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The guy is arguing with his lovely pet who too matches the tone. But, the dog gets silent at a point when he realizes that his counterpart got the best of him.
21 May 2018
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Your misfortune is never a thing to enjoy or laugh about until or unless it is elegant as f*ck and more hilarious than the Chaplin’s silent movies.
3 May 2018
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hello dosto new vine 2018 ki sabse pehli silent comedy video Bollywood style guys please like share agar video pasand aye to Apne dosto Ko share kare love you all Dop Amit Singh Actor Nitin arora Rajender Singh Rawat Kimmi Gupta Sumit Aggarwal
2 May 2018
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My browny cat
29 Apr 2018
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Where commonly we stay silent and mourn while performing the burial rite, in Nigeria, they celebrate with dance and music like a festival.
26 Apr 2018
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From Album - 1996 - Live Around The World...By STUDIO DELTA
23 Apr 2018
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,background music,hollywood music,relaxing music,ringtones,silent music
22 Apr 2018
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BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Rio Rancho #1 is a premier Rio Rancho Assisted Living facility and the perfect transition from an independent living facility or environment. Call at (505) 591-7021 for more information about senior care Rio Rancho or visit our website. Address:- 204 Silent Spring Rd NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 Phone:- (505) 591-7021
20 Apr 2018
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It goes on & on, The judges remain the same except this time are joined by Psytronix who takes over the remaining half of wither blaze's categories for the rest of the episode. Yes, Wither Blaze had to quit the show during post production due to catching the flu in late 2266 RE & wasn't able to record them properly. Psytronix was added into the episode during post production as a make up assignment for he originally tried to audition for the 60s edition but was beaten by another actor for the job. So after given the choice on wanting to join the cast for either the 50s or 70s, he chose the 50s simply because he liked that decade better. This was good timing for he could re-record the unbearable song category on wither blaze's behalf. But in order to be fair, 3 more categories had to be transferred from blaze to Psytronix in order to keep the order even. Blaze's take on the 4 transferred categories will be released in the outtakes reel on a later date. The presented categories are = Family Flick (Blaze's Favourite), Soundtrack, Film Noir (Steve's Favourite) & 50s Song!
19 Apr 2018
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The show goes on, Again it's the same 3 judges. The presented categories are = Original & Adapted Screenplays, Costume Design, Production Design, Film Editing & Foreign Language Film.
19 Apr 2018
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Yes, I decided to release part 4 1st because it was the newest released in the series on youtube. This segment only has the azuchi guardian, detective steve & psytronix on the show floor. The categories presented here are = Cinematography, Sci-fi, Horror & Mystery!
19 Apr 2018
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if you can't support you should be silent
14 Apr 2018
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