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*******therhymingshack****/ The Rhyming Shack presents quality toy e-books as well as nursery rhymes for children of nearly every age. Additionally offered are games and toys which range from informational together with studying to just plain having a great time!
17 Sep 2011
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Short lullaby picture bedtime story for kids (and adults).
13 Jun 2012
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Fun short story for kids about exploring.
12 Jul 2012
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Tamil short stories for Kids, The golden Egg. see more stories *******tamiledu****/kids/
15 Dec 2013
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"Puny and Don" author Luba Brezhnev *******www.lubabrezhnev**** If you are looking for a bedtime story for your child, short story for kids in English with moral value, by New York Times best selling author Luba Brezhnev, is your Best Choice! Puny and Don is the story for bedtime reading. It is a moral story of a piglet that can't stand mud. The other animals in the farmyard make fun of him, and he is very lonely. But then one day he meets Don, a little donkey, and his life changes completely. Their friendship brings both of them happiness. This is a short story with moral about the importance of having reliable and faithful friends, and about how fortunate we are to have someone who understands us Vieo by Short Stories For Kids: "Children's Bedtime Story by Short Stories for Kids (+moral for children)".
26 Sep 2014
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*******wwriter.hubpages****/hub/Short-kids-stories-in-English - A short moral story for kids - The thirsty crow story in English (or the clever crow story) is one the most popular short moral stories for kids. How the clever crow thinks and solves an important problem is shown in this very short story for kids. This is well animated for children to enjoy. Most children love such short stories for kids. Such short moral stories for kids not only entertain but also help kids imbibe important morals. Moreover such short stories for kids in English also help children improve their English language comprehension skills. This video of the thirsty crow story in English presents this popular moral story for kids in an animated form. Moral stories for kids of course present valuable morals that children should imbibe. The moral of this story - "Where there is a will there is a way". In this very short story for small kids, once when a clever crow is flying, it feels thirsty. It sees a pot of water, but the water is too low inside the pot for the crow to reach. However the crow does not give up. It has a bright idea. It picks up some pebbles lying around and drops them into the pot one by one. It keeps doing so, until the water in the pot rises and rises to such a level that the thirsty crow was able to drink the water. Everyone can enjoy this short story for children in English! Such short stories for children not only provide entertainment, but can also teach valuable lessons. This moral story in English for children will help them learn that one should not give up when faced with a problem, but should try and find a solution. And this is not just a kids short story, even grown-ups can learn from this story for kids - Never give up. Thus everyone can learn from even such small stories for kids. Moral stories for kids are evergreen.
31 Jan 2014
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A beautifully animated video of 'the lion and the mouse,' in English, one of the much loved stories for kids that kindergarten kids like to listen to. A story from the famous collection of Aesop's fables, it shows how a grateful mouse repays a favor made to it by a huge lion. None is to small to help and none too big to need help. The lion and the mouse story also shows us that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Kindergarten kids love to listen to and be read to. Story time is usually one of their favorite times. Kindergarten stories for kids like the lion and the mouse are evergreen and hold appeal across generations. Most kids will love this kindergarten story. Stories about friendship are particularly interesting. Stories for kids like the 'Lion and the mouse' not only entertain children (and perhaps grown-ups too), but also have an important role to play in educating children about good morals and values. Although the lion and the mouse as a moral story may sound a bit boring, it need not be presented as a moral story. Moral stories where children glean the moral by themselves are perhaps far better than those in which the moral of the story is explicitly stated. Short stories for kids can play an important role in building good values in children. Also short stories for kids in English like this lion and the mouse story in English can help children improve their English comprehension. Here's the first part of this kindergarten story, The lion and the mouse. It was a hot day in the forest. Sheru the lion ate a big meal. He was very tired. He went to sleep under a shady tree. Neetu the mouse was playing happily in the forest. He jumped about here and there. He saw Sheru's tail and ran up the tail. Sheru did not wake up. Neetu became a little bold. He wanted to have some fun. He ran up Sheru's back. Sheru still didn't get up. Oh, this was great fun! Neetu became even more bold and danced on Sheru's head. Sheru got up with a loud roar. He was very angry. He caught Neetu with his paws. Neetu was very scared. He said in a small voice, "King Sheru, I am sorry. Please don't eat me. I was only playing. Please let me go. I shall always be your friend. Maybe one day I can help you." What happens then... See the video to find out. We hope you enjoy this kindergarten story video of the lion and the mouse in English. Read the full story here: *******wwriter.hubpages****/hub/Kindergarten-Stories - You can also buy a picture story book with this story and interesting activities for children to read on your Amazon Kindle here: ***********/dp/B00F2O9N4I
9 Aug 2014
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