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Hi, My name is Nick and I'm a professional photographer working out of Sydney, Australia. Please take a look at my videos and if you would like to purchase any photo you see, or you would like to view more, please visit my website at: Thank you for your time.
Info from Licensor: "I had a day off to let loose, in a safe place at least, to shoot some guns and blow up some small explosives. It was totally legal and away from others outside the group of course. Nobody was hurt in the full course of our day, just an unlucky pickup truck owned by the man who supplied the entertainment. God bless America."
17 Nov 2017
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You might have seen in action movies the arrow curves around an object and hits. That's no myth people, here is a demonstration.
5 Nov 2017
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7 Nov 2017
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Watch some officials with guns shooting a target with amazing coordination. To understand the amazing part you have to watch till last.
26 Oct 2017
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Two guys on two-wheeler stop on the road, shoot a guy couple of times and smoothly goes on to their path. The ending though is shocking.
26 Oct 2017
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This goalkeeper is too concentrated on the players, lost the track of the ball at his feet and shoots a blank. Totally hilarious.
6 Nov 2017
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Info from Licensor: "I thought there were three seconds left on the clock, so I chucked up a shot and it went in. Then I found out there were 30 seconds left still."
24 Oct 2017
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This is probably the most entertaining and riskiest target to use your Nerf gun at. Watch this son repeatedly shoot his father with Nerf gun blasters.
23 Oct 2017
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Info from Licensor: "Octopus behavior never disappoints! This was an awesome encounter I had with an East Pacific Red Octopus on Earth Day at San Carlos Beach (Breakwater) in Monterey, California. I typically shoot photos underwater and haven’t done much video. That night I was having some trouble getting my flashes to fire so I decided to crank up my focus light and shoot video instead. After shooting some video of nudibrachs and crabs, I decided to go look for octopuses out in the sand off the Breakwater Wall. I was surprised to come across an octopus disappearing into the sand. I found another octopus nearby, started the video rolling, and observed this fascinating behavior that I hadn’t seen before. When illuminated by my light, the octopuses would find and disappear into a nearby innkeeper wormhole. I observed several octopuses exhibiting this behavior that night. Perhaps the octopuses are learning that Whiskers (the infamous Harbor Seal) uses divers lights to hunt for dinner and devising new escape strategies. I am happy to report that no octopuses were eaten by Whiskers in the making of this film. My dive buddies did a great job keeping Whiskers entertained and well feed along the wall while I was out in the sand filming."
27 Oct 2017
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Info from Licensor: "We had organized for a 1-day basketball league, and my friend Jonathan planned for an engagement proposal, to his longtime girlfriend, Tin. We had arranged for a a game called 'blind fold shooting', and we had put Tin and Tan last. They have been together for 11 years and both of them are my childhood friends. That's why a was excited to capture this wonderful moment."
8 Nov 2017
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Info from Licensor: "We were shooting a video for our channel and i was messing around on the snowmobile. The snowmobile caught grip and tossed me off. My shoulder hurt for couple days but other than that i was good."
14 Nov 2017
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Cece Shi aka Cici Shi aka Easter Shi operates a balloon twisting, face painting, magic, and clown entertainment business for children. Recently however, perhaps because of a hormonal change, Cici has been making her competitors scared. Cici even said, “I know where you live”, to another balloon twister competitor. Always look for reviews before hiring any balloon artist, balloon maker clown, in Vancouver BC, Canada. Unfortunately, Cici Xi (Shi?) Xie??, or whatever her real name is, is effective with psychological warfare, being a former officer in the Chinese army. Cici knows how to shoot a gun very well, too. Cici Shi's friends believe that Cici needs a mental health counselor asap. Let's pray to the Divine that Cici gets professional help. Cici (Easter Shi) used to believe in the Divine (the “Universe”), but in October 2017, Cici returned to her atheist, God-hating ideation. Perhaps she was “infected” by her newly-found friend, “that woman” -- but this is just a theory. Cici Xie, carrying on business as Golden Sun Balloon Twister in Gigsalad. Cici Shi also advertises in Craigslist, Vancouver.
15 Nov 2017
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