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With the advent of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941, Afghanistan found itself rocked by a more serious international shockwave. The Soviet Union the great opponent of the British Empire in central Asia and ally of Afghanistan's German friends suddenly became an enemy of the Germans and a friend of the British. There was no longer any hope of playing the British against the Soviets. Soon afterward came the joint Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran, an event which thoroughly alarmed the government, and at which point Afghanistan was surrounded by Allied-controlled territory. It became all too apparent to Kabuls government that it could suffer the same fate as its western neighbor and the government had no choice but to accede to the joint Anglo-Soviet demand in October 1941 for the expulsion of all Germans and Italians. Although due to Afghanistan's officially neutral status small diplomatic staffs were permitted to remain, by the end of the month 206 Axis nationals had departed for neutral Turkey. Some additional Italian and German diplomatic personnel were expelled in September 1943. Afghanistan retained its neutrality but, surrounded by the possessions and occupied territories of the increasingly powerful Allied states, it became a neutrality which was as much enforced as chosen. Kabul never declared war on Germany and never broke diplomatic relations with Berlin unlike a good many other powers did near the end of the wat. Had the Wehrmacht defeated the Soviet Union, however, and had panzers appeared on its northern border, Afghanistan would not have hesitated to declare war against the Allies to gain all it could from British India.
11 Sep 2017
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Jasperdekloet 10 Years old tests his new Naish Shockwave 7m2 on Noordwijk beach
13 Apr 2007
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this idiot tries to record an explosion but he gets k.o. by the shockwave!cool
12 Jan 2008
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A bridge was deemed to be too dangerous for tanks and bound to collapse, so they demolished it and wound up with a fun shockwave coming right at them!
14 Jan 2008
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Gary Rosenzweig looks at the new Shockwave plug-in for the Intel-based Mac. This is the first time Shockwave has been available for newer Macs. You can use Shockwave to play free online games like the ones at *******GameScene****.
14 Apr 2008
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This is a point of view (POV) shot of the roller coaster Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas. *******www.LaneVids****
11 Dec 2008
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My uncle filmed this from a nearby condo balcony. Look at the huge shockwave and explosion. This is definatly the best footage from the incident in toronto.
30 Oct 2008
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Video Tutorial on How-To Download and Install the Adobe Shockwave Player plug-in for your web browser.
12 Oct 2008
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Sometimes you install a reader or plug-in and you are not sure if it installed correctly or at all. In this Video Tutorial you will learn How-To Test and see if your Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Acrobat or Sun Java successfully installed on your computer.
14 Jun 2009
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Kent Shockley fires up the Shockwave Jet Truck and does a dry run down Runway 26 at Langley AFB for the 2006 AirPower Over Hampton Roads airshow on Friday May 6, 2006. Like what you've seen? Well, if you are interested in purchasing DVDs of specific aircraft and/or of airshows, interested in anything and everything related to airshows (where the jet teams will show up, all airshow performers, airshow reports from airshows I have attended, previews of airshows I will be attending, etc.), a much more easier to navigate "version" of all of my videos, and/or everything there is related to aviation - including spotting guides to my favorite airports and military bases and aircraft factfiles, please take time to check out Steve's Airshow World at .
11 Jan 2009
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Check out RedCat Racing's 1/10 SCale RC Shockwave 4WD Off Road Buggy in Action finally. Listen to engine sound turning into an awesome powerful sound inside covered Car parking. More Videos are on their way. Don't forget to check****/alishanmao, www.metacafe****/channels/redcat+racing. Cheers
24 Apr 2011
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After shooting the videos for Engine tuning and Engine breaking in, Had nothing to do with Shockwave so thought I'd just drive both of my cars. Next time I plan to do a video with full speed of Shockwave while still driving my Citroen XSara Picasso at the same time. So keep your eyes open for that :) remember****/alishanmao and www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao are my other channels too :)
1 Feb 2009
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Ran the Little 1/10 Scale RedCat Racing's RC Shockwave 4WD Off Road Buggy against another 4WD buggy running .28 Engine. Shockwave is running on .18 engine. This little buggy is amazingly fast and kept up with the .28 engine buggy at the same speed. All videos are available at****/alishanmao and www.metacafe****/channels/redcat+racing Cheers.
9 Feb 2009
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Unlock the exclusive Decepticon, Shockwave, by pre-ordering Transformers: War for Cybertron at GameStop.
8 Jun 2010
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The Princeton Tec Shockwave L.E.D. Pack includes the Shockwwave LED which is the brightest 8-Cell light available, boasting 400 Lumens. It has a 12 hour burn time on high and 20 hours on low. It is equipped with 3 Max Bright LED´s that created a good spot, yet wide enough to light a large area. Also included in the Pack is an Impact XL L.E.D. which is a 1 Watt L.E.D. bulb. It has a Twist actuator (Twist-on bezel) prevents accidental powering on/off. This light has a battery life of 50+ hours. Last but not least the Pack includes a Eco Flare. The Eco Flare is a vital part of any night divers gear list. It can be used as a tank marker on continuous burn or as a single ultra bright red marker for boats, ascent lines and emergencies.
25 Jan 2011
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