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The Yahala wreck is an exclusive ship wreck which locates somewhere at the Japanese garens, Eilat, Israel. Bottom Depth: ~50m. Advise- For Technical divers only !!!
12 Sep 2006
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Watch as we take PC modification to the next level and put a PC in an aquarium, complete with ship wreck and fake plants.
8 Dec 2009
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The Satil Ship Wreck, Eilat, Israel. There's so much to see in Eilat, like you'd never believe!!!
12 Sep 2006
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This video by Concerns1234 of www.clubpenguinhero**** shows Rockhopper's Ship Wreck on Clubpenguin!
13 Mar 2008
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The artificial reef that is formed by this WWII victim that is beached at Tulamben, North-East Bali, houses numorous marine creatures of which unidentified ones between them..
14 Apr 2007
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this is a plane & ship wreck. you will also see the a sea turtle and tropical fish
2 Nov 2007
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Scuba Diving the recently discovered largely intact metal shipwreck of a fishing trawler somewhere in Bali, Indonesia.. Technical divers descent down to a depth of 50 meter and have a look around and inside the bridge of this approx. 60 metre long ship wreck. (this is NOT the famous wreck dive of the USAT Liberty in Tulamben and the resting place of this sunken ship is beyond recreational Scuba diving limits)
7 Apr 2009
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Visit: *******tinyurl****/darkorbitbot2013 Key Features Galaxy Gates Refining Collects bonus boxes, including celebratory stars, eggs, roses, etc. Collects resources (ship wrecks) Sells selected resources if the cargo bay is overloaded (Prometium, Endurium, Terbium, Prometid, Duranium, Promerium) Escapes from attacks to the base or port, depending on which one is the nearest Switches configurations when escaping from attacks Recovers ship strength Attacks all aliens (twists) Does not attack mobs in the safe zone or strangers Chat Buying invisibility P.E.T. 15 Outfit Key Features Galaxy Gates Auto lock Anti-camo RSB-75 changer Auto switch configuration Flying around barriers Collect Palladium Show enemy on minimap Show enemy hitpoints Show resources on minimap
16 Apr 2013
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1 minute sample from "Tongue Tied"-The Tongue In this powerful episode, Chad examines the power of words and their influence on a person's life and destiny. Words may seem small and sometimes insignificant but the Scriptures equate them to the rudder of a ship that dictates the entire direction in which a huge vessel goes. Chad shows how our most difficult task in life is to control the tongue. Chad challenges young people to allow God's Word to control and dictate their lives.
31 Mar 2009
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from www.Hawaii-Activities-Information****: For us the Hawaii Sub Tours were a safe and convenient way to go underwater for the whole family. We've seen fish, coral, turtles and even a shipwreck. Here is how to get there. Underwater footage on website.
15 Sep 2007
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Riverdance being hit by waves on the beach near Blackpool,,,,the ship has now gone being cut up where she lies
15 Dec 2009
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Tim Taylor leads a deep dive expedition to explore a 19th century sailing vessel. Origin and purpose unknown.
25 May 2010
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