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I think she's siamese.
10 Mar 2008
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28 May 2008
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6 Aug 2008
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8 Aug 2008
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My siamese cat Koko loves to share my computer with me just to see himself.
28 Aug 2008
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Cats can't talk (except Siamese, of course) but they do express themselves if you know how to read their body language. Cat expert Dr Katherine Miller of the ASPCA tells how to understand your cat's mood.
7 Oct 2008
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Patti Moreno the Garden Girl, replants her Asian Garden Beds with Siamese Dragon Stir Fry mix. Check out her messageboard: www.gardengirltv****/messageboard Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Oct 2008
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22 Apr 2009
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Sapphire is one of our rescued feral kittens. She is the smallest of our brood of seven cats and two dogs. She would be destroyed by most shelters due to her poor social behaviors, so we have kept her. She is a beautiful, if fearful, kitten. She is a Siamese-mix, Amercian Bobtail, rumpy variety.
14 Jan 2009
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Sapphire is a Siamese-mix, American Bobtail, bound to a short life without intervention. We hav made her a part of our large brood of seven cats and two dogs. Discussion includes some common traits in feral cats that make them "unadoptable" by county standards. She is a part of our family.
28 Dec 2008
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Siamese Cats
19 May 2009
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LEAVE A COMMENT W/ YOUR FAVORITE CAT VIDEO AND SHARE W/ CAT LOVERS YOU KNOW... For thousands of years going back to the Ancient Egyptians, cats have been put on public display. But the first cat shows in the United States, held in Maine, didn't appear until between 1860 and 1870. Finally, in 1895, a show clawed its way into New York City, hosted in Madison Square Garden. Badoop-badoop! Fast-forward to the present: Cat clubs and cat fancy organizations are everywhere, holding local, state and national shows in every part of the country. And no wonder: If you search YouTube, either online or on your TV with your TiVo HD DVR, it's very clear that you don't have to be a cat breeder to be easily amused and entertained by the very funny videos featuring endless breeds of cats--from hilarious cat bloopers to just cute cat behaviour. But what's missing from most of these viral videos are a the cat fanciers themselves, who regularly travel across the country attending cat shows. Talk about a special breed of PEOPLE! Perhaps you're familiar with the crazy cat lady on some of The Simpsons episodes? I guess they're not all THAT crazy--are they? So... I went to Pleasanton, California with a very clear mission: to find out just how crazy people can get about cats--and, while I was there, to learn out how well they know their famous felines of Film and Television with our very first Badoop-Badoop Cat Quiz! What better place to get a close-up perspective of the cat fancier lifestyel than the Crow Canyon Cat Show! I couldn't believe all the cats I saw: Siamese cats, known for their legendary voice and captivating blue eyes; Persian cats, with their long flowing coats and open pansy-like faces; Himalayan cats, actually a Persian cat with the color pattern of a Siamese cat (who knew?!); the Egyptian Mau, which were worshiped as deities in ancient Egypt; the remarkably dense and muscular Tonkinese; Burmese cats, often described as "bricks wrapped in silk"; Exotic cats that look like a Persian but have short hair; Siberian cats, which history shows have been around for at least one thousand years; Sphynx cats, which are the most famous of the hairless cats, and probably made most popular in recent years by Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movies; and Abyssinian cats, one of the oldest known breeds on this planet. One of my favorites was a plump Russian Blue Cat with a plush double coat similar to a beaver--gorgeous! What a spectacle, these fancy cat shows! Cat toys are everywhere, grooming stations and supplies to style and fluff abound, and the large crates where the cats are displayed are decorated with animal prints, feather boas and more! In preparation for the show, cats are bathed, nails clipped, and ears cleaned. And some cats are more "high-maintenance" than others. A longhaired cat requires much more effort than a shorthaired cat and, if shown on a regular basis, must be bathed weekly and combed twice daily! What divas! Here are a few grooming tricks I learned while I was there: By fluffing up the hair on top of a cat's head, you can modify the appearance of large ears; to make a cat's tail appear shorter, trim the excess hair at the end of the tail; to give the kitty a rounded look, clip the hair around the face; and to make their eyes look rounder, cut the hair over the eyes; finally, to make the cat's neck look thicker or shorter, just comb out its ruff so that it stands out to frame its face. Do you think our favorite Hollywood stars heed any of this advice? Even though our breeders didn't get every answer correct in our Cat Quiz, it's clear that these folks clearly know and love their cats. I got a particular kick out of the fact that while that the show manager assured me that cat people are not crazy, the club's treasurer told me that the difference between cat owners and dog owners is that Dogs have "Masters," and Cats have "Staff."
31 Mar 2010
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This episode focuses entirely on painting the cat artwork that I started in Episode 1. The finished artwork is called 'Shakira the Siamese Cat', Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 60cm. It's available to buy as a print from my web site.
13 Jun 2009
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******* Find the perfect gift for the cat or cat lover in your life! Find unique gifts at bargain prices. Including Cat Christmas Gifts, Cat Gift Baskets, Cat Themed Gifts, Gifts for Cat Lovers, Siamese Cat Gifts and more!
24 Jun 2009
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*******teakdoor**** The Thailand Forum Old news feature from Siam 1946 announcing the Kings Death. From the Washington Post June 10, 1946 Bangkok, June 10 -- King Ananda Mahidol, 20-year-old ruler of Siam was found dead of a bullet wound yesterday in Barompinan palace, and 12 hours later the Siamese legislature named his Boston-born brother, Prince Phumiphon Aduldet, 18, as the new King. The Siamese police director general told an emergency session of the legislature last night that the King's death was accidental and that the bullet went through the center of his forehead. The young King, whose death occurred on the eve of a projected trip to the United States, had been indisposed for the last two days. He arose at 4 a.m. yesterday and took some medicine. Nothing was known of his actions from that time until his body was found by a servant in the bedroom about 9 a.m. (In Bern, Paul Rey, director of the new Swiss school where the young King studied, said the monarch's retinue had been worried before Ananda's departure from Switzerland over the possibility of assassination. The director said he knew no particulars about the matter. (Asked about reports that the King was depressed because he was unable to marry a girl fellow student, Rey said Ananda had gone with one or two girls but had not had a serious romance. The director said he could not remember the girls' names.) The entire nation was stunned by his death. The King had gained great popularity since his return from Switzerland last December. The legislature unanimously selected Phumiphon Aduldet as the new king, rising together to signal his election with a chanted, "cha yo cha yo cha yo"--the Siamese hurrah. Phumiphon Aduldet was born in Boston, while his father was attending at Harvard. He was the constant companion of his older brother and attended school with him in Switzerland. The legislature also appointed a three-man council of regency to guide the new king in matters of state. Pridi Phanomyong, who was reappointed premier only three days ago, told the legislature he would recommend a premier to the new regency, but legislative sources said there was little doubt that Pridi Phanomyong himself would receive the post. Ananda, a great fancier of firearms, always kept a weapon near him and often practiced firing in the palace grounds. Several weeks ago a thief stole his favorite Luger automatic, and the King was greatly disturbed. The King's young, attractive mother, Queen Mother Sri Sangwan, was prostrate with grief. Around the palace great crowds gathered in silent sorrow as the news spread. The youthful King, who ascended the throne eleven years ago as a boy, had been making plans to leave Bangkok this week for the United States and Europe. He had expected to fly to United States and remain there about a week before flying to Switzerland, where he planned to resume the studies he interrupted when he returned to his native land last December 5. The queen mother and a royal party of 18 had been expected to accompany him on the trip. Diffident, bespectacled and boyish, Ananda was often described as a reluctant monarch who found his greatest pleasure in playing his saxophone and driving his American jeep about the palace grounds. Only a month ago King Ananda signed a new constitution for his country which provided for a Senate and a House of Representatives both elected by the people. On June 1, he opened the first wholly elected Siamese parliament. Ananda was proclaimed King March 2, 1933 under a regency upon the abdication of his uncle King Prajadhipok, but he spent little time in his own land. Born in Germany September 20, 1925, the son of the late Prince Mahidol, he had been in the United States when he was one year old and his father was studying at Harvard. He was taken to Siam at the age of two. He studied there as a child and went to Switzerland in 1933. He was educated in Switzerland, and most of his last 12 years were spent there, except for a brief visit home in 1932. Prajadhipok died in 1941. During his minority a council of the regency ruled Siam. Ananda's personal life in Siam was confined largely within the Palace Walls. Ananda's attractive mother was said to have exerted a strong influence upon the young ruler of 18 million subjects. She once studied at Simmons College in Massachusetts.
16 Jul 2010
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Watch Dr Durlacher cure this woman's fear of cats. She literally goes from starting to tear-up at the sight of the Siamese cat to being able to touch. THIS IS AMAZING
11 Jan 2010
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