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Laban - Kold Som Is Love In Siberia
25 Jan 2018
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Five meters of snow.
3 Oct 2006
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Here is the movie about my hometown. Please enjoy!
26 Jul 2007
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Actually this is test of "mass scene". I always wanted to make "mass scene" with few humans... This time i took my good friends, some old clothes, tripod, HV30 and wooden AK-47 :)) and went out to make some shoots. After shooting i had no sleep :( and spent almost 20 hours on postproduction and sound track creating, and this is result. Thanks to: Jūratė, carter, Grzegorz, Sania, Vital and especially thanks to my brother S. for lending me his super mega computer for rendering :) ------------------------------------------------- i used: detonationfilms**** - free non keyed explosions Canon HV30 Adobe Premiere CS3 Adobe After Effects CS3 ------------------------------------------------- For HD version have a look here:
7 Nov 2008
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Jon Turk a ex-Telluride local from the 70's talks with Telluride TV host Jeb Berrier about his new book, "The Raven's Gift", about his Siberian Kayak expedition and his encounter with a Native Shamen. Turk tells of his experience learning Shamenism. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Mar 2010
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18 Feb 2013
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My original intent was to summit Mt Belukha, at 4509m, but let me just say that my ass was kicked before I even got to the mountain. Need I say more? Distributed by OneLoad****
19 Jan 2014
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siberia dance
22 Apr 2007
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PsychoMedia is a phenomenon peculiar to members of the media who are driven by the need to exploit and sensationalize. By employing psycho genre stereotypes the media cleverly equates depraved and demented movie characters as accurate depictions of "the mentally-ill." These movies are the deceptive equivalent of propaganda films, so whenever an article about mental health is reported in the news the media will generate an angle linking the story to violence. This, in turn, justifies denying all people labeled "mentally-ill" their most basic constitutional rights. In 1956 a proposal was introduced in Congress to purchase one million acres of land in the Alaskan wilderness to warehouse "the mentally-ill." Repackaged versions of this proposal are currently swirling around Congress. In Nazi Germany the first people to lose their rights before being warehoused and gassed were "the mentally-ill." Is history about to repeat itself? Or will Americans be able to stop this disturbing media trend before Siberia USA becomes a reality?
12 Nov 2007
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The Bear on bore platform, West Siberia Russia. The Animals did not damage, run away in wood.
13 Sep 2009
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Title sequence for Siberia, a movie directed by Robert-Jan Westdijk. This Dutch film is about two young men who seduce female tourists to rob them of their passports. The theme of the movie is partially revealed in these intriguing titles.
7 Aug 2009
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The Khatylaevs perform a fascinating and little known musical repertoire rooted in the animist and shamanist traditions of their native Yakutia, a.k.a. Sakha, the vast region of north central Siberia whose fragile ecology is now under increasing pressure from rampant natural resource extraction. Using jaw harps, archaic fiddles, percussion, and a variety of extended vocal techniques, the Khatylaevs create a magical soundscape that represents the dynamic forces of spirit and nature in traditional Yakut spirituality. (Video by Paul Horton) *******www.wesleyan/edu/feettothefire
28 Sep 2009
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World's Best Places to See Magnificent Beasts travels to the challenging habitats of Siberia and finds wolves, bears and seals.
11 Feb 2010
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Now that you have finished gazing at the Alps and the Himalayas, it's time to feast your eyes on Siberia.
17 Feb 2012
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unusual height in Siberia in the summer of 2018
26 Jan 2018
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