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Video clip of the most popular korean boy-band shinhwa. The no smoking song.
21 May 2006
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[MV] Shinhwa - Venus
5 Apr 2012
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3 Jun 2008
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5 Jun 2008
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KOREAN &Taiwanese Music Video [Ver.1] Music - Korean singer Free Style "Y (Please Tell Me Why)" 2004.07.13 taiwanese singer 'Wilber pan' "不得不愛" 2005,07,08 ------------------------------------------- 1. Boa cf "Ting"(2003) Twins "見習愛神"(2005) 2. Clazziquai"sweety"(2004) 楊丞琳(Rainie Yang) "遇上愛"(2006) 3. Clon "First love"(2000) 5566 "神話"(2002,12) 4. DBSK/TVXQ "Rising sun"(2005) Fahrenheit(飛輪海)- "我有我的Young"(2006,9,15) 5. Byul "December 32th"(2002) 楊丞琳(Rainie Yang) "曖昧"(2005) 6. Shinhwa - "Hey, come on"(2001,06,28) energy "come on"(2002,07,01) 7. Jeon jihyun cf "2%"(2002) 李心潔 "愛錯" (2003) 8. M.I.L.K"come to me"(2001) sweety"天使加油"(2003) 9. Jang nara - "sweet dream"(2002) sweety (2003) --------------------------------- A Love To Kill f4 beijing shanghai gillian chung sm jyp yg jolin tsai mtv audition concert 王力宏 jay chou chinese 韓國 台湾 中国 香港 copycat live mv drama style fashion funny shock dance asia zhongguo peking Zheng Yi Zhi Yan Bi Yi Shuo Ai Ni xianggang taipei Hao Xiang Ni thailand usa god machi singapore Lucky Number David Tao Jin Tian Jia Gei indonesia lip 色戒 主題曲 Lust 爱无赦caution Trailer chin song kiss 唇唇欲動 Dao Dai Cai Warriors in Peace Fearless Huo Yuan Jia amazing Hand Qi Li Orange 退后 Jasmine japan WT HEBE TRANSLATED Bu de Bu Ai Have To 快乐崇拜 after 听妈妈的话ting mama de hua 菊花台 job ad cf manyu ziyi CD 張學友 she ep before Shei Wei part version remix s.h.e oh s.e.s fin.kl bokgo dance bokko hug girls vpop tpop tata america europe vietnam chiling vivian nba thailand sing club super junior bae yoong joon base surgery xie download montage friend figure performance award stars Child Present my name moto sweetie spark hee sun Sad Love Story daisy sonata jeon ji hyun My Sassy windstruck tae hee Love Story in Harvard Stairway to Heaven lee young ae Dae Jang Geum Jewel in the Palace Sympathy for Lady vengeance JSA Eugene yoo jin wonderful Life hye gyo full house Autumn In My Heart all-in hotelier hwang jin yi son ye jin goong A Moment to Remember summer scent CSJH the classic Alone in Love yoon eun hye TSZX princess hours coffee prince The Vineyard Man One More Time OK? dancer in the rain lee bo young Save Your Last Dance Seo Dong Yo A DIRTY CARNIVAL Yi San lee da hae my girl Hello Miss han ji min Capital Scandal irony wonder girls jUMONG choi ji woo winter sonata AIR CITY SNSD shin min ah yoona hero bittersweet Life hyo joo spring waltz ella Girls' Generation ryeo won my name is kim sam soon which star are you from park shin hye goongs Heaven's Tree Nonstop sung yu ri Snow Queen One Fine Day Lee hyo ri toc toc 10 Minutes hey girl Lee yeon hee wedding movie "M" millionaire's First love Witch Yoo Hee Super Rookie jang na ra Sweet dream Phil Sung IVY jeon do yeon Secret Sunshine AAE anyband 東方神起 Lovers in Prague Hyun bin balloons Triangle miracle Marry u la la Happiness Rokkuguh Don't Don Dancing out Phoenix Jang dong gun all about eve sangdoo Brotherhood of War Joo jin mo 200 Pounds Beauty Fashion 70's Song seung hun Jo in sung What Happened In Bali Kwon sang woo Jang geun suk dong won Se7en Temptation of Wolves Escaping The Sun It's Raining I'm coming Passion Kim jung hoon jun ki Time of Dog Wolf king and the Clown Fly Daddy rae won attic cat ss501 cpop Daniel henny 五月天seducing mr. perfect Bing Bang Ella Wang Lee Hom
6 Jul 2008
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27 May 2008
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junjin eric try to kiss
20 Dec 2006
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Junjin go on date
18 Mar 2007
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My top Korean actors...
3 Mar 2009
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song title: Baby, now that I found you by Allison Krauss a collection of Andy Lee's pics
14 Jan 2010
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song title: I Need You by Leann Rimes a collection of Eric Mun's pics
25 Apr 2009
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song title: Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey a collection of Kim Dongwan's pics
16 Nov 2009
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song title: We Belong Together by Mariah Carey a collection of Lee Minwoo's pics
9 Aug 2009
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a collection of Jun Jin's pics song title: Happy by Ashanti
24 Apr 2009
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4 year old girl very cute with arobic dance cute belly
22 Jul 2008
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If you're going to share this video, please use the links below. ShinhwaForever is trying to raise money for future projects to support our guys :) Enjoy! MF: *******adf[.]ly/Cwe0t *******adf[.]ly/Cwe4X DM: *******adf[.]ly/Cwe7d MC: *******adf[.]ly/Cwfk6 Credit Source: 01luvsh Translator: tuchoong (eng subs) + 七站联合 (Chi subs) Timer: rose_liana Typesetter: hyunna1119 Encoder: iloveminbong Brought to you by SFsubs *******z3.invisionfree****/Shinhwa_Forever/index.php
18 Sep 2012
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