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Rap artist Jig do the FC Shuffle
21 Sep 2007
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Shuffle Rocks!!! from hardstyle republic..
16 Nov 2007
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Softstyle Shuffle by Apekwhuut-hardstyle republic. Pretty funny about the music..hehe..Music by Soundsnap****
31 Jul 2008
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...environment of shuffling...
15 Oct 2008
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Soon new video ;D
15 Apr 2010
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Do you know what shuffle dance is?? well, if u wanna know just watch this video..enjoy..
6 Nov 2007
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HSF Minty HSF RedRaver HSF Tublet HSF Chizza All Stuffing Around Late at night ! Please Comment & Rate! Feel Free To Subscribe Too! Also Here Are Some Crews/ Artists! ;] Crews: MHR - Melbourne's Hardstyle Revolution HBN - Hard Bass Nation HBR - Hard Bass Rockers BP - Bass Puppets A2B - Addicted 2 Bass AHC - Austrian Hardstyle Crew AHS - Angels Of Hardstyle AOB - Assassins Of Bass B2S - Born 2 Shuffle BA - Bass Assassins BA - Bass Addicts BASS - Bass Addicted Sydney Shufflers BC - Bass Captives BD - Born Dancers BD - Bass Dominators BE - Bass Effects BFHS - Born For Hardstyle BK - Bass Kings BM - Bass Masters BMS - Bass Masters Of Sydney BR - Bass Rockers BS - Bass Soldiers BV - Bass Vibrations BV - Bass Victims BV - Bass Villains BPK - Bass Pleasers Krew CHS - Corrupted Hardstylers DHS - Deception Hardstylers EHR - Elite Hardstyle Reinforcments EHS - Eternal Hardstylers FKC - Frantik Crew FOB - Freaks Of Bass KOB - Kings Of Bass H2K - Hard 2 Kill HB - Hardstyle Brothers HD - Hardstyle Dancers HG - Harder Generation HM - Hardstyle Minors HN - Hardstyle Nation HR - Hardstyle Republic HS - Hardstyle Senate HBA - Hard Bass Assasins HBB - Hard Bass Breakers HBD - Hard Bass Dancers HBE - Hard Bass Experts HBF - Hard Bass Freaks HBH - Hard Bass Hybrids HBK - Hard Bass Kickers HBL - Hard Bass Lunatikz HBK - Hard Bass Kontrollers HBV - Hard Bass Vibrations HCT - Hardcore Tribal HMS - Her Majestry Shufflers HGM - Hardstyle Greek Muzza's HOH - Heart Of HardDance HOH - Heart Of Hardhouse HOH - Heart Of HardTrance HOH - Heart Of Hardstyle HRJ - Hardstyle Republic Juniors HSA - Hardstyle Addicts HSC - Hardstyle Connection HSD - Hardstyle Dance HSE - Hardstyle Experts HSE - Hardstyle Effekt HSF - Hard Style Fever HSF - Hardstyle Freaks HSG - Hardstyle Generation HSH - Hardstyle Hadoukenz HSI - Hardstyle Illusion HSI - Hardstyle Intoxication HSK - Hardstyle Klowns HSL - Hardstyle Lunatikz HSM - HardStyle Machinez HSM - Hardstyle Maniacs HSP - Hardstyle Possesed HSP - Hardstyle Puppets HSR - Hardstyle Rockers HSJ - Hardstyle Jokers HSJ - Hardstyle Junkies HSV - HArdstyle Victims HSW - Hardstyle Warriors IHS - Intensive Hardstylers IHS - Infekted Hardstylers L4H - Live 4 Hardstyle L2S - Live 2 Shuffle MBC - Movement Beyond Control MOS - Masters Of Bass PHSF - Progressive Hardstyle Fraction RBK - Reverse Bass Krew SDF - Shuffle Dance Freedom SA - Shuffle Allience SSP - Street Shuffler Productions SSR - Shuffle Shuffle Revolution TBS - The Bass Shufflers TDS - The Dutch Shufflers TKF - The Khaotic Force THP - The Hardstyle Project THD - The Hardstyle Dominators THK - The Hardstyle Kambo THI - The Hardstyle Infektion THV - The Hardstyle Virus TMS - The Maestro Shufflers TSK - The Shuffle Kings XTS - Extacy Trance Sex VHS - Visual Hardstylers VOB - Victims Of Bass YHS - Young Hardstyles YG - Young Generation Good Artists: 2 Playaz Abject Alex Coon Alpha Twins Alpha Zone Baxx Agents Blutonium Boy Brennan Heart Brainkicker Builder Cosmic Gate Dark Oscillators DHHD DJ Dean DJ Isaac DJ Lady Dana DJ Duro DJ Merlin DJ Neo DJ Noxide DJ Pavo DJ Slideout DJ Sona DJ Zany Donkey Rollers Equal Mindz Ganjagaru Hardstatic Hardstyle Masterz Heahunterz Joop Lowriders Marcel Woods Mikkas Mindstompers Noisecrontrollers Patrick Bunton Paxi Project Well Rebel D Showtek Speedwave Technoboy Tunebusters Walt Events: Qlimax Q-dance or Qdance Defqon Prophecy
18 Sep 2008
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Our beloved friend performed shuffle dance after getting wet.
6 Jul 2008
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budak 3 thun y cube blajar shuffle dance di hospital temerloh
16 Dec 2008
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A compilation including the best melbourne shufflers.I hope this video inspires you to shuffle. No, this video isn't made by TBs for TBs. Shufflers in appearance: BC Francis HSK Mikki TMS Daniel B2S Phillay (Sydney) HSD Tommy (Malaysia) S2E Jimmaye (Sydney) HSK Andii HSK Sacco HSK David HSV Brazuka H2K Huy MHR Romeo HSA Rocky HSK Daniel HSV Kebabi HM Strawberry (Malayasia) HR Anko HSK Jericho HSA Row Songs Used in appearance: Colours of the harder style - Showtek Dominate - Showtek Young Birds - Patrick Bunton C - Knockout Twilight Zone - Coon & 2X Smack my derb - Alpha Twins Lamenting City - Axel Coon Sound like this - Blutonium Boy One blade - Brennan Heart(Bladezmaster) Stereophobia - Dark Oscillators Superstar DJ - Dark Oscillators Make U Move - DJ E-Maxx X marks the spot - Hardstyle Mafia D tuned - Headhunterz Scantraxx roots - Headhunterz De bomb 2001 - Marcel Woods Paxi - Fixi (Deepforce remix) Please visit [www.melbshuffle****] - More than a style, a passion. -HR + HR Aus (Hardstyle Republic + Hardstyle Republic Aus) -HG (Hard Generation) -B2S (Born 2 Shuffle) -BC (Bass Captives) -BR (Bass Rockers) -BPK (Bass Pleasers Krew) -H2k (Hard 2 kill) -MHR (Melbourne Hardstyle Revolution) -HN (Hardstyle Nation) -PHSF (Progressive HardStyle Faction) -THV (The Hardstyle Virus) -HSV (Hardstyle Victims) -BV (bass vibes) -FKC (Frantik Crew) -THP (The Hardstyle Project) -HSA (Hardstyle Addicts) -Infinite -HSW (Hardstyle Warriors) -BP (Bass Puppets) -SSR (Shuffle Shuffle Revolution) -HBR (Hardstyle Bass Rockers) -AHS (Angels of Hardstyle) -SDF (Shuffle Dance Freedom) -Hazard Minors -7 Sparkz -Jb Rocker -HSK (Hard Style Klowns) -TMS (The Maestro Shufflers) -HSR (Hardstyle Rockers) -RBK (Reverse Bass Krew) -HB (Hardstyle Brothers) -YHS (Young Hardstylers) -HSJ (Hardstyle Jokers) -TBK (The Bass Kickers) -S2E (Shuffle 2 Express) -L2S (Live 2 Shuffle)
20 May 2009
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MTSC daily Event. Shuffle Dance by teenagers.
20 Jun 2009
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Shuffle Dance II
12 Oct 2009
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*******www.fitforafeast**** Two girls from our dance studio, Julie and Melanie, teach us the breakdown to the Party Rock Anthem Shuffle Dance. This is a really fun dance & we also do the steps to the back to make it easy to learn with us. This video is LMFAO part 1 - but you can see the whole dance at the beginning of the video. Party Rock Part 2 will have the remaining steps. Have fun! Fitforafeast
7 Sep 2011
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*******www.fitforafeast****/dance.htm We continue the breakdown of the Party Rock Anthem shuffle dance with Julie and Melanie teaching us the rest of the steps. After you have mastered the basic steps & combos in part 1, learn the rest of the dance here. It is so fun- every day we're shuffling!
14 Oct 2011
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Party Rock Anthem LMFAO~Shuffle Dance *******kimonotime.webeden******/#/home/4553616376 I know I can't shuffle! Just a quick dance, I love this tune, and now I can do it on the dancefloor...oh yesh!! LINKS: TWITTER- *******twitter****/KimonoTime FORMSPRING- ******* TUMBLR- *******kimonotime.tumblr****/ JAPANESE BLOG- ******* FACEBOOK- *******www.facebook****/pages/KimonoTimeOfficial/155177377844527#!/pages/KimonoTimeOfficial/155177377844527 USTREAM- ******* Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO,Shuffle, Dance, By, Kelsey,【ケルシー】,踊ってみた,KimonoTime, dancing, dance, moonwalk, duet, split screen, summer, clubbing, uk, asian fashion, primark, garden,
27 Nov 2011
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shuffle dance relay in Republic of korea, with seoul yong-san high school students !!! Thank you for watching videos and we hope that music makes one !
22 Jan 2012
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