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10 Dec 2009
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Achtereenvolgens de bewerkingen voor het vervaardigen van een geluiddemper voor luchtbuks/pcp. Is afgeleid van de bekende Weihrauch demper. Deze demper geeft eenzelfde resutaat als de bekende Weihrauch (WH). Hij is er glasparel gestraald, gepolijst of zwart geanodiseerd.
20 Jan 2010
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16 Apr 2010
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Check out ******* for more BarkOff info. Maybe the V.P. should have one to use to turn the tables! BarkOff is a safe, pet friendly way to stop dog barking that utilizies modern high-tech ultrasonic technology.  The BarkOff device emits an ultrasonic signal that immediately attracts the dog’s attention and stops their barking.  BarkOff’s signal is inaudible to humans, so you and others nearby don’t hear a thing. BarkOff really works!  
18 Jun 2010
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20 Nov 2010
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2 Dec 2010
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A tribute to their relationship evolution throughout the series! I do not claim to own the video clips or music.
25 Dec 2010
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Salla on elokuva yrittämisestä, toiveista ja mahdollisuuksista Lapin kairoilla. Jyrki Kuukkanen teki konkurssin 90-luvulla, hän haluaa eteenpäin, haluaa päästä veloistaan uuteen alkuun. Sallan kunnanjohtaja Kari Väyrynen puolestaan koettaa estää kovia kokeneen kunnan syöksyn syvemmälle työttömyyteen – kaikin käytettävissä olevin keinoin. Olisiko ratkaisu rajan takana? Joulupukki? Kaivos? Naapurikunta Pelkosenniemi puolestaan panostaa matkailuun tosissaan. Sinne suunnitellaan Suomen ensimmäistä matkailukaupunkia, kansallispuiston kupeeseen. Millaisilla arvoilla nyt rakennetaan uutta Lappia? Miten Lapin luonto kestää nopeat muutokset? Tiedätkö mitä Lapissa tapahtuu?
11 Mar 2011
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With a new score by Simon Fisher Turner featuring the composer, the Elysian Quartet, Sarah Scutt, David Coulter and Alexander L’Estrange. A hundred years ago the British Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913) led by Captain Scott set out on its ill-fated race to the South Pole. Joining Scott on board the Terra Nova was official photographer and cinematographer Herbert Ponting, and the images that he captured have fired imaginations ever since. Ponting filmed almost every aspect of the expedition: the scientific work, life in camp and the local wildlife - including the characterful Adélie penguins. Those things he was unable to film he boldly recreated back home. Most importantly, Ponting recorded the preparations for the assault on the Pole - from the trials of the caterpillar track sledges to clothing and cooking equipment - giving us a real sense of the challenges faced by the expedition. Ponting used his footage in various forms over the years and in 1924 he re-edited it into this remarkable feature, complete with vivid tinting and toning. The BFI National Archive - custodian of the Expedition negatives - has restored the film using the latest photochemical and digital techniques and reintroduced the film’s sophisticated use of colour. The alien beauty of the landscape is brought dramatically to life and the world of the expedition revealed in brilliant detail. Restoration supported by the Eric Anker-Petersen Charity.
20 May 2011
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30 May 2011
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21 Sep 2011
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Marie est officier de police à Toronto. Un soir, Joshua, son mari, et leur fils, Nicky, sont brutalement assassinés dans leur voiture. Assez vite, Marie fait le lien avec Pablo Molina, un trafiquant de drogue argentin qu’elle a arrêté quelques mois plus tôt. Désespérée, Marie part en Argentine sur les traces du meurtrier…
19 Oct 2011
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