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Stay awake with AXE Rise Shower Gel and keep up with your Brainy Girl.
1 May 2012
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Stay cool with AXE Cool Metal Shower Gel and keep up with your Flirty Girl.
19 Jul 2012
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Keep going with AXE Shock Shower Gel and keep up with your Party Girl.
16 Apr 2012
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No matter what goes down, AXE will fix you up. Watch to find out what happens when Jake uses AXE shower gel. For more, go to
14 Jul 2011
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An ad
12 Oct 2006
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Commercial for a shower gel brand.
2 Jun 2008
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Axe, or Lynx (see below), is a brand of male grooming products, owned by Anglo-Dutch company Unilever who manufacture a range of products in the health & beauty, household cleaning, food and ice cream categories.Axe's lead product is a deodorant body spray. The brand also includes deodorant sticks, roll-ons, anti-perspirants, aftershaves and shower gels. In most of the world the brand is named Axe; in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom it is named Lynx.Axe was launched in France in 1983 by Fabergé which became part of the Unilever group of companies in 1989. It was created as a version of one of Unilever's other brands, Impulse, but targeted at males. Impulse was a fragranced deodorant body spray for women that promised wearers male attention [1]. Unilever were keen to capitalize on Axe's French success and rolled it out in the rest of Europe from 1985 onwards, later introducing the other products in the range. It could not use the Axe brand name in UK & Ireland as this had already been trademarked by another company who tried to sell the rights back to Unilever for a vast sum, so it was launched as Lynx.The European launch of the deodorant was followed by success in Latin America and moderate impact in Asia and Africa. In the new millennium the brand has launched with great success in the USA and Canada.[2] The company has also consolidated its deodorant portfolio by migrating other over-lapping male deodorants into the Axe brand such as South Africa's Ego brand.From its launch, the yearly fragrance variant of Axe has played a key part in the success of the brand, by offering something new each year. The type of fragrance variants have evolved over time. From 1983 until about 1989, the variant names were descriptions of the odor of the fragrance inside and included Musk, Spice, Amber, Marine and Oriental.From 1990 until 1996 geographic names were used such as Africa, Alaska, Java, Nevada and Inca. From 1996 to 2002 Axe took inspiration from Calvin Klein fragrances (also owned by Unilever at that time), using the same perfumer, Anne Gottlieb[3], to develop the fragrances to launch variants such as Dimension, Apollo, Voodoo, Gravity and Phoenix.From 2003 Axe variants showed clever ways they helped men get women. In 2003 the Pulse fragrance showed how it gave geeky men the confidence to dance to get women[4]. This was followed by Touch[5], Unlimited[6], Clix[7] and in 2007 Vice[7] was marketed on a theme of making "nice" women become "naughty".In 2008 a different direction was taken when a chocolate scented body spray, Dark Temptation, was released.Axe (también llamada Lynx) es una marca de Unilever de desodorantes, perfumes, y gel de ducha que es popular en Norteamérica, Europa, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Sudamérica y el Sudeste Asiático. La marca 'Axe' fue lanzada en Francia en 1983, si bien el producto en sí fue lanzado en Sudáfrica en 1974 bajo la marca 'Ego' de Unilever. Actualmente hay trece fragancias disponibles. En América, India, el Sudeste Asiático y la mayoría de los países de Europa, este producto es vendido como Axe. En Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Irlanda, y el Reino Unido es vendido como Lynx. En Uruguay fue vendido como "Lynx" hasta 2004. En muchos de los países en donde se vende, la publicidad televisiva ha retratado este desodorante como el mayor factor en la atracción de parejas potenciales (el llamado Efecto Axe o Efecto Lynx), y haciendo afirmaciones un tanto dudosas sobre la duración del desodorante durante 24 horas. Los avisos publicitarios de Axe contienen indirectas de tipo sexual; algunos directamente declaran que Axe ayudará al consumidor a seducir mujeres. En todos los paquetes de Axe está indicado, sin embargo, que el desodorante no se debe usar en relaciones íntimas. Está dirigido principalmente a consumidores jóvenes, específicamente adolescentes y adultos jóvenes. Otra de las campañas publicitarias de Axe fue "El Manual del Usuario Axe"', durante el 2006. Su campaña del 2007, se trata sobre ``Axe Vice´´, la cual causa revuelo por el actor con gran parecido a Morgan Freeman.Axe é uma marca de desodorizantes para o corpo da empresa Unilever. Surgiu na França em meados de 1983 e foi lançado no Brasil em 1985. É comercializada sob a marca Lynx no Reino Unido e Austrália. O produto chama a atenção por propagandas e ações de marketing consideradas audaciosas, tendo inclusive algumas de suas propagandas censuradas na TV brasileira.
22 Mar 2009
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LT Health & Beauty Systems presendts: Christina AGuilera Perfume Set including Eau De Perfume - Body fragrance - Perfume Shower Gel - Shiny Body Lotion - Perfumed Glitter Gel
1 Aug 2009
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An Axe representative attempts to clear up the confusion surrounding their recent "Cleans Your Balls" Shower Gel & Detailer infomercial.
5 Dec 2010
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No matter what goes down, AXE will fix you up. Watch to find out what happens when Jake uses AXE Shock shower gel. For more, go to
14 Jul 2011
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Leona Lewis Perfume Set By LR Health & Beauty Set includes: Perfumed Body Lotion Natural Spray Deo Shower Gel Eau De Perfume Set: €119,50 Products available seperately! shipping worldwide, order yours today! payments via paypal, bank wire or payoneer
2 Apr 2010
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sreesanth & Yuvraj's commercial
3 Apr 2008
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19 Oct 2010
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Let dance with Hot Chick
15 Oct 2007
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pick the right gel and get the right girl
7 Oct 2007
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EclipseSpa will donate $1 for each shower gel sold in January to ARF. ARF is located in Walnut Creek, CA. ARF is animal rescue foundation Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Jan 2009
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