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Video clip of the most popular korean boy-band shinhwa. The no smoking song.
21 May 2006
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[MV] Shinhwa - Venus
5 Apr 2012
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27 May 2008
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3 Jun 2008
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5 Jun 2008
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KOREAN &Taiwanese Music Video [Ver.1] Music - Korean singer Free Style "Y (Please Tell Me Why)" 2004.07.13 taiwanese singer 'Wilber pan' "不得不愛" 2005,07,08 ------------------------------------------- 1. Boa cf "Ting"(2003) Twins "見習愛神"(2005) 2. Clazziquai"sweety"(2004) 楊丞琳(Rainie Yang) "遇上愛"(2006) 3. Clon "First love"(2000) 5566 "神話"(2002,12) 4. DBSK/TVXQ "Rising sun"(2005) Fahrenheit(飛輪海)- "我有我的Young"(2006,9,15) 5. Byul "December 32th"(2002) 楊丞琳(Rainie Yang) "曖昧"(2005) 6. Shinhwa - "Hey, come on"(2001,06,28) energy "come on"(2002,07,01) 7. Jeon jihyun cf "2%"(2002) 李心潔 "愛錯" (2003) 8. M.I.L.K"come to me"(2001) sweety"天使加油"(2003) 9. Jang nara - "sweet dream"(2002) sweety (2003) --------------------------------- A Love To Kill f4 beijing shanghai gillian chung sm jyp yg jolin tsai mtv audition concert 王力宏 jay chou chinese 韓國 台湾 中国 香港 copycat live mv drama style fashion funny shock dance asia zhongguo peking Zheng Yi Zhi Yan Bi Yi Shuo Ai Ni xianggang taipei Hao Xiang Ni thailand usa god machi singapore Lucky Number David Tao Jin Tian Jia Gei indonesia lip 色戒 主題曲 Lust 爱无赦caution Trailer chin song kiss 唇唇欲動 Dao Dai Cai Warriors in Peace Fearless Huo Yuan Jia amazing Hand Qi Li Orange 退后 Jasmine japan WT HEBE TRANSLATED Bu de Bu Ai Have To 快乐崇拜 after 听妈妈的话ting mama de hua 菊花台 job ad cf manyu ziyi CD 張學友 she ep before Shei Wei part version remix s.h.e oh s.e.s fin.kl bokgo dance bokko hug girls vpop tpop tata america europe vietnam chiling vivian nba thailand sing club super junior bae yoong joon base surgery xie download montage friend figure performance award stars Child Present my name moto sweetie spark hee sun Sad Love Story daisy sonata jeon ji hyun My Sassy windstruck tae hee Love Story in Harvard Stairway to Heaven lee young ae Dae Jang Geum Jewel in the Palace Sympathy for Lady vengeance JSA Eugene yoo jin wonderful Life hye gyo full house Autumn In My Heart all-in hotelier hwang jin yi son ye jin goong A Moment to Remember summer scent CSJH the classic Alone in Love yoon eun hye TSZX princess hours coffee prince The Vineyard Man One More Time OK? dancer in the rain lee bo young Save Your Last Dance Seo Dong Yo A DIRTY CARNIVAL Yi San lee da hae my girl Hello Miss han ji min Capital Scandal irony wonder girls jUMONG choi ji woo winter sonata AIR CITY SNSD shin min ah yoona hero bittersweet Life hyo joo spring waltz ella Girls' Generation ryeo won my name is kim sam soon which star are you from park shin hye goongs Heaven's Tree Nonstop sung yu ri Snow Queen One Fine Day Lee hyo ri toc toc 10 Minutes hey girl Lee yeon hee wedding movie "M" millionaire's First love Witch Yoo Hee Super Rookie jang na ra Sweet dream Phil Sung IVY jeon do yeon Secret Sunshine AAE anyband 東方神起 Lovers in Prague Hyun bin balloons Triangle miracle Marry u la la Happiness Rokkuguh Don't Don Dancing out Phoenix Jang dong gun all about eve sangdoo Brotherhood of War Joo jin mo 200 Pounds Beauty Fashion 70's Song seung hun Jo in sung What Happened In Bali Kwon sang woo Jang geun suk dong won Se7en Temptation of Wolves Escaping The Sun It's Raining I'm coming Passion Kim jung hoon jun ki Time of Dog Wolf king and the Clown Fly Daddy rae won attic cat ss501 cpop Daniel henny 五月天seducing mr. perfect Bing Bang Ella Wang Lee Hom
6 Jul 2008
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Special dedication to one of my good friend...Lhita (dhaylhits2)...pls enjoy!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michael Learns To Rock (also known as MLTR) is a Danish soft rock band that performs songs in English. It was formed in 1988 and has sold over 9 million records worldwide, mainly in Asia. It has produced seven studio albums as well as live and "greatest hits" albums. In 1987, the singer-keyboardist Jascha Richter and drummer Kåre Wanscher were high school students in Aarhus, Denmark, when they saw guitarist Mikkel Lentz with his group the Rocking Studs and asked him to form a band. A year later Søren Madsen joined, playing bass. The group debuted in Aarhus in May 1988 and later entered the city's annual talent show. The band won and hurriedly had to come up with a name. In an interview Richter admitted that it was named after Michael Jackson: "Yeah, it was like Johnny Hates Jazz and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Sure, I've regretted calling ourselves this many times since, but we were successful so quickly we had to stick with it and over time I got used to it." (Taipei Times, 06 07 2007) A member of the contest jury, J.P. Anderson, became the band's manager. MLTR played live but did not release its eponymous debut album, "Michael Learns to Rock," until September 1991. A single from the album, "The Actor," topped the Danish chart and also did well in Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. In 1993, MLTR released Colours which sold over 1 million records. The album included the singles "Sleeping Child," "25 Minutes" and "Out of the Blue." It also toured Asia for the first time. Two years later MLTR's third album, Played On Pepper came out, selling 1.2 million units, and the group played 25 shows in 10 countries. Hits from this album included "That's Why (You Go Away)" and "Someday." The album "Paint My Love" was released in 1996 and sold 3.4 million copies. The band was also chosen as the headliner for the "Celebrate Hong Kong" concert on July 6, 1997, marking the transfer of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China. Its fourth studio album, "Nothing To Lose," was released in September 1997. Soon after, MLTR's members took a break to spend time with their families and develop projects on their own or in collaboration with other artists. Even so, Richter wrote some new songs and the band's anthem "Strange Foreign Beauty" was added to a 1998 greatest hits album. In 2000, Søren Madsen decided to leave the group to embark on a solo career, and the three remaining members carried on and produced the album "Blue Night," which went platinum in Denmark and sold well[citation needed] in Asia. The band attributed its success in Asia to a clean-living image and singing in English as a second language, and the fact that their lyrics are relatively easy to learn and sing (Taipei Times, 06 07 2007). After the release of "Blue Night", the band took a prolonged hiatus, with Jascha Richter branching out to work on his solo album, "Blue Planet". Jascha and the band later admitted that they even considered disbanding during this time, but ultimately decided against, after their success with their greatest hits album releases. By 2004, the band regrouped again for yet another album. First, they decided to change their name once again, reverting from MLTR back to the original Michael Learns to Rock.(not cited) "Take Me To Your Heart" (2004) focused on the Asian market. The single "Take Me To Your Heart" was a remake of Jacky Cheung's "Goodbye Kiss 吻别" and was popular in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan. MLTR sang an English and Chinese duet of "Take Me To Your Heart" with Chinese singer Hu Yanbin at a 2005 New Year's Party in Guangzhou, China. The band also did a duet of the song with South Korean star Shin Hye-sung, of boy band Shinhwa. In 2007, MLTR released "The Best of Michael Learns to Rock Live" (available by download from the band's Web site) and in July toured Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. MLTR's music has been described as a Scandinavian glow that meets the international pop song, something which has been refined through the years by artists such as The Beatles, The Eagles, Elton John and Billy Joel. According to their record label releases, their sound is "precisely the perfect balance of the two elements described above that has been instrumental in forming the compelling sound of the band and won MLTR millions of fans around the globe."
17 Mar 2010
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While delivering a student's dry cleaning, Geum Jan Di saves the life of a student at the most prestigious school in South Korea. Her actions soon became public and exposes the bullying within the school. To silence the public's attention, Jan Di is offered a swimming scholarship to Shinhwa High School which she declines but her family forces her to attend. During her first day at Shinhwa, Jan Di learns of the famous F4 and of the other students' adoration and fixation with the boys in the group. Gu Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin are the richest and most powerful kids within Shinhwa and South Korea. Subsequently, they use their power to terrorize weaker students or those they do not like. Jan Di, instead of being impressed, becomes enraged and fantasizes about confronting Gu Jun Pyo, the leader and initiator of many of the bullying acts. She gains courage to confront him when a friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally spills ice cream on his shoes and he demands the girl to lick it off. Jan Di defends her friend and attempts to reason with Jun Pyo's tyrannical demand. When he refuses to relent, Jan Di turns violent, knocking Jun Pyo to the ground. Engaged by this, Gu Jun Pyo declares war on Jan Di and encourages the other students to bully her. Jan Di, however, is resistant, refusing to apologize to Gu Jun Pyo, and stands by her decision to fight him. Ironically, Gu Jun Pyo, having never been stood up to, begins to develop feelings for her. He tries unsuccessfully to woo her as she slowly begins to spend more time with Jun Pyo and his friends. Jan Di teaches Jun Pyo that money cannot buy everything and in order to have real friends, he himself must be real or use his heart, but Gu Jun Pyo still does not understand why someone like Jan Di should dislike him. As the story progresses, Jun Pyo falls deeper in love with Jan Di and she learns how to open herself to his love as well. Jan Di's best friend, Ga Eul often finds herself in the same place as Yi Jung. Though she finds him attractive, she is initially annoyed by his arrogance. One day, Yi Jung finds Ga Eul crying after she is dumped by her boyfriend. He advises her to let him go, and later, to make her feel better, the two show up to a club in which he is attending. Yi Jung pretends to be in love with Ga Eul to make her ex jealous. He gives her his scarf and walks her home. After this, Ga Eul finds herself smitten with Yi Jung. On Valentine's Day, she waits outside his house, planning to give him chocolates. He shows up with two girls on his arm and on his table, he already has dozens of chocolates from other girls. When Ga Eul is upset, Yi Jung reminds her that their night at the club was only an act, and it's not his fault if she took it too seriously. Yi Jung feels bad, and gives Ga Eul a cake and flowers, when he mistakenly thinks it's her birthday. The two become friendly again. As love begins to blossom between Jan Di and Jun Pyo, Jun Pyo's mother discovers them and deems it unsuitable. She does everything in her power to keep the two apart, even arranging a marriage for Jun Pyo. The other F4 members and Ga Eul try to bring them back together. Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin came up with a few plans, but they fail. They resort to So Yi Jung and Ga Eul pretending to go on a fake date, which upsets Jan Di because she doesn't consider Yi Jung good enough for her friend. She follows the two around with Jun Pyo by her side, making sure Yi Jung is treating Ga Eul appropriately. At first their plan was successful but because of Jun Pyo's mother, their relationship became strained again. After their date, Ga Eul finds her self falling for Yi Jung again. Yi Jung feels the same way, but he can't bring himself to admit it, due to his doubt in true love. After a talk with the first girl Yi Jung loved, Ga Eul admits to Yi Jung how she feels about him and asks if he'll go on a real date with her. He rejects her, saying he doesn't date nice girls, foolish girls, or girls connected to his friends. He later changes his mind, and takes her out, though he spends all his time ignoring Ga Eul, and talking to other women. Their date ends with Ga Eul throwing water in Yi Jung's face, but Ga Eul still helps Yi Jung to get safely home when he is too drunk to do it himself. Other factors keep arising as another member of the group falls in love with Jan Di (which was Yoon Ji Hoo) and in a twist of fate, Jun Pyo loses his memory. A girl named Jang Yu Mi which was on the same hospital where Jun Pyo was confined, takes advantage on him to make him fall in love with her. Geum Jan Di never gives up for Jun Pyo to remember his love for her, she falls in the swimming pool letting Jun Pyo reminise his love for her. On Jan Di's graduation, Jun Pyo proposes to her on the cable car at the NamSan Tower where their first date was held. Gu Jun Pyo told Jan Di that he needs to study abroad to fix problems regarding Shinhwa. Jun Pyo asks Jan Di to accompany him as his wife but Jan Di refuses because she has also plans for her future becoming a doctor. The two agreed but Jan Di told Jun Pyo that she will be waiting for 4 years in one condition--if Jun Pyo comes back as a handsome and charming man. After Ga Eul helps Yi Jung decipher the message his first love tried to send him, Yi Jung has a change of heart about their relationship. At his home, Yi Jung warns Ga Eul that he's not a nice guy, and Ga Eul tells him that not every nice girl wants a nice guy. The two almost kiss, though they get interrupted. Later, Yi Jung visits Ga Eul to talk about their relationship. Before Yi Jung can confess how he feels for Ga Eul, she cuts him off, thanking him for giving her the chance to not have any regrets about the two of them, since she gave it her all. She leaves him before he ever gets the chance to say he loves her. The story ends with F4 four years later with each cast revealing happenings on their current life--Yi Jung coming back form Sweden for helding his art exhibit and visits Ga Eul to a kindergarten teacher, where it's revealed that the two are now dating, Ji Hoo who just opened his Grandpa's clinic, and Woo Bin becoming a happy man but his career was never mentioned in the story. Lastly, Geum Jan Di went to the beach to see Jun Pyo.He then proposes to Jan Di but the answer was still a question among viewers because when Jan Di was about to answer--Ji Hoo, Yi Jung and Woo Bin arrives saying that they object to the proposal because Jun Pyo and Jan Di didn't ask for their permission first....and they live peacefully.
15 Mar 2010
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Shinhwa - Brand New MV
7 Jan 2009
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Shinhwa Tribute -clips frm dance practices, orhpanage visit, messin around in dance competition, and etc =) Song: Jay Chou - garden tour club.
31 Jul 2009
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it's a karaoke of shinhwa's crazy mv i made this i do other in the future ^^
15 Aug 2009
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ShinHwa MV Perfect Man
19 Aug 2009
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10 Sep 2009
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Shinhwa- Wildeyes
14 Jan 2010
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Once a fan, forever a fan. SHINHWA CHANGJO!!
17 Sep 2010
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Shinhwa - EricHyroi-AnyCall(MV) [63mb]
27 Jun 2011
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