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Official Japanese Site *******hp.vector***.jp/authors/VA022962/xops/ Unofficial English Site + Maps and Mods *******xoperations.freehostia****/ Cloud8745 Forum X-Operations Thread *******z8.invisionfree****/cloud8745forum/index.php?showt... Music by Around Half ******* Small review that I threw together in a hour. My next review will be out eventually. Enjoy this review for now and enjoy the game.
5 Feb 2008
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I would like to invite all the UNDERAGE fans to participate in our Subtitling project of Abt Ur Luv and Your Song Underage...we currently need translators of the dialogues from Tagalog to English... just visit the AJREN Pex thread for more details and add your name to the listing and indicate the fanbase you belong to, if you're a Dinopress Army, MattMel etc. Let's bring UNDERAGE to the Global AUDIENCE! Be part of the move.....'s the link to the thread: *******pinoyexchange****/forums/showt... you can also join in the AUL subbing project if you are an AUL fan... hoping for your help everybody...don't worry, you have to work only during your free pressures... for the's the video of Matt and Melissa on E-Live...enjoy!
7 Sep 2009
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Ze laat in 1999 haar string en tattoo zien in Big Brother Vips!
27 Jan 2010
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Haroon.Shahrukhinbox**** Afgshahrukh muqaddar ka sikandar best song tere bina bhi kya jeena amitabh bachan best videos in****/afgshahrukh
6 Sep 2009
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Tv Aztec NOT Azteca America. This post is from Tv Azteca in Mexico a totally different channel. Whether This fight was aired on Azteca America or not ,. I don't know and don't care. Whats the difference they're both Aztecas?? The difference between Tv Azteca vs Azteca America is that in Mexico we get to watch fights that air on HB* ShowT*** on Tv Azteca. Azteca America can't legally air those fights in the US.
10 Mar 2010
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Thread on Subaru Forum Nasioc: *******forums.nasioc****/forums/showt... Mod list: Engine and Power stuff: -Locally built 2.6L -Darton Sleeves -102.5mm CP pistons "8.5:1" -Cobb Rods -cosworth rod and main bearings -factory crank -gutted factory oil pump -engine deck has been stainless steel O ringed to work with a SCE copper head gasket. -DPR stage 5 cams -Heads have seen a lot of time on the flow bench (313 CFM .45 lift) -2.5 mm over sized Ferrara intake valves -1.5mm over sized exhaust valves -spark plug seats have been machined down so a standard 3/4" reach NGK plug -Ported TGV -Cosworth 14mm head studs -14mm studs that hold the block halves together -Custom built 4" turbo back exhaust -custom built dual scroll up-pipe -Garrett GT4294R -Twin Tial 44mm wastegate -Tial BOV -modified twin scroll APS exhaust manifold -Custom built large plenum intake manifold w/velocity stacks and long tapered runners. -Infinity Q45 90mm throttle body -Three intake walbro 255's (each 255 has a -6AN line that is fed to a fuel block and them a -10AN fuel line is ran to the engine bay were it feeds two -10AN fuel rails -1600cc top feed low impedance fuel injectors -10AN Aeromotive FPR -Hydra EMS Tranny power delivery: -ATS triple carbon clutch -As for the rest of the tranny and the power delivery items, They are stock because he is curious as to see at what power level these items start breaking. Suspension Chassis, braking: -Tein Flex Coilovers -Cusco rear sway bar -Cusco front strut tower brace -Carbon Cusco rear strut tower brace -Custom cromolly cage to be installed in the short future -factory STi braking system. Interior: - As little as possible - Sparco Evo L seats - Defi gauge's - Radio??? Radio who needs a stinkin radio Exterior: -Street--- Volk CE28Ns w/ 255/35-18 -Track--- PRODRIVE GC06H 17X8 w/ 275/40-17 mickey thompson ET streets. -Wingless -WRX hood scoop
24 Jun 2013
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2013-10 UPDATE: Watch the latest rooting video: ************/watch?v=Xx7_S3t96sA&hd=1 2013-07 UPDATE: Another Jelly Bean root for (some) Xperia devices: *******forum.xda-developers****/showthread.php?t=2327472 Before asking any questions, READ THIS DESCRIPTION and VISIT THE ORIGINAL THREAD: *******forum.xda-developers****/showthread.php?t=1886460 What is rooting: ********en.wikipedia****/wiki/Android_rooting SEARCH the original thread if your model isn't listed. DO NOT ASK IF IT'LL WORK. If no one's attempted it, you can do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Method #1 should NOT affect any data. 2012-06: Jelly Bean has been released for some Xperia devices. 2012/2011 devices CANNOT be rooted directly. You MUST install a pre-rooted ZIP from recovery while in ICS! ************/watch?v=as8kSzThbSw&hd=1 If you do NOT have the Sony Backup & Restore app pre-installed, visit the original thread above. 2013-04 UPDATE: As of v20, the Mode #3 _may_ root the newer 2012 Q4/2013 Sony firmwares such as .2.55 or 6.1.1.B.1.54. If it doesn't work for your Sony device, root can still be achieved by downgrading the kernel, rooting, then upgrading the kernel again. Xperia S: ICS .55 and above: /showthread.php?p=39498268 If you're on Jelly Bean, also try MotoChopper, a different root method just for Jelly Bean: *******forum.xda-developers****/showthread.php?t=2252248 This video shows how to use Bin4ry's "Restore" Rooting Toolkit to root phones running either Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. It works on multiple models from many different manufacturers. Short list: - HTC One S - Sony Xperia S, T, P, Acro S, Ion, Tipo, Tablet S, Go, Sola, U - LG: P705, P7510, Canadian Optimus G (E973 Bell/Telus, E971 Rogers) & AT&T Optimus G: *******www.lg****/us/support-mobile/l... Bootloader unlock: *******forum.xda-developers****/showt... / Updated root method: *******forum.xda-developers****/showt... - Kyocera Rise, Hydro - etc. All links start with: *******forum.xda-developers**** Sola 6.1.1.B.1.54: /showthread.php?p=35024193#post35024193 Go, 6.1.1.B.1.54: /showthread.php?t=2216434 Tipo: /showthread.php?t=2085085 1st generation Tablet S: /showthread.php?t=1515720 U, 6.1.1.B.1.54: /showthread.php?t=2243368 Miro, 11.0.A.5.5: /showthread.php?t=2014188 Ion LT28i/LT28h, 6.1.E.3.7, pre-rooted, any bootloader: P, 6.1.1.B.1.54: /showthread.php?t=2064881 Also, just because the rooting toolkit works on a similar/identical model but from another region DOESN'T mean it'll work on yours because the firmwares WILL be different. e.g. LG Optimus G from Japan (not working as of 2012-11-01) versus Canadian [Bell] LG Optimus G (shown in this video). This does NOT network/SIM unlock your phone. This will NOT re-lock your phone if it is already network/SIM unlocked. This does NOT unlock your bootloader. This WILL work on ANY bootloader, IF your firmware is root-able. To use the toolkit, your phone MUST be recognized by your computer in Device Manager in USB Debugging mode. This requires DRIVERS or SOFTWARE from your manufacturer. Make sure conflicting programs such as FlashTool or BlueStacks are NOT running or else you'll get errors. Sony phones require BOTH Update Service and PC Companion to be installed: - *******www.sonymobile****/global-en/tools/update-service/ - *******www.sonymobile****/gb/tools/pc-companion/ If all else fails, Google "ADB drivers [phone model]". I will NOT answer questions related to driver issues. Google, download, and install them. Also try different USB ports and cables as certain phones won't work with certain cables/ports/USB hubs/etc. This toolkit shouldn't wipe/erase any data but as with any modification of your phone, it is advisable to ALWAYS BACKUP before modifying your phone. - APN Backup: ************/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.APNBackupRestore&hl=en - ************/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore&hl=en - App Backup: ************/store/search?q=backup&c=apps - etc. Once you've rooted, you can install recovery through RecoverX: *******forum.xda-developers****/showthread.php?t=1773227 NOTE: If you bootloader is locked, most custom ROMs will NOT work. Found this useful? Buy me a coffee. :-) ********www.paypal****/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MACW39HPE7BZ6
26 Dec 2013
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