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27 Nov 2017
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IAN OLIVER MARTIN in short film BEAUTY BOX with actress CAT DEL BUENO.
27 Nov 2017
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Balance - Animation Short Film (1989)
2 Dec 2017
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The Vultures is a Short Film by Slug Line Films based on the Story of a Girl who is a victim of Eve Teasing in Public Transport. The boys involved in the teasing act are referred to The Vultures. Synopsis: The Girl goes to meet her Boyfriend. She is afraid that her brother can spot them so She hides herself wearing Veil so that no one can recognize her. She prefers travelling by Bus, even her boyfriend asks her to pickup but she refuses. While returning to her home some guys board the bus, they look at her and start teasing her. The teasing act causes someone's Death. The Vultures: Directed by: Ajmal Hassan Cast: Yogesh Panwar, Mayank Jain & Khushboo Jha Asst. Director: Saad Khan Executive Director: Mukesh Pathak Written by: Mithu Ghoshal DOP: Rishi Karanjkar Cinematographer: Tarun Panwar & Reyansh Gautam Editing: Ankit Tyagi | Mind Art Films Sound & Dubbing: Sourav Dhawan Graphics: Shoaib Khan MUA: Neelam Sharma Media Promotion: mukesh kumar
21 Nov 2017
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Watch the full movie LIVE Now on SOLO LION FILMS. A great life message for all teenagers & youth, globally. Directed by: Pranay Bali Main Cast: Tanya Singh | Chirag Adlakha |Naveen Arora |Seema Majumdar |Ashwini Vaid |Sunny Tanwar |Syed Ali DOP: Zeeshan Ali Sound Recording : Arun Kumar Light Man : Shyam Mishra & Prabhat Camera Assitant : Rakesh Kumar | Firoz Raja Story BY : Raman Thukral Production Head :Sunny Tanwar Post Production : Syed Mohd Uzair (Kevin) Make Up : Shobha Nagar Director of Photography : Zeeshan Ali Assitant D.O.P : Javed Chhowlasi Camera Assistant :Rakesh Kumar | Firoz Raja Light Man : Shayam Mishra | Prabhat Sound Recordist : Arun Kumar Music: PB Music Sign up for Free and get daily updates on New Videos, exclusive Shoots, contests & much more The story revolves around two teenagers: RAHUL, a snooty brat, and MEENAL, an introverted empath. While eavesdropping, Meenal finds out her parents couldn’t afford her treatment expense and in order to not put any pressure, Meenal runs to the terrace to commit suicide, but drops the idea because of someone else’s presence. The dwindling relation with his father builds up Rahul’s angst and he finds solace in self-destructive things that range from smoking, drinking and even taking up the Blue Whale Challenge. It is during one of his tasks on the terrace at an odd hour, Rahul sees Meenal. He calls her out, but she leaves without responding and Rahul associates her with the Blue Whale Challenge. While smoking with one of his friends in the park, Rahul notices Meenal and approaches her. Meenal is all consumed in her books when Rahul intrudes. While conversing Meenal mistakes him as a cancer patient. The two now traverse two different paths and this gives rise to a conflict between them. Annoyed Rahul ends up kindling a cigarette and frustrated Meenal leaves the spot. As Meenal walks down,
25 Nov 2017
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Horror short film
29 Nov 2017
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This is a short film i made. There is no story line ,and this is what makes it look amazing...all the characters in the video are my friends....!
2 Aug 2006
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A short film about the world's most ancient man. Shot on Super8 film.
30 Dec 2006
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A clip from the award-winning short film "Transaction" by Filmmakers Alliance Co-Founder, Jacques Thelemaque. The first American film to win the Grand Prix du Jury in the Labo Competition at France's prestigious Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Available on iTunes in the spring. Starring Diane Gaidry. See their new, award-winning feature film "The Dogwalker", available on DVD at *******www.thedogwalkerfilm****.
21 Feb 2007
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Experimental independent short film exploring concepts from George Orwell's big brother ruled 1984; enforced surveillance in a modern world of CCTV and reality TV. Featuring a dark ambient score from Amir Baghiri
21 Mar 2007
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My first Short Film. In World War II Cpt. John Muldoon was attacked by the Germans. His plane was hit heavily and so he had to land into the hostile area: Germany Leave your comments Enjoy
24 Mar 2007
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Hayat is IYF Film's first short film. "Because you can never get out of the boundaries of your mind."
10 Apr 2007
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The first ever Italian Blues music video and short film, two in one.
20 May 2007
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