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The track describes travelling in a physical as well as psychic manner. The body is going on a journey, the thoughts are rambling and the feelings are wallowing. In a state of being a consciousness is feeling inside of itself and outside into the world, moving on different levels of perception and imagination. Balancing quiet is being searched on the edge of an enhanced waking state. Thereby thoughts and emotions are given full scope. Dreams are intoning themselves, fantasy is inspiring the imagination for broadening one's horizon and there is occurring a reflection. Free areas of different kinds of dimensions are spreading between action and imaginativeness and between a harmonisation with the environment, that heightens sensitivity, and an expression, which maintains balance. All that gives the mind free space for the free development of the individual. Travel is a gliding flight, a streaming, a perception, a receiving, to contemplate and to perceive, to move (mentally) in an explorative way. The video consists of shots taken on Marseille's Isles of Frioul and of a 3-D setting, that is used in the video of the original mix.
6 Dec 2017
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Tachograph shot fine views
6 Dec 2017
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7 Dec 2017
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weekly video released every Sunday at 2pm mountain time (US) these videos include some live lofi chill hip hop beats that I have made. they also include video I've shot the same week of.
9 Dec 2017
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My stepson doing his thing! Although these shots were taken a few years ago, he is still a top gymnast today here in Las Vegas Nevada. I am very proud of him.
12 Dec 2017
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travel shots
14 Dec 2017
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The most amazing shot. It is totally incredible... One in a million!
9 Jul 2006
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They sure are! I just wonder how many takes they did to each shot in order to get it in.
11 Apr 2006
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I am doing some trick shots, and then I get nuts.
7 Sep 2006
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Semih Sayginer (born 12 November 1964, Adapazari, Turkey) nicknamed Mr. Magic or the Turkish Prince, is a four-time world champion Turkish professional carom billiards player.Moving into the international arena, he won 9th place in the 1991 German Open and the 1991 Istanbul Efes Pilsen Grand Prix. Then in the 1992 Berlin World Championship, he took 8th place after beating Belgian world three-cushion billiards champion Raymond Ceulemans by 3-0.He took 3rd place in the 1993 World Billiards Championship in Berlin, and won the 1994 World Cup (Three-cushion Division). He has played in the Holland Billiards League since 1994.Sayginer was the winner of the 1998 World Billiards Championship (Three-cushion Division) held in Kemer, Antalya, Turkey by beating Cerwin Walentijn from Netherlands. In 2003, he won the championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, beating European champion Dick Jaspers of the Netherlands, and regained his title. He won the 2003 World Billiards Team Championship held in Monchengladbach, Germany along with his teammate Tayfun Tasdemir defeating the Greek team in the finals.On February 7, 2004 he was named "Best Billiard Player in the World for 2003" in Antwerp, Belgium. He is recorded in world billiards literature for his 42-shot technique. As of July 2006, he ranks 8th in the world players list of Union Mondiale de Billiard.Sayginer shares the world record for the highest run in three-cushion billiards of 31 with Columbian Hugo Patino who now resides in Queens in New York City.
20 Apr 2006
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Check out this amazing shot caught on tape.
26 Apr 2006
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Listen to this guy roar as he throws his shot.
20 Sep 2006
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