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Stay cool with AXE Cool Metal Shower Gel and keep up with your Flirty Girl.
19 Jul 2012
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CLICK ON THE LINK TO GET THE LATEST Right Guard Body Wash Coupon ->> ********bitly****/xqHaKY CLICK ON THE LINK TO GET THE LATEST Right Guard Body Wash Coupon ->> ********bitly****/xqHaKY Right Guard Body Wash Coupon-Right Guard Body Wash Coupon:Right Guard is a brand of deodorant for men. It is also a brand of shower gel. It is manufactured by Henkel of North America, which acquired the brand in 2006 as a condition for Procter & Gamble's Gillette acquisition.Right Guard is the second largest brand in the male deodorant category.The Gillette Company introduced Right Guard as the first aerosol antiperspirant in the early 1960s.Since then, Right Guard has launched many new items and can be found in numerous antiperspirant.Right Guard is positioned for the sports enthusiast, as seen throughout its advertising during the late 1980s through late 1990s. Professional athletes such as Marvin Hagler, Hulk Hogan, Charles Barkley, Brett Favre and Sco
18 Oct 2012
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By this website *******www.ibeautymedispa****.au/ you can take tips to prevent infection, after use anti-bacterial shower gels or Dead Sea salts for your bath.
9 Jan 2013
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2008 Lafang Shower gel commercial
24 May 2009
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A man is washing with Axe Shower Gel and he falls through the floor in his shower and into a gym full of girls working out. As he tries to walk away, all the girls begin to mimic him. He finds this interesting and does a few moves out of fun before walking out. When he leaves through a door, he stumbles into the women's locker room where he meets a lady and gets it on.
5 Jul 2011
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Nobody likes dirty balls. Lynx Shower Gel and Body Buffer can help you get your balls back into play. Find us on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/lynx Visit our site: ***********/user/LynxEffectAustralia
14 Jun 2012
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Axe Commercial - Beach (Shower Gel). Subscribe for more funny Axe commercials!! Do you want to see this commercial without bikinis?! Go to ***********/watch?v=fDmRiw8XdDU !!
17 May 2013
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That's how dirty boys get clean? It find it very interesting and would love to actually see that happen. A woman on a date with her boyfriend wraps herself around him and starts to makeup with him in a deep and love kiss. In the process, she loses her clothing and ends up in her bikini and bikini bottom after falling into the ocean with her boyfriend still kissing.
13 Sep 2010
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hahah this is a must see commercial.
17 Nov 2010
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This was banned in germany.
20 Jul 2011
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Male Actor: Peter Gadiot Female Actor: Margo Stilley
3 Sep 2011
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18 Aug 2013
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CosméSoap is a French soap manufacturer that combines passion and creativity to create a wide range of all natural soaps, shower gels, shampoos, lotions and bath salts. We combine our private label manufacturing & design expertise with your company brand, to produce a beautiful product, custom designed to meet the diverse needs of your customers. Visit us at *******www.CosmeSoap****
19 Jun 2008
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The individual eyelash extensions procedure... See my website www.beautypassion****** Eyelash extensions are applied on one-to-one basis where one fake eyelash is applied to one of your eyelashes, therefore making it look longer and fuller. Applying eyelashes do not cause any damage to your natural eyelashes, however if you remove them unprofessionally you can damage your natural eyelashes. If you have done your eyelashes with me i will be more than happy to remove them for free. The life cycle of one natural eyelash is approximately 3 months, during this period lash grows and naturally falls out. Fake eyelash can fall out with your natural eyelash or fall out on it's own without affecting your natural eyelash. Upon regular maintenance and looking after your eyelashes correctly they can last for two months, but this is very individual depending on how you look after your eylashes, the curl of your natural lash and the legth of the fake lash (Very occasionally, some extremely curled natural lashes are unsuitable for lash extensions.) The procedure lasts approximatelly 2 hours for full set, from 20 min to 1 hr for maintenance and approximately 1 hr for half set. Procedure is very relaxing and many clients find themselves sleeping... 1) Individual eyelash extensions can last from 3 weeks to 6 weks (some lashes will fall out now and then but otherwise with correct care they will look great for 3 weeks after that you may begin to notice that they do not look as thick anymore and you may want a professional to remove them or you can keep them on and wait while they all fall out) 2) You can have shower as usual - water will not harm them, but you should avoid rubbing your eyes or using any creams, shower gel etc. on the lashes. 3) If you remove your fake eyelashes with professional then that will not harm your natural eyelashes in anyway - the will not fall out (unless it's their time to fall out - as natural lashes have a 3 month life cycle after which they fall out naturally). However if you decide to pull the fake eyelash of the natural eyelash - you may also pull your natural eyelash out, so as long as you remove them professionaly it will be fine :) Feel free to message any other questions :) Good luck!
15 Oct 2009
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If you have dirty balls that need cleaning, check out this very important message from Axe. If you have dirty balls that need cleaning, check out this very important message from Axe. Tags: Jaime Pressley Jamie Earl Clean your balls Cleans Balls CYB Axecyb cleansyourballs**** Axe Effect Dirty Sports Detailer Shower Gel Body spray Monica Blake Old Ball sack free funny LOL dirty infomercial commercial demonstration film video shower tool scrub soap BBH Harold Einstein Tennis Soccer Golf Small Big Station Films comedy parody giveaway demo QVC
4 Feb 2010
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If you have dirty balls that need cleaning, check out this very important message from Axe. This is a hilarious new commercial from Axe. Axe detailer cleans your balls. soft side for lather and a rough side for scrubbing. Axe shower gels. 1-877-3AXE-BALL While supplies last! Visit *******www.theaxeeffect****/ Wash Your Balls! Clean Your Balls. Banned Axe Commercial. Funny! Hilarious! Must see!
12 Sep 2010
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