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A U.S. federal court has ordered LimeWire to shut down six months after losing its legal battle against the record industry.
29 Oct 2010
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Less than 8 hours after posting it, my video asking YouTube to review it's procedure of quickly and arbitrarily shutting down channel's was yanked. My vid was prompted because of friend of mine's entire channel had been shut down within a day and a half of receiving it's first anonymous "flag". His channel had been up for 6 months and within one and a half days someone had come through and flagged several of his videos, whereby YouTube then shut him down. I was not questioning their right to do so, just asking them for some prudence and fairness in their review and account cancellation procedures.
31 Jan 2013
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Today on HardNews, Wolfenstein delayed, Elder Scrolls Anthology, and the FFVII web series has been shut down.
3 Aug 2013
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Here we make a list of top 10 best similar sites like Xmarks to try after it allowance to shut down their services from 1 may 2018. Which means you will no longer be able to use it after this month. So we will advice you to try one of the alternative recommend by us. By Toptenalternatives
28 Apr 2018
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This week I, Scott Davidson, teach the world how to properly start up and shutdown a computer. It saves so much headache!
21 Apr 2008
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Put a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit on a modest core2duo 1.5ghz 2gb laptop purchased in 2007. Results are amazing: from completely off it boots in 20 seconds, and 8 seconds later the wireless adapter found a connection and the internet was working. Shutdown is instant, press the button and the screen turns off immediately and the laptop is good to go. On this same laptop Vista use to take over 2 minutes to boot. the stopwatch is from *******stopwatch.onlineclock****/
11 Sep 2009
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Less than a month after General Motors extended its contract to sell its Hummer brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co., Ltd., the Detroit automaker has announced that it will not complete the deal.. Not only that, but the military has stopped purchasing hummers for military vehicles. Maybe when they were solely for military use, they were acceptable. But once we started to see families and soccer moms tanking themselves to the grocery store… we can't say this is a sad farewell.
19 Mar 2010
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The next James Bond movie has been suspended indefinitely, and iconic studio MGM is in major danger.
24 Apr 2010
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Mark Zuckerberg the owner of facebook announcing the end of facebook
10 Jan 2011
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******* - CRAZY! Love is in the air at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. More than 150 turtles crossed over an active runway and disrupted air traffic on Wednesday so that they could continue their mating season. Save $$$ with a free $1000 WALMART gift card from ******* The diamondback terrapins were trying to get to an ideal location to lay their eggs. That's a sandy area that happens to be across Runway 4, according to Carol Bannerman of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The turtles were primarily female, and the fertilization of their eggs occurs in the water, she said. JFK is surrounded by a bay and wetland areas. The first turtle was spotted at 6:45 a.m. and a short time afterward, Port Authority staff was dispatched and the U.S. Department of Agriculture assisted, according to Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico. "This happens every year," Marsico said. "I guess some years there is more turtle activity." After a turtle was spotted, it was picked up and moved to a better destination to continue nesting, Bannerman said.
1 Jul 2011
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London goes eerily quiet as Tom Cruise lands a chopper in Leicester Square for "All You Need Is Kill"
26 Nov 2012
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Singer Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have renewed their wedding vows for a fifth time in Disneyland to mark their five-year wedding anniversary.
1 May 2013
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