several secondary schools' dormitories and administration blocks were set on fire in the last few months by students whose indiscipline continue to be a source of concern in many parts of the country. Characterized by the destruction of school property running into millions of Kenyan shillings, loss of study time and even death, this unrest spread spontaneously like a bush fire in the dry season. Violence is a part of the education institutes especially with the university students but over the past decade, university strikes have ceased and the trend has shifted to affect secondary schools. The violent events currently taking place in Kenyan schools are not good for the economy and for the future of the students. Considering the aftermath the high official must take the remedial measures to secure the academic future of Kenya's youth. Chinese toys checked for lead The seizure of container full of plastic toys believed to be contaminated with lead is depressing. Economic development at whatever cost it seems is the overriding motto which governs trade and industry functions within China. Recently Chinese dairy industry flooded the world market with melamine tainted milk in attempt to dilute the milk and making it appear higher in proteins. Not only did it risked the lives of thousands f infants throughout the globe but it also had a negative impact on businesses worldwide for no fault of theirs. The new finding that Chinese toy manufacturers in China have exported toys with high lead content is absolutely shocking. The Filipino government should sternly guard against import of goods from China and block the import of goods if laboratory examination succeeds in determining that the toys did contain lead, a toxic chemical. Afterall why should we pay the price for China's "who cares attitude" at the cost of the health of our own young and country's business interests. *******www.instablogs****/
23 Oct 2008
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Leila Fadel: Jan 31 provincial elections will not be a religious fight - but amongst the Shia elite
15 Dec 2008
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This a parody of a hilarious SNL skit called Dear Sister, originally starring Andy Samburg, Bill Hader and Shia Labeouf. Hope you guys like it! Subscribe!
22 Mar 2009
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In the highly-anticipated "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," debuting June 26, 2009, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) again joins with the Autobots
8 Feb 2009
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*******www.transformersmovie****/ | *******saripdolz.blogspot**** In the highly-anticipated "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," debuting June 26, 2009, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) again joins with the Autobots® against their sworn enemies, the Decepticons®. Michael Bay directs from a screenplay by Ehren Kruger & Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman. (C) 2009 DreamWorks Pictures (Paramount)
4 Feb 2009
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It the premiere of Friday the 13th, Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen director Michael Bay had a little chat about his current pet project. How long will it be? Will there be a part 3? I why should we see part 2? And all about the robots. With Shia Labeouf, Megan Fox, Rainn Wilson, Deception, Sam Witwicky and Optimus Prime.
30 Apr 2009
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Saudi police along with Wahabi extremists attacks and kills shia pilgrims in Medina the second holiest city in Islam Manar News
26 Feb 2009
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"Allah Knows All"... Islam is coming to America! Bereft of life, bereft of knowledge, bereft of power and will, how shall I describe my state? For I do not exist, only He exists. I am deaf; the bearer is He. I am blind; the seer is He. I am mute; the orator is He. I do not exist; only He exists. Shah Kamal, "Islamic Sufism" Love always, You're American Shia Brother Norman LeBoon Sr.
30 Apr 2011
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Yes, it will be a big Long Range Missile along with big surprises for the U.S.A. Love always for all, You’re Shia Muslim Brother, Norman LeBoon Sr.
3 Jul 2009
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to 2007's Transformers, which was the first live action Transformers film. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg return respectively as director and executive producer, while Shia LaBeouf reprises the role of Sam Witwicky, the human caught in the war between Autobots and Decepticons. The film introduces many more robots and the scope has been expanded to numerous countries, the most important of which is Egypt.
10 Mar 2009
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President Obama are you ready to HUMBLE yourself to a Shia Muslim? Everything is moving forward as is! "Allah Knows ALL"... As you-Mr. President Obama, know me also! Love for ALL, Norman LeBoon Sr.
6 Nov 2009
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"Allah knows ALL', This Shia Muslim knows so mush (but I say very little- why? Spies) as I've been saying for so long these events are coming near! April 20th 2009 the world will cry, our stock Market will collapse! "Allah knows All"... With China studying the past in how we brought England to their knees after they invaded Egypt's ports with Israel and France, China will SELL our debt on the market (U.S. Treasury). North Korea doesn't receive food aid from the South NO-MORE! And, the spring will be a beautiful month for collecting food for its people! WAR--- the North is staving! America isn't doing very well also! So please try to understand how others live in the world! Men with power do VERY stupid things But, Madam Secretary Clinton, to speak to the Great Leader with such disrespect is not good! The North only knows him as the Great Leader, nothing more, nothing less! Mrs. Clinton, may think she speaks with the education from Oxford University is fine but she doesn’t realize HER GRAVE errors to the NORTH. April 20th 2009 the world will cry, Our stock Market will collapse on this Day as Men with power that lie to America's Government have created this mess, and still can't HELP themselves from GREED and Bonuses! It NEVER Stops It NEVER will as more and more men woman and children are becoming HOMELESS on the streets. Wall Street doesn’t care and they never will but, our Government will always lie and protect them to keep their secrets to protect the mighty dollar from collapse. Its too late as the people of the world will truly understand there LIES, GREED, and how they blame the Muslim world for their problems! President Eisenhower we will sell your pounds; and bring Great Britain to YOUR Knees Allah knows ALL On October 29, 1956, Israeli troops invaded Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and quickly overcame opposition as they raced for Suez. The next day, Britain and France, following their part of the script, offered to temporarily occupy the Canal Zone and suggested a 10 mile buffer on either side which would separate the Egyptian forces from the Israelis. Nasser of course refused, and on October 31, Egypt was attacked and invaded by the military forces of Britain and France. In response to these developments, the Soviet Union, which at the time was ruthlessly suppressing an anti-Communist uprising in Hungary, threatened to intervene on Egypt's behalf. President Eisenhower of the United States pressured Britain, France and Israel into agreeing to a cease-fire and eventual withdrawal from Egypt. The United States, caught by surprise by the dual invasions, was more concerned with the Soviet war in Hungary and the Cold War than with Britain and France's dealings involving Suez. The last thing President Eisenhower wanted was a wider war over Suez. The war itself lasted for only a week, and invading forces were withdrawn within the month. As a result, Egypt now firmly aligned herself with the Soviet Union, which armed Egypt and other Arab nations for the continuing struggle against Israel. Allah knows ALL Love for all, Norman LeBoon Sr.
27 Jan 2011
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